Whats your favourite Kate Bush song?

About to perform at Comic Relief 1986. Photo Philip Chappell

Kate Bush her 31 UK singles from worst to best….


Clifford Rose was asking about Kate Bush best songs. What’s your favourite…

Pete Fairless…  Wuthering Heights because it came first and she was so Kate. The three from Hounds Of Love – title track, Cloudbusting and Running Up That Hill, they’re a perfect trio of Bush brilliance.

Matt Thomas… Too many to pinpoint one but do have a soft spot for ‘The man with the child in his eyes’ oh and ‘The Jig of Life’ from Hounds of Love album

Alan Esdaile… Man with the child in his eyes and cloudbusting

Phil Thornton… Big sky !

Tony Qunta… Wow, Babooshka, Sat In Your Lap

Chris Meachen… toss up between ‘man with a child in his eyes’ , and ‘moments of pleasure’

Jill Lawrence… This woman’s work is my fave oh and man with child in his eyes

Jennie Tocock… “Violin”, “Them Heavy People” and “Cloudbusting”

Eric Harmer… I liked Kate Bush City Limits best

Chris Jolly… You are the one & only NUTBUSH!

Dave Nattress… Very difficult, I guess Wuthering Heights takes some beating, but Man With The Child In His Eyes, The Hounds of Love and Running up that Hill are good – also Cloudbusting. But on reflection Wuthering Heights, out of absolutely nowhere, apparently laid down largely when she as 12. Amazing.

Chris Jolly… The Man with the child in his eyes and James and the cold gun!

Dennis Torrance… Her vocals and the musicians she and band were so haunting . The kick inside album just listen to it with headphones so good

Jeff Belton… So many, love her voice. Used to live in the next town of me back in the 1970’s. Rubber band man is a great lively one. None you can say they are bad.

Chris Pelling… This Woman’s Work – listen and weep

JillLawrence… Gets me every time!!!

Colin Fox… Saw her at London Palladium in the 1970s. Brilliant show, great singer and pianist, and her brother played guitar.

Will Cornell… https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=9&v=7yeimyOsdrA Maybe this one wasn’t a “single” but it’s her best song as far as I’m concerned…..the Trio Bulgarka and David Gilmour’s guitar? Come on, get that “Rocket Man” cover off the list and put “Rocket’s Tail” on it!

Phil Thornton… excellent track – never heard it before ! ( I’m familiar with Trio Bulgarka as they were featured on one of my ‘Buddha Experience’ albums ! )


SMART SOUNDS by Colin Bell reviewing Am I Dreaming? 80 Brit Girl Sounds Of The 60s. 3CD Set

AM I DREAMING?  80 BRIT GIRL SOUNDS OF THE 60’s    Various Artists 3CD Set

I’ve been looking forward to this release, definitely an early Christmas pressie for me. Solo and girl groups of the 60’s is one of my favourite genres. I guess most people’s minds would leap automatically to the sounds from over the pond from the Brill Building, Carole King, Shangri-La’s etc and Spectors Wall of Sound productions for The Ronettes, Crystals etc all timeless classics of course. But here in the UK we had an equally thriving ‘scene’ with many going on to be big names and some sadly disappearing without trace. This beautifully presented 3CD set from RPM is a finale to their very successful ‘Dream Babes’ series of compilations that ran from 1994 to 2007. If you already own any of these CD’s fear not none of the tracks are duplicated in this set which contains many rarities and some previously unissued material. The accompanying booklet by Ian Chapman and Bob Stanley tells the story in fine form along with some great photos. Just some of the ‘big’ names starting out on their careers are here in the shape of Petula Clark, Dusty Springfield (The Springfields), Kathy Kirby (a huge favourite of my dear old dad), Cilla Black, Jackie Trent, Elkie Brooks, Kiki Dee and Cloda (without the gh) Rodgers to name but a few. Fascinating to hear their evolution from their early recordings contained here. Away from these well known artists are the lesser remembered but in some cases equally great singers who had some success but didn’t make the leap to the big league but nevertheless left us some great singles, my personal choice being Billie Davis, Samantha Jones and Beryl Marsden who could belt out a great tune and should have had greater success but such is the fickleness of the record buying public then and now. A lot of the girls (and groups) were viewed as a bit of novelty fare at the time, and to be fair some were. However listening to the Vernon Girls of We Love The Beatles fame/infamy sing ‘Only You Can Do It’ on Disc One you realise they weren’t a million miles away from those aforementioned Brill Building girls when they had decent material. At 80 tracks there is so much to unearth and enjoy, it may not all be in the premier league but for anyone like me who loves this genre and time period its hard to fault. The breadth and scope on display is actually summed up wonderfully by the accompanying press release and for once I can’t better it in my own words ‘ beat girls, folk girls, hippy girls, mod girls,……………….Not forgetting Schoolgirls, secretaries, convent girls, actresses, daughters of diplomats and god daughters of royalty’!! Wonderful. You can have the fun of working out who is who!

I’ll leave it there with a YouTube clip of our late beloved Cilla getting Motown, and the back of the two heads watching the performance in the first 10 seconds belong to a coupla geezers called Paul and John….wonder what happened to them……….

For more information go to https://www.cherryred.co.uk

This being the last SMART Sounds of this year, may I wish an early happy Christmas to all fellow Smarties and friends, see you in the New Year,

Til then………………….


David Cassidy dies

photo: ABC Television Network


Alan Esdaile… R.I.P. David Cassidy.

Aileen Mathieson…. Rip David Cassidy I used to have his pictures all over my bedroom so sad !xx

Jane Dorsett… R.I.P. David Cassidy, I use to have his pictures on my bedroom wall too.x

Wendy Weaver… So sad RIP

Liz Dees Dianto… RIP

Kevin Burchett… it is actually official now R.I.P David

Jan Warren… R.I.P. David Cassidy

Dave Nattress… Another loss. So many of whatever musical genre continue to move on. When I was as a lad, ( a very long-haired rocker/weekend hippie), David Cassidy was not for me, but, respect, he had some good songs and there’s plenty of room for all genres. Seems like he moved on to something of a RnR lifestyle that did no good for his health ultimately. So, another one from the past gone. One girlfriend in particular who uses these pages – this was of 40+ years ago – you know who you are, (xx), had her bedroom wall covered with posters of David Cassidy. How did I know – was asked up there to change a light-bulb of course!!

Nick Prince… Exactly what any gent would have done back in the day Dave Nattress. Just imagine if the young lady wasn’t able to see her David Cassidy posters because of the said light bulb. It doesn’t bare thinking about.

Elaine Stock… RIP David xx

Dave Nattress… Thanks Nick Prince – you got it in one, nice comment and it’s still making me smile!!! Just read it again, smiling even more!!!



Likely Lads Rodney Bewes dies


Alan Esdaile… R.I.P. Rodney Bewes. Another one from our youth. Tony Rivers sang lead vocal on the theme tune.

Lyn Humphrey… ‘Whatever Happened To The Likely Lads?’ was one of the all-time great British situation comedies. Coincidentally, I’d only recently finished watching the DVD box-set. A sad loss.

Dave Nattress… Indeed Alan, yet another. A TV programme I’m sure all of us of an age will remember and fondly. One of the actresses who used to appear in it, maybe one of the pair’s Wives – did they ever get married? or girlfriends is in Open all Hours.

Lyn Humphrey… They did indeed get married, Dave–despite various mash-ups by best mate Terry (James Bolam).

Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros – 20th Nov 2002 – rare video from Hastings Pier.



ticket supplied by Andy Gunton

Thanks to Andy Dinsdale for finding this, via Peter Fairless bands we’ve seen on Hastings Pier https://www.facebook.com/groups/196962362327/

Chris Davies….Went to this gig on the pier with Redstar Richter & My brother – great gig. Joe died less than a month later.. RIP to a personal hero

Gez Donnelly…..We opened for them (Mama Josie Trio)

Redstar Richter……the week before he left us

David Essex – White Rock Pavilion 19th November 1974



scan0017     david essex stardust     essex reply

Alan Esdaile… Shows how popular David Essex was, as his film was on at The Classic and The Curzon at the same time

Peter Fairless… Rock On!

Leigh Weiland-Boys… Saw him then & he stayed at The Queen Vic, where my friend was a receptionist, she worked that night so he gave her two free tickets to see him at the Brighton Dome & she took me! Double whammy!

Brigitte Lee… Where were the Penguin and The Orion?

Alan Esdaile… The Orion Cinema was next to the Old W H Smith (just down from the old main Post Office. The Penguin was where Dennies Club was, opposite Priory Street car park.

Chris Meachen… I was taking pictures for The Observer at that gig, along with the lovely Jennie Tocock who was attempting without much success, to get an interview with him..

Leigh Weiland-Boys… My Mum worked at the Observer at the time and got hold of a couple of photos from that night for me – I am not sure whether I still have them (moved a few times since 1974!!) but will have a look.

Jennie Tocock… He was a bit of a jerk if I remember rightly, Chris! We got so many great interviews with tons of the bands in those days … but dear old David was a bit too special to give us 5 minutes!

Alan Esdaile… Oh what a circus that must have been Jennie.

Lesley Bowles… My friend’s Mum worked in the White Rock box office and got me front row tickets, seat A20, I’ll always remember it – and so had the WR advertising poster on my wall for YEARS!!! Happy days!

remembering… Huckells – Queens Parade Hastings



Dave Luck… That takes us back a bit

Julie Findlay-Jones… Oh god I brought a pair of brown cordoroy jeans from there and a striped zip up cardigan thought I was the bees knees lol

John Wilde… Sexist!

Peter Thomson… Very Peter Wyngarde – is it the fag?

Keith Cowper… My God I bought some fab gear in there in the 50s and 60s /anyoneremember Kep Casuals another fab gear shop!!?

Roxine Lucas… Great shop 2 buy ben sherman shirts my bruv loved this shop such along time ago

Jon McCallion… Kep casuals was run by Keith Griffiths good shop. Kep stood for Keith Edward Perry my wife tells me

Stephen Moran… Blimey! That brings back memories! I used to buy my Ben Sherman shirts in Huckells in 1969 for £3!

Carl Ridley… Bought some great bits from there in the day

Eugene Hughes… I can picture the little fella with the beard that worked there. Nice bloke.

AC/DC Malcolm Young dies

photo source… https://www.facebook.com/acdc/


Jan Warren… Oh Nooooooooo

Eugene Hughes… Rip Mal. He had awful dementia. So sad. I met Mal and Angus with my brother in law Chris Slade at a recording studio in London in 1990.

Chris Sambrook… Sorry to hear Malcolm Young has passed away . Its only a week ago his elder brother passed away. “Hell ain’t no bad place to be”.