Samantha’s Club – New Burlington Street. What clubs and venues do you remember in London? Tiffanys Club and Gullivers People chat.



supplied by Colin Bell

Colin Bell… I was looking for something in my archives (I must organise them one day!) and came across this. I was struck by the artwork and how creative it was then. Samantha’s was in a basement off Regent Street and I was introduced to it on a night out with Clem (from the Foundations) and Jimmy James, from memory  it was around late 1969 early 1970. A great place with soul bands appearing and the D.J. ‘booth’ was the body of an E Type Jag (very swinging sixties). Drinks 2/6d! You could get well pissed for a coupla quid! I was lucky enough at that time to have the use of a mate’s flat in Berwick Street Soho, ideally placed to go to all the great clubs. Many hours spent at the Marquee, Whisky-a-go-go, the Flamingo, Middle Earth and Hatchetts in Piccadilly, a great club over 3 floors with a chill out bar level, a restaurant with a glass wall overlooking the ‘disco’ floor. I’d be interested to hear any memories of this period from other Smart members? Great times and great memories…………..

Alan Esdaile… Happy days in Wardour Street at The Marquee. Also the Speakeasy. Also remember auditioning bands at Tiffanys nightclub in Shaftesbury Avenue and a club in Piccadilly with the disco on the top floor, mirrored lift and the club had records stuck to the wall. 100 club, Roxy, Ronnie Scotts etc.

Peter Fairless… Went to some dodgy, some good clubs in London. Some were very dodgy but very good! Can’t remember all the names but most of those listed above.

Steve Gage… My mate Ray was a bouncer at Samanthas where are you now mate??? 🙂

Mick O’Dowd… Went to The Q Club in Paddington after seeing James Brown at The Rainbow in the 70’s I think. JB turned up after we got there and jammed with the band. Awesome!

Wendy Weaver… I went to Samantha’s in the 70s, loved the E Type jockeys booth. I worked in offices above La Valbonne in Regent Street for a few years. It had a large glass tank where people went for a dip – sometimes with their clothes on !

Lena Jansson… Tiffany´s in Shaftesbury avenue was my favourite disco in 1977-1979, I remember the live band Gullivers people and the two DJ:s Ken Norton and the other one I can´t remember the name of, Dave? David? Would be great to hear from someone else who used to dance the nights away at Tiffany´s!!


Gullivers People. photo source:

Lena Jansson… I only remember the female singer of  Gullivers People, I think her name was Kim or something like that, a name that both women and men use. She was quite tall with dark curly hair and a very strong voice. Their best cover was Alright now, a great song by Free.

Pete Kinsey… Used to love going to Tiffanys when Gullivers People had their residency, they had Tony Jackson[Sweet Dreams]out front along with my friend Sue Martine out front[she is the girl in the photo], they were led by organist Jimmy Mack from Tilbury. Would love to share memories of Gullivers.

Pete Kinsey… Sue Martines boyfriend and later husband Frank Sheen later joined Gullivers but after Sue left. Sue now lives in France with here second husband Peter Lee. Regarding a singer called Kim, there was a singer called Kim Keane who sang with Sue in Tony Evans Band at the Empire so don’t know whether this would be the singer who Lena Jansson was thinking of. Kim later was in groups Wild Honey/Wild Fantasy in the late 1970s.Think Jimmy Mack would be in his late 70s now. I think that Terry Hrllier who played trombone with Tony Evans at the Empire in London lives in your area.

Ray Wellingson… I live in  CANADA but in 1970s used to go to Tiffanys Piccadilly. I think I am correct. Ian Bairnson seen in the picture of Gulivers People second right was in Pilot with his two necked guitar. Same guy ? Am i right.  Sure saw him at Tiffs with same guitar.

Tony May… I have just heard back from my mate, Keith and he says that he did not know Iain Bairnson was in ‘Gullivers People’ as he never saw the group live. Bairnson was in the group ‘Keats’ with Colin Blunstone after ‘Pilot’ and played guitar on Kate Bush’s classic, ‘Wuthering Heights’ he says. He has a copy of their ‘Spendour In The Grass’ single and says they were known as a ‘good harmony group’. He’s not aware of the line up either as he asked me to try and find that out on the net…

Pete Kinsey… The black guy next to Sue is Tony Jackson who duetted with Polly Brown in the duo Sweet Dreams. Jimmy Mack the organist/ bandleader far right, came from Tilbury and would possibly be in his late 70’s now.

John Miles – Congress Theatre Eastbourne – 21st March 1978

Jan Warren… Love the song Music! Found the single in a charity shop last week for 20p

Pete Fisher… saw him supporting Robin Trower that year – he did a grand job – great show!

Paul Morfey… Saw him at Reading fest. ’77 Great!! Thin lizzy were dancing in the moon light!!

Virginia Davis… Saw him at the Congress Eastbourne

Robert Searle… Still got Rebel album on vinyl

Alan Esdaile… So have I.

Iain Cobby… I was there at Eastbourne, was I with you Mr Davis or am I dreaming. I seem to recall overtaking Rod Hull in his RR on the marsh road in my little red mini,coming back to Hastings ……….. or was this a cruel dream?

Tony Davis… Cruel dream mate. I’ve never seen John Miles or your little red mini

Iain Cobby… That’s odd, wonder who it was then?, could have been Steve D. still you missed a really good gig. I remember the stage sets were excellent, and the band spot on. Music was my first love……………………

Tim Moose Bruce…. Was at the congress in 83 and 84 too

50th anniversary of the Marine Offences Act

Jake Nelson… I certainly remember that, listening to the Pirates on my little tranny, outraged that they were trying to ration my pop-music! And of course the war was eventually won, because it forced the establishment to allow us unlimited devil-music!

Scalliwags with Mick Betts in the dj booth – December 1978. Also who was Dave?


photo by Sandra Bryant via Kevin Burchett Scalliwags Facebook page

Darrren Holmes… Where’s Chuzzle??? I thought he was a dj down Scallywags – he still is a scallywag!!! lol

Jeff Chuzz Balcombe… yeah Phil Edwards & I shared the DJ ing with Mick, we done mon, tue wed he done thur & we done fri then he done sat I THINK THATS HOW IT WENT.


supplied by Kevin Burchett

Kevin Burchett… DJs phil edwards. jeff balcombe. mick betts. johnny francis. johnny stewart. cliff ? and some more please help the aged remember the others?  DOORMEN kevin burchett. steve christmas. lenny. mick fellows big baz. dennis price .arthur freeman. tony vee any more? BAR STAFF les martin. chris glazier. jim green carry on you lot theres lots more.

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