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supplied by Brian Wood, ad supplied by Andre Martin

Brian Wood… Singer – Michael Wheeler, Acoustic Guitarist (back left) – Paul Wiseman, Drummer – Steve Demetri, other Guitarist – Brian Wood. The group formed in 1965 and performed all over the country including Hastings Pier 1965. The photos were taken at Calvert Youth Club, Calvert Road, Hastings, where we practiced. Also practiced and gigged at The Ambassador Restaurant on the corner of West Street, Old Town, Hastings, which Steve’s dad owned. I now live in Hailsham and it would be good to catch up with everyone.

Linda Day… I used to see this group at Calvert I went out with Brian Wood and Paul Wiseman omg. I think im in the photo but not sure.

Mick O’Dowd… Deep Purple used to practise here as well and also at All Saints Church Hall.

Peter Millington… Love it – A PA the size of a handbag – those were the days! Don’t remember the pier gig, probably playing elsewhere with the Confederates.

Bertie Wiseman… showing my dad this now.

Alan Esdaile… I remember playing keyboards with one of Paul’s bands at Calvert Youth Club. One of the tracks I remember playing was Brenton Wood’s gimme a little sign.

Anton Hack… what’s the calvert?

Linda Day… Its a church hall in mount pleasant rd its still there

Jan Colley… Used to know them, & used to watch them with my friend Vanessa 😉

Dec 042016


photo source: Andy Jefferies via Hastings And St Leonards Pictures And Videos .

Andy Jefferies… “Rock Night” at The Carlisle tearooms, even a roof garden

Josie Lawson… My dad used to say he played musical instruments in the 30s in Hastings. This is a photo of him and sibling my aunt practising I am presuming. R.I.P. Both…xx


photo supplied by Josie Lawson

Ernest Ballard… Hasn’t changed a bit

Jacqueline Marsh… My mum Worked there in the 50,s and I use to be upstairs on the stage singing pretending to be a singer whilst she was working. little did I know that that was were life would take me when I was older in those days I remember it bein g quite a nice pub

Darren Johnson… Great picture


Dec 032016


Alan Esdaile… Still this one for me..

Peter Fairless… The Waitresses – Christmas Wrapping, Gabriella Cilmi – Warm This Winter, Chuck Berry – Run Rudolph Run, Wizzard – I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday and Cristina Monet – Things fall apart xmas christmas music.

Jim Breeds… River – Joni Mitchell.

Paul Morfey… We saw Cara Dillion do this at St Mary in the Castle on Saturday, brought tears to my eyes!!

Colin Fox… I Hate Christmas – Weekend Rockstars

Mark Gilham… Neighbourhood Tom Waits. Not an actual seasonal release but definitely my favourite Christmas record

Wendy Weaver… I wanna a Mistress for Christmas AC/DC

Joe Knight…  Any by ‘SLADE

Colin Norton… Jackson Browne – The Rebel Jesus

Paul Morfey…. How about Sparks on the “Kimono my house” album “Thank God its not Christmas”

Will Cornell… I’ll go one better Alan, the whole album of A Christmas Gift For You  by Phil Spector.

Robert Searle… Greg Lake for me

Tony Davis… I always like The Pogues – Fairytale of New York and Greg Lake – I Believe in Father Christmas

Paul Morfey… O.k. its got to be ‘Another Christmas song’ Jethro Tull, not to be confused with’ Christmas song’ Jethro Tull. ( thats good too)

Barry Newton… Its Over by Roy Orbison, LOL

Dec 032016

10167959_10201864419555643_9113108427298372408_nsupplied by Richard Turner

Royal Albert…..Far right is our dad Gordon Turner

Patricia Turner…..Big al ryder rhythm and lead guitars glyn brown vocals chris claton drums gordon turner bass guitar


Glynn Brown… I am Glynn Brown the singer with the Midnight Shift. I have lived in Australia since 1976 and lost touch with the other band members. Would love to get back in contact with them.

Happy to pass on any messages

Sam Lord… No help about the band but I’m sure it’s the same Glynn Brown I worked with on the GPO in the mid sixties, be nice to contact him to find out! I think it was 1966 Hastings GPO. It’s not a good picture but I’m sure it’s him, his nick name was “Jumbo”

Glynn Brown…  I never worked for the GPO, but my brother Gareth did and has only recently retired, he still lives in Hastings. I worked at Butler & Phillips in Queens Road, long since gone.

Wendy Weaver… Love the outfits

Cris Kennard(Barnett)… is that Chris Clayton 2nd from right or a lookalike ?

Richard Turner… Yes it is Chris Clayton.

Glynn Brown… Yes that is Chris Clayton, as Richard Turner has said. I don’t know what happened to him, last I heard was that he had moved to London.

Sue Howe… My dad is Chris Clayton he lives in Hastings not London. Good to see a old photo of him. Chris is going to hopefully join Facebook if so he will be in contact.

Dec 032016


photo: Nastassja Kaschevsky

In aid of St Michaels Hospice and Surviving Christmas – two very worthwhile charities. Features: THE JUKES – THE KYTES – SOUL X PRESS and their 15 piece Blues Bro Show and Stax of Motown. Doors open at 7pm. Advance tickets: £8.50 (includes booking fee) from Hastings Tourist Information Centre, Aquila House, Seafront, Hastings. Tickets on the door – £10 Great value for 5 hours of great live music from 4 live bands!

Dec 022016

10176080_453907434754719_5692795870113692065_n  curved-air-single

supplied by Sarah Harvey

Alan Esdaile… Always excellent live. Many happy memories.

John Wilde… Excellent Live indeed.

Terry Huggins… They were still gigging quite recently and Sonia’s still with them, but not sure if any of the other original members are.

Chris Giles… Enjoyed seeing them live ..

Pete Prescott… I’m learning back Street love ! Love that song !

Alan Esdaile.. and the wonderful Fusion Orchestra the following week.

Sarah Harvey… Current members….. -Sonja Kristina – vocals (Original Member) -Florian Pilkington-Miksa – drums (Original Member) -Kirby Gregory – guitar -Chris Harris – bass – Robert Norton  – keyboards – Paul Sax – violin. Stephen Turners’s 30/11/74 article reviewing Sparks the week before and previewing Curved Air.


supplied by Sarah Harvey

Jan Warren… Yeahhhhhhhhh, Fusion Orchestra – loved them, went to loads of their gigs!!

John Upton… Back Street Luv is such a cool track!