Jimi Hendrix Experience – Hastings Pier Sunday 22nd October 1967. One official, one fake poster.

official poster supplied by Peter Fairless

Autograph poster listed as £15,000.00 in Record Collector December 2017

Mick O’Dowd… the second poster is a fake. Note the date. He played on SUNDAY at the Hastings Pier Sunday Club.

Peter Gladwish… I  remember this event very well. Jimi was straddling his guitar on the stage about 6 feet in front of me, when he poured lighter fuel on it and set it alight. Not being able to afford a ‘Strat’ at the time, I remember thinking, “What a ****ing waste!”

Chris Farley… Well done with tracking down detailed event of Hastings Pier & jimmy hendrix on Oct 1967. – I was there as a teenager still at Bexhill Grammer School – never heard of the Experince or MR J Hendrix at age 17y …

Grimey Wilks… I was there too. I clambered onto the stage and took a few photos before being bundled offstage by a security guy. Before the gig Jimi stood at the bar quietly talking with his team untroubled and unmolested. I recognise the left hand poster but I too believe the other to be a fake.

Graham Ellis… I was there too, also a student from Bexhill Grammer School, what a night! Chris, did l know you ? I was leaning against the stage front and remember the lighter fuel burn and the sexy groupie next to me making eyes with Jimi all night. She rushed backstage as soon as he finished playing.

Mick O’Dowd… Supporting programme was Orange Seaweed. Any info on them?

Peter Fairless… Google tells me… The Orange Seaweed – Biography. Psychedelic band from Hastings, England who formed out of cult Freakbeat act The Kingpins who recorded some acetates on the mega collectable Oak label. Ray Neale – Guitar / vocals, Keith Neale – Bass, Les Warren – Drums

Paul Morfey… How much would we pay to go back 50 years and be there on that night??!!?

Peter Fairless… Hey, join the queue for that time machine!

Jan Warren… Wow!!

Bob Laurie… I recall that his wah-wah kept cutting out during Burning of the Midnight Lamp. I think that he started with Foxy Lady and finished with Purple Haze – everything else was a bit blurred!

Clive Wiltshire… I was there too!

Bob Shipway… It was an amazing gig. I remember being very close to the front of the stage. The showmanship and musicianship were on 11 that night! One of my all time Pier gigs.


What Songs Make You Cry?


Alan Esdaile… Matt Monro Softly As I Leave You and Lorraine Ellison Stay With Me.

Judy Struys… Bruce Springsteen The Last Carnival.

Caz Simpson… Beach Boys Don’t worry baby and Holding Back the Years Simply Red.

Sheila Maile… Up The Junction Squeeze. It was always a fave of my friend who drowned in a tragic accident 20years ago.

Matt Thomas… We’re all alone – Rita Coolidge.

Karl Holden… I’ve Been Hurt, Guy Darrell, cos he was my mate thru many band reformations and I was with him the day before he flew to Spain to die.

Peter Fairless… Not many.

Sarah Harvey… Very recent but always a tear-jerker ! Dream Theater The Best Of Times.

Mike Curtis… Fall At Your Feet – Crowded House

Roy Penfold… Anything by Honey G!

Jan Warren… Summer the first time by Bobby Goldsboro …………. Oops, can’t believe I just revealed my inner “softy”??!! ………….

Janette Clare Morfey… Alone Again, Gilbert o’Sullivan,’ nuf said xx

Paul Dove… I want to know what love is,, Foreigner.. just saying,,.. Dovey..

Chris Giles… Annie’s song ….John Denver and The Love Theme from Romeo and Juliet.

Jan Warren… Hahaha, this is sooooo funny, and probably everso slightly embarrassing for some of us as we reveal our “soppy” songs??!! – carry on folks, I love it!!

Sam Rosewell… Rain – The Beatles. Always will remind me of my lovely dad who should have been the 6th Beatle!

Wendy Weaver… Something Shirley Bassey version

John Wilde… Tim Mcgraw Humble and Kind. Have a listen.

Steve Maxted… ‘Your So Beautiful’ Roy Orbison. Songs from Les Miserables.

Earl Grey… Bat For Lashes – Bat’s Mouth.

Dave Nattress… Well I’m an old rocker and all that but there are a few (non rock) songs that I try to sing along to that do choke me up and I find it difficult to continue. One is for sure “All I Ask of You” from Andrew Lloyd Webber – is it Phantom? It just is a wonderful, wonderful song. And there’s another from Les Miserables I hear occasionally but I do not know what it’s title is! So that’s pretty useless information then! I’m good at telling jokes and forgetting the punchline too.

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Without You by Nilson, it was my late Dad’s favourite.

Clifford Rose… he Onion Song by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell comes to mind.

Terry Huggins… Justin Hayward Forever Autumn, In This Moment – (Lyrics)+(Subtitulos en español) (on you tube)

Nick Webb… Angie by the Stones every time

Eva Neuke… Do you Love me by Sharif Dean, Wild World by Cat Stevens

Alan Pepper… Mine are What a wonderful world by Louis Armstrong Never dreamed you’d leave in summer by Stevie Wonder and The living years by Mike and the mechanics.

Stevie Zee… Man Of The World – Fleetwood Mac.

Jim Breeds… Anything by Justin Bieber makes me cry.

Eva Neuke… In my comment above, I forgot one for me very important song – Dance me to the End of Love by Leonard Cohen. Great!

Cupids Inspiration – Aquarius Club Hastings 11th Dec 1971



Chris van Rock… Was that the club above that arcade …. George’s ?

Peter Fairless… Yes, Chris, later called Saturday’s

Kevin Burchett… was my regular haunt then and i was there at hot chocolate dont remember much about it though pissed lol

Ritz – early 80’s Chatsworth Hotel. photo Paul Dengate.

539997_449847485031077_683981152_nphoto Paul Dengate via Martin Stringer

Ritz playing a Christmas gig at the Chatsworth Hotel.  Paul Dengate, bass guitarist Martyn Baker is to the right, out of picture, Judith vocals and Martin Stringer and Andy Knight.

John Wilde…..That woman forgot to get dressed. Its Xmas for Christ sake, where is her skirt?

Chris Pook…..Looks like Judith singing. Post Beez Neez!

Diane Knight…..where’s Paul Dengates razor blade ????

Martin Stringer… Oh yes, I remember it well.

Peter Bridger… Brilliant band – used to go see them all the time

Mick O’Dowd…. Good old Judy!

Pete Shaw… Why has Andy upturned his bass drum front skin? Had he been to Australia? Doh!!



Vinegar Joe & Gary Moore Band – Hastings Pier 23rd February 1973


supplied by Roger Carey

Leigh Wieland-Boys….I was Secretary of the Students Union at Hastings College at the time & assisted in organising the event – can’t believe it was 44 years ago! It was a great evening 😊

Mick Mepham….Alan, who is AS?

Phil Gill….Andy Strickland probably.

Chris Meachen…..Definitely Andy Strickland, god rest ‘im..

Tony Qunta….That was a great gig!

Paul Sleet…..I remember this one. went backstage afterwards and met Elkie Brooks, courtesy of Chris Meachen who was doing his usual roadying.

Paul Edmonds… Missed this one, great days! Hi Phil and Chris.

Peter Thomson… Superb gig. Forgot I’d actually seen Gary Moore!

Yvonne Cleland… I was at the front for Gary Moore! x

To Sir With Love Film – Classic Gaiety Cinema 10th December 1967

Dave Nattress… I remember this film – almost/sort of attained Cult status. Great song and vocal and just look at all those amps and speaker cabinets behind Lulu. Marshall’s some of them for sure, although it’s a hazy image. Mind you the other film Karamoja – naked people indeed, must have been a bit out there for the time. I recall being all of 12 – 15 or so and hearing that there was one cinema in Hastings that had the reputation for putting on mainly “x” films, would it be the Curzon? We had none of that in sedate Bexhill you know! Even the Lone Ranger at the ABC minors was edited as too violent and the gun-shots were silenced otherwise they’d wake the old-folk up. One of which (so the numbers say, I suppose I am now). LOL. Life’s been glass half full mostly and then overflowing a lot of times thankfully, but it’s gone by so far damn quickly.

Andre Martin… Fact – in the end part of the film when they are at the School Dance the group appearing are “The Mindbenders” and this had been filmed in Windsor using an old barracks for the scene.

Gong with Daevid Allen and their Jazz – De La Warr Pavilion Bexhill – 10th Dec 1973



supplied by Sarah Harvey

Tony Ham… I’ve got that album, not sure how as it’s not my type of music, someone must have recommended them, but I’ve got two of their albums.

Sarah Harvey…  I was talking to a prog rock fan at the IQ gig last night and he mentioned Gong. He thought they were a bit odd. I said that I saw them on Hastings Pier during the 1970s and I didn’t get them either….. however 40 years on…… I still don’t get ’em