May 212017


Alan Esdaile… Canyons Of Your Mind by Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band and Yin Tong Song by The Goons.

Allyson Breeds… Any thing by The Beatles <running away>

Peter Thomson… The Goodies – Father Christmas Do Not Touch Me (highly inappropriate, insensitive, sexist and just plain wrong; but still funny), Sister Josephine et al – Jake Thackeray and Quantum Jump – The Lone Ranger.

Judy Struys… I quite like Ernie the fastest milkman in the West

Phil Gill… Derek and Clive. And Ernie

Chris Giles… Not politically correct but….Bridget the Midget

Peter Fairless… The Goodies – Black Pudding Bertha

Tim Anderson… Peter Sellers – Balham, Gateway to the South and Aunty Rotter (of the Balls Pond Road).

Steve Cooke… Derek and Clive, always!!!

Julie Morris…  Funky Moped!

Sarah Harvey… Benny Hill Ernie.

Jim Breeds… Anything by Bob Newhart – sadly not the sort of thing that gets radio airtime these days.

Mandy Wright… Laughing Gnome xx

Sheila Maile… My Terry scott

Will Cornell… Rodney Dangerfield No Respect……and any of the first few Firesign Theater albums. From your Department of Redundancy Department in Sector R…….

John Wilde… Charlie Drake “Oh please Mr Custer”

Jan Warren… Billy Connelly and “Spit the Dog”

Paul Huggett… Mr.Apollo – the Bonzos. And Star Trekking by the Firm.

Chris Meachen… Matching tie & handkerchief…

Mark Gilham… Derek & Clive and The Mothers Live at Fillmore East featuring Flo & Eddie

Graham Belchamber… My Boomerang Won’t Come Back – Charlie Drake

Keith Cowper… Julian and SAndy I!!!!!

Rob Grain… Peter Cook’s brilliant satire of the Jeremy Thorpe trial.

Wendy Weaver… Gerard Hofnung at the Oxford Union and “The Bricklayer”. Bet lots have never heard it, it an old one

Rob Grain… I have the Hofnung Oxford Union on double cassette !!!

Jeanette Jones… Cheech & Chong! Some one took our complete collection!

Clifford Rose… Sick-Man Blues by the Goodies [B side of Funky Gibbon]

Mark Randall… “Bangers & mash’ – Peter Sellers & Sophia Loren: its her genuine giggle that tickles me so.

Mick O’Dowd…  Bonzos: I Left My Heart in San Francisco, She Moved The Dishes First: Supercharge, Elmo & Patsy: Grandma’s Got Run Over By A Reindeer, Binky Baker: Toe-Knee-Blackburn for starters.

Dave Valentine… I have a record by Joan Rivers and there’s a good gag every 20 seconds. She was fantastic.

Rex Thinderbolt… Derek and Clive, Bad News.

Amanda Brooks… Mr Slaters Parot – Bonzo Dog Doo da Band

Tony May… The Laughing Policeman and ‘Ernie’ by good old Benny Hill!

Amanda Brooks… It’s a Bloke” – Trevor Wishart


May 212017

img136 agdyke


poster supplied by Andy Knight

Phil Gill… I was there.

Chris Giles… That’s one I went too. I do remember going to see AG&D

Nick Webb… Was i there ? let me know

Mick O’Dowd… Remember seeing them on a young Channel 4 show called “Gas Tank” that was hosted by Rick Wakeman and was a live show rather than mimed but was very short lived. Does anyone else remember it?

Martin Round… They were class! I reckon in the 70s Andy Killick and I were at every gig and a few others we knew came along periodically.

Alan Esdaile… Don’t remember who Tzar were?

Chris Giles… I don’t either but usual frequented the bar before the top act

Andy Knight… Tony Barraclough? Not sure?

May 212017


photo by Allyson Breeds

 13240697_10209593897270136_230672925732016817_n 13239958_10209593434538568_7144429688006949318_n

13260082_10209593915350588_6704238361557237468_n 13241340_1130805480310371_6443732310347600380_n

                  photos by Kevin Burchett                            quotes photo Jim Breeds

Chris Gentry, Johnny Mason, Colin Bell and Mick O’Dowd.

Allyson Breeds… I don’t know why Mick looks like he is wearing a yellow wig?

Leigh Wieland Boys… DJs were excellent!

Chris Giles… Brilliant photo Allyson

Andre Martin… It was always Johnny M who had the Goldern Wig!! Great time with the “old hands” almost 200 years experience between us over the years!

Kevin Burchett… The Golden Oldies at Hastings Pier second session.

Archie Lauchlan… Poptastic

Sarah Harvey… I just think they all look so cute 🙂 xx

Jim Breeds… Old Skool Still Rules

Andre Martin… Brill – that sums up the Ballroom All Stars !!

Andy Qunta… Ha ha – love it! Those are some rock-star, legendary DJs!

Andy Gunton… I’m still wondering who that rogue hand, under the desk, belongs to?

Caz Simpson… The rogue hand definitely belongs to a female.

Andy Gunton… Where’s her other hand?!!!!

Chris Giles… I didn’t notice until Andy pointed it out..Ha ha

Alan Esdaile…Thanks Jim. I see what you mean about the hand Andy, it looks like its far too low to be Andre’s and It looks like its on my knee!

Jim Breeds… Done with the greatest of respect and affection 🙂

Mick O’Dowd… That’s awesome  Jim. Actually the yellow on my head was not a result of me rubbing on Colin’s T-shirt but is in fact my halo slipping after I mentioned a certain gentleman that appeared on the Pier in silver suits who I was not allowed to mention!  Nice to see you there on Saturday. Great to see you back.

Jim Breeds… One year ago today.

Chris Giles… What a fantastic time we all had x

Mick O’Dowd… A year ago! How time flies! Had a great time.

Alan Esdaile… They let us out on day release, as long as we had our name tags on.

Jeanette Jones… Nice photo, guys 🙂 We’ve all come a long way !

May 202017


supplied by Bob Shipway

Bob Shipway… Shaft Mk1 (L-R) Pete Shaw, Andy Knight, Colin Pearce, and Bob Shipway. Not sure of the date or location.

Andy Knight… What were we doing, you look v happy on drums! Dave and I singing, mad or what, Jim hiding, looks like Hastings Pier to me or maybe Lees Cliff ?

Bob Shipway… yep very happy indeed. I thought it may be Hastings Pier. Yes, mad, and good, times. I can remember swapping onto drums so you could sing at the front on a couple of songs but can’t for the life of me remember what they were.

Alan Esdaile… Rare to see Andy out front. Does look like the pier.

Robert Searle… Remember seeing Dave and Shaft at the Regent

May 192017

1265803_712673608746890_583214487_o 19th may 1978 - hollywood killers

poster supplied by Jim Penfold

Martyn Baker… Simon Fuller

Peter Fairless… The start of something big…

Jim Penfold …. Simon Fuller’s first promotion 19th May 1978…the Hollywood Killers…..the man who invented Pop Idol/American Idol..manager of The Spice Girls/David Beckam/Andy Murray/ Annie Lennox etc etc etc…..if you have a magnifying glass his name is bottom right…..his Easybeat Promotions promoted us a couple more times that year……what went wrong!!!!(for him)

Tim Moose Bruce… I remember Before The Storm. They supported Die Laughing a few times and I think changed their name to Billy Whizz im my memory serves me. A memorable gig was at the caves.

Jim Penfold… Happy days! I’ve got the Hastings Observer’s review of that gig and will post it when I can find it! It says promoter Simon Fuller raised £100 for charity for this sold out gig!….it’s a pity Simon didn’t go on to bigger things……

Mike Mitchell… I remember seeing Simon strolling down the road stuffing fiver’s into his pockets… We got paid a fiver for being bottom of the bill. My first professional engagement as a drummer. Happy days indeed.

May 182017


Toronto International Film Festival source:

Jim Breeds… RIP Chris Cornell. 52 y/o!

Jan Warren… 

Chris Sambrook… What a great voice Chris Cornell had.

Alan Esdaile… Terrible news and only 52.