The School Recorder – Who’s still got the book and remembers playing this?

Josie Lawson… I did, was pretty good too.In those days could even read the music notes. Went on stage at school. Wanted to upgrade to the treble recorder but money was scarce in those days so never did. Didn’t realise my love of music even though grew up with it in family life so when left school the recorder was left behind ….

John Austin… Yes, badly lol

Martin Richter… I was thumbing through my copy just the other day!

Lucy Pappas… Still got my book, too x

Julie Morris… I’ve still got the green Book 2!

Who wore Bellbottoms and Boogie Shoes?

Eric Harmer… Everyone !!

Joe Knight… Plus the clown type shoes two tone 😂😂😂 kipper tie

Alan Parker… By the way, we called them flares in the ’60s they became bellbottoms in the ’70s when the flare started from the thigh and not below the knees. I sounded a real dork then didn’t I.

Mick O’Dowd… Clang-a-lang

Andrew Blake… Wayne foster still does

Nick Webb… O yes ! and they where Mauve lol

Phil Gill…

And a full lineup of Lionels going on here:

Chris Barrett…  I wore flares this week. I find it difficult to understand why everyone isn’t wearing them. They must be due a comeback. Phil you could still totally rock that look today. 😀

Eric Harmer… With a mullet ?

Dave Nattress… Flares, loon pants, flared Levi jeans – had an Orange Levi label as opposed to the normal Red one in the typical 501’s. Platform shoes and knee length platform boots sprayed Silver, Red and Blue shoes platforms bought from Topper? near the clocktower in Brighton and Huckells and Fab Boutique of course. GUILTY AS CHARGED!!!

Kev Towner… I remember Huckells!!

Angela Frances Gardner… Of course, hipster bellbottoms and loons!

Harry Randall….My band in Belgium “Revival” pull the other leg it’s got bells on! I’m second from right.


Be Bop Deluxe & Clemen Pull – Hastings Pier 14th December 1974


Andre Palfrey-Martin Collection

John Alexander Wilde… I was at the Be Bop gig and Bill Nelson turned my head around.


from 1975 – Be Bop Deluxe on the Old Grey Whistle Test Show

Dave Nattress….Saw Be Bop Deluxe at Eastbourne Congress (of all places) about 1976, “Sunburst Finish” was out – third albumbut I think it was before “Modern Music” was released.  Their support was Krazy Kat – did 2 albums, got of which I’ve got on vinyl, pretty good support band indeed.  I do recall Be Bop were VERY loud and had a very trebly piercing sound.  Be Bop Deluxe – a truly wonderful band.

Andy Qunta… I saw them at the Pier, could have been this gig, or did they play more than once there?

Peter Fairless… Only this once, I think, Andy.

Janine Anne Scott… Omg , worked with Mick, Keith’s Brother, on the Mecca Circuit in the 70s

Samantha’s Club – New Burlington Street. What clubs and venues do you remember in London? Tiffanys Club and Gullivers People chat.


All images supplied by Colin Bell

Colin Bell… I was looking for something in my archives (I must organise them one day!) and came across this. I was struck by the artwork and how creative it was then. Samantha’s was in a basement off Regent Street and I was introduced to it on a night out with Clem (from the Foundations) and Jimmy James, from memory  it was around late 1969 early 1970. A great place with soul bands appearing and the D.J. ‘booth’ was the body of an E Type Jag (very swinging sixties). Drinks 2/6d! You could get well pissed for a coupla quid! I was lucky enough at that time to have the use of a mate’s flat in Berwick Street Soho, ideally placed to go to all the great clubs. Many hours spent at the Marquee, Whisky-a-go-go, the Flamingo, Middle Earth and Hatchetts in Piccadilly, a great club over 3 floors with a chill out bar level, a restaurant with a glass wall overlooking the ‘disco’ floor. I’d be interested to hear any memories of this period from other Smart members? Great times and great memories…………..

Alan Esdaile… Happy days in Wardour Street at The Marquee. Also the Speakeasy. Also remember auditioning bands at Tiffanys nightclub in Shaftesbury Avenue and a club in Piccadilly with the disco on the top floor, mirrored lift and the club had records stuck to the wall. 100 club, Roxy, Ronnie Scotts etc.

Peter Fairless… Went to some dodgy, some good clubs in London. Some were very dodgy but very good! Can’t remember all the names but most of those listed above.

Steve Gage… My mate Ray was a bouncer at Samanthas where are you now mate??? 🙂

Mick O’Dowd… Went to The Q Club in Paddington after seeing James Brown at The Rainbow in the 70’s I think. JB turned up after we got there and jammed with the band. Awesome!

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Bernard Jeffery & Charlie Tumahai from Be Bop Deluxe late 70’s

bernard jeffreyscharlie tumahai

supplied by Bernard Jeffery

Bernard Jeffery…..late seventies rehearsals with Charlie Tumahai From Be Bop Deluxe in The Box Hastings. The Hollywood Killers.


© milesago

Bernard Jeffery… Above, great piece about a great musician and a great bloke.Mentions the time I played with him in the Hollywood Killers back in the late seventies.

Tim Phillips… Interesting article. Be Bop Deluxe was one of my favourite bands in the mid 70s. I can remember riding my motorbike to Eastbourne to see one of their gigs with my then girlfriend (who went on to be lead singer of The Mobiles). I think the gig was at The Congress. The ride back to Hastings to take Anna home was one of the coldest motorbike rides I can remember smile emoticon

Bernard Jeffery…  I loved all of their albums and saw them live many times so it was a real buzz to play with Charlie and meet the rest of the band at Hollywood Killers gigs

Dave Nattress… Be Bop Deluxe were fabulous – I have all their stuff on Vinyl and CD and love Sunburst Finish and Modern Music.  Samisen – where’s Sarah H, do you remember we did “Ships in the Night”.  Indeed Tim, it was the Congress as I was there.  I do remember they were really, really loud.  RIP Charles, your contribution holding the bass down whilst Bill Nelson went off on his space-missions was vital.  I stumbled across a great Bio of Bill Nelson and Be Bop Deluxe, published in 2008, written by Paul Sutton Reeves – “Music In Dreamland”  “Bill Nelson and Be Bop Deluxe”.  A long read but worth it.

Tim Phillips… Yes, I agree that Be Bop Deluxe were really loud at The Congress. I had a motorbike with straight through exhaust pipes which sounded incredibly loud (probably made me quite unpopular in Bexhill). On the ride home I couldn’t hear my bike because my ears were still ringing from the concert lol.


Fleetwood Mac – Rumours album – who had this album?

Jane Dorsett… yes, I had this LP.

Eric Peckham… I did. Great album.

Joan Crowhurst… Yes I had it .. still is one of my favourite ever albums

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Still have it. Years ago (over 30) I read somewhere that a record collection was only complete if you had Rumours by Fleetwood Mac & Bridge over troubled waters by Simon & Garfunkle – that was a proud moment for me as I had both

Sandie Carlyon… Me still have it.

Virginia Davis… Still have it

Keith Blizard… Yep, think I still have

Mandy Wright… Still have it 😝 xx

Despo Hawkins… Still have mine

Jackie Clarke… love this.

Jennie Tocock… Still have mine too

Ted Woodwood… yes on vinyl and cd

Tony Davies… We have two copies here, mine and Lisa’s but I reckon her copy is in better condition…

Mike Wright… Yep!

Dave Nattress… Got it on vinyl. Jane and Leigh on the same page again. Bexhill’s Continental famous dancing girls. xxxx

Andy Qunta… Does anyone not have it?

Leigh Wieland-Boys… – anyone of a ‘certain’ age will own this LP! 😀 xx

Neil Curtis… Yep, got this ,,, great album….

Chris Fagg… Just bought a new replacement, played often !

Phil Thornton… mine is in the car …

Jon McCallion… Still have it .not played very much still up there with Pepper etc. Brilliant album.

Nick Webb… Of course !

Chris Wood… Who didn’t…. Classic

Judie Struys… Who hasn’t?

Icilio Carlino… Stupendi (Wonderful)