Who remembers Dimarco’s?

supplied by Terry Huggins

Mark Praid… Wow, this brings back memories of the one in Hove. The best hard ice vanilla you could get.

Dennis Torrance… Ice cream was amazing there so good. I remember going shopping with my mum price rite then egg and chips lime milk shake on Friday night thanks for the memories

Wendy Belton… Remember it well. Their ice cream was amazing.

Rachel Rayburn… It was my very first job! Saturday mornings serving coffee

Keith Blizard… Not only great ice cream, a wonderful family !

Mick Knights… All meeting up late Sunday afternoon for egg beans and chips before deciding which film to see in the evening, we were creatures of habit in those days

Lloyd Johnson… I do! Tony Di Marco went to my school and I had a summer job along the seafront towards the Old Town working for the family in their ice cream shop, just before George street…🍦🍦🍦

Nastassja Kaschevsky… Used to go in there a lot, lovely family.

Dennis Torrance… My mum worked in the dimarcos under st marys in the castle early 60s I used to play the machines and eat the ice cream there to mums name was Ivy Torrance

William Wallace… the one in hastings gave u the biggest cup of tea in the world lol

Keith Cowper… One of my favourite places in the 50s and 60s

Chris Meachen… Some of my earliest memories are of my dad taking me in there,- He seemed to be friends with the owners (Mr Louis is the name I recall?) I used to have an egg & tomato finger roll followed by one of their fabulous ice creams. Went in regularly all through the years until they closed, much better than a poxy macdonald’s.

Andy Caine… So much time spent in there! The interior was beautiful.

Harry Randall…  see a lot of comments about the Ice Cream! Well a lot of people don’t realise the Ice Cream/Cafe opposite the “De La Warr” in Bexhill is the same family!

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What was the wonder of Woolworths for you?


Hastings 2007 photo source: http://www.emilyandjames.co.uk/Galleries/Woolworths/Woolworthsphotos.html


Lesley Bowles… The record department

Peter Thomson… My first regular (Saturday) employment. With the Manager’s authority, plugging the bare cables of the display amps into a single socket, after jamming a pencil into the ‘earth’. This was after closing time and nobody died.

Jackie Hutt… Loved the broken biscuits…. My mum used to work on that counter.

Wendy Weaver… My first job, during the summer holidays when I was 14 in the Bournemouth Branch.

Mick Knights… I found an LP in the bargain section called The great American Eagle tragedy for 50p which I sold on ebay for £25.

Sue James… We used to love the bottles of raisin wine and the ginger wine at christmas

Tony Davis… I used to love the hot salted peanut machine they had. I also seem to remember that at one stage there was cafe in the Hastings one.. Talking about Woolies has also reminded me when in the same stretch or road were Sainsburys and Joe Lyons cafe. Sainsburys was all wood and marble and Lyons used to serve mashed potatoes with an ice cream scoop. Great memories!

Andrew Freeman… The smell of Woolies was completely unique.

Roger Dando… Airfix two Bob kits – obviously ! !

Jan Warren… It was just the store, it was where (and I guess many others) used to hang out on a Saturday, it was part of our Saturday!! – I was devastated when they closed all the shops, it was the end of an era!! 🙁 🙁 🙁

Peter Fairless… Louise in the record dept. Am I allowed to say that?

Paul Dove… worked there as a 15 year old Sat boy, bloody long time ago…

Alan Esdaile… Yes your right Tony. I remember a cafe where the record dept was in Woolies. Also remember Sainsburys and Lyons. Don’t forget the wonderful Dimarco’s cafe next door and also the tiny Tesco.

Dave Nattress… I lived in Bexhill where we had a good enough woolies. But I think I’m right in saying Hastings had the attraction of an escalator – when I was rather younger. Actually in latter years both Hastings and Bexhill had a period where they were selling some really good music DVD’s – bought quite a few. The records and later CD selections on offer were pretty good also. Overall though, the selection of merchandise available was great – they did most things.

Joe Knight… Demarco old fashioned but great food.

Tim Moose Bruce… The tiny Tesco was a large store in comparison with other shops when I first went there with my mum back in 1969 .

Joe Knight… That’s the shop you could always find something for everyone at Christmas

Terry Har…. Spent most of my pocket money in Woolworth Tolworth Surrey and as a teenager chasing the girls who worked there.(and sometimes catching them lol)

Peter Thomson… There was also a tiny Woolies in Kings Rd, St Leonards until the early 70s, at least.

Alan Wood… The escalator

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Record department

Dennis Torrance… Some great pictures there happy memories

Mike Wright… Embassy Records

Paul Sleet, Mick & Friends – Sea Front Hastings 1972.



supplied by Paul Sleet

Jim Breeds…  I knew Paul Sleet! His Mum & Dad were friends with mine.

Kevin Burchett… paul is a scalliwagger lol. I actually remember him wearing that afghan coat.

Chris Meachen… Likewise!…

Pat Sleet… I know – hip wasn’t he??

Tony Davies… The guy in the middle playing the blonde J200 copy was a lodger at my mum and dads house in The Croft. I had some good jam and drinking sessions with Mick, he always had his guitar slung over his back, never had a case , and they were always getting bashed and dinked. He also had an old Eko guitar as well. Last I heard he was living in Battle after getting married but that was about forty years ago. Does anybody know what’s happened to him since then ??

Stephen Fletcher… Paul Sleet, Mick, Paul’s cousin Rick, Suzanne Judge and Sue Jeffries .

Sue Weatherill… Paul was a big David Bowie fan & i was his girlfriend at the time, Sue Jeffery.
Yesterday brought back all the fantastic times in Hastings in the 70’s. Super photo of us all….thank you for putting it up.

Paul Sleet… Hi Sue. Good to hear from you. Also pictured with your friend Suzanne is my cousin Rick who lives in Alderney. This pic is around 1972 I think.

Tony Court-holmes… Paul with long hair I remember that.

Glenn Piper… Wow, 72? It really doesn’t seem that long ago

Jo Turner… I bet that coat on the right came from pretty novelties near warrior square

Neal Hunter… is that Paul Sleet with the guitar?

Alan Esdaile… Yes Neal.

Eugene Hughes… Love the old Maidstone and District bus

Stallion – introducing the band 1974 & Stallion poster 6th November 1973.



supplied by Mick Mepham


supplied by Phil Thornton

Alan Esdaile… Great find Phil.  Stringer Jones, was a duo with Martin Stringer and Malcolm Jones.

Martyn Baker… Malcolm Jones was the other half of Stringer-Jones with Martin Stringer in Hastings (1975-6). I kind of re-met Malcolm again when we both worked for Capital Radio in the 80’s. Martin now lives in the west of Ireland. Both top geezers.

Harry Randall… RIP Vic/Tony and Steve gone to young! Sadly missed I’m sure by all who new them!

Leigh Wieland-Boys… My that takes me back. Fond memories of Steve D, rest in peace dear friend.

Martin Stringer… Crikey.

The Cannon Cinema Queens Road Hastings 1990

supplied by Nick Prince

Alan McCann… It was actually ‘twinned’ in May 1971. Cannon had owned Hastings for a few years before starting an £1 million conversion to three screens, which commenced in 1984, but opened in June 1985.

Josie Lawson… My mum moved from the Orion cinema to the Classic Cinema – and worked there …I didn’t see much of her then as I moved away from Hastings in 1976 until I returned in 1987…

Tony Ham… Pearl & Dean adverts.

Do they still make peashooters – asks Eugene Hughes?

Eugene Hughes…Do they still make peashooters? 1d worth of split peas please mister

Jan Warren… and spud guns, mud pies, car inner-tubes for swimming and “tanks” made out of cotton reels, candle wax and elastic bands!! and those “Y” shaped bits of wood with a rubber band, what were they called?? my dad also used to make “stilts” and “sledges” out of wood!! – ohhhhhh what FUN we had!! – who needs feckin’ technology!! – its the ruination of childhood!!

Lloyd Johnson… Y= catapult…

Gerry Fortsch… Maybe some one should open a museum to show all these wonderful and cheap to make things that entertained us a few years ago.

Alan Esdaile… What did your mum say… You will shoot someones eye out with that

Dave Nattress… Bows and arrows – most I guess with rubber stickers on the ends, air-guns, sheaf knifes, not to mention young lads carrying around a plethora of fake guns of all sorts. You could get a Luger that looked pretty real!! Pea-shooters – great question Eugene. Chemistry sets!! Fireworks, bangers, rockets, all so easily available!! Blimey, when you think back!!

Alan Pepper… We enjoyed making bows and arrows over Church in the wood ! And tree camps of course. Then there were the games on the street stopping every now and then for the traffic . Ha ha !! Happy days eh….

Eugene Hughes… Hi Alan Pepper . Those were the days mate.

Mick O’Dowd… Fag cards & marbles( in the gutter!)sweet tobacco, Beech Nut chewing gum.

Chris Baker… Beech Nut chewing gum! Now there’s a blast from the past!

Eugene Hughes… What about the jars of Double Devon Cream And tea made from loose tea in a pot and the ciggy machines outside the shop and postage stamps and good ol Doctor Lee. Sitting on the edge of her desk, fag hanging out of her mouth. “how are you today love!”



Sixties Sounds with 6Ts, Soul Express, Ace Of Clubs and Project X. Hastings Pier 14th November 1992.


supplied by Barry French & Sarah Harvey

Kev Towner… “Bizarro’s”?

Terry Corder… What a waste of time that was and still waiting to get paid for it!

Harry Randall… Shame it’s gone though some great memories of bygone years!

Black Cat Coffee Bar – 1970’s



photo 1 supplied by Bertie Wiseman, photo 2 supplied by Terry Huggins

Anyone remember The Black Cat Coffee Bar? Entrance in York Buildings.Here’s Steve Demetri & Paul Wiseman sitting at the window of the upstairs coffee bar. You can see Woolworths over the far side of the road. You can see the Mac Fisheries sign and also Mozley’s sign.

Yvonne Cleland… Ha! The window seat! Practically lived in this place when the Lido closed! Llonka. 1 and 6 to get in with a free drink! Table footie. Look one way – see what was going on in the cafe, look the other way – see what was going on in the town!

Alan Esdaile… I also lived in the window seat when I was not playing the pinball machine.

Martin Richter… and the “mac-fisheries” sign!

Andre Martin… Over MacFisheries

Martyn Baker…  Chatte Noi

Mick Mepham… Was that the same place as the Pam Dor anyone?

Yvonne Cleland… No, Mick, the Pam Dor was in Queen’s Road. The Black Cat’s entrance was in that funny little back street that divides up the Arcade. (Not that I’m old enough to have gone in the Pam Dor but I seem to remember it being there.)

Alan Esdaile… The Pam Dor was over the road from The Disc Jockey .

Andre Martin… The PamDor did start in York Buildings, where the MacFisheries was located, I think it was where the the Chemists shop was, but it might have been in the same location at the Black Cat – must double check listings. the site in Queens road opened in 1961. Location correction – NOT Castle Street, but York Buildings, the no was either 6 Mac Fisheries or 8 which I think did become a Goldern Egg at some point.

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Radio Caroline – tune in now 648khz AM. Test transmissions.

This is Radio Caroline’s 648 kHz omnidirectional mast in Orfordness, originally a spare mast for BBC’s directional 648 service aimed at mainland Europe (see 4 of the 5 masts in the background). It’s professional build, perfect tuning and grounding plus its position near the sea make it the perfect antenna to get the most out of Caroline’s limited 1 kilowatt, enabling the signal to cover large parts of the UK as well as all of the Netherlands and other parts of mainland Europe.

Josie Lawson… I loved listening to Radio Caroline..

Nick Prince… You can again

Tiffany Barton… Retro sound is so much better.  I listened in Aberdeenshire and so excited to hear on 648.

Alan Wood… Driving around with caroline on ,,who would have believed it !!!!!! Makes me forget I’m an old fart !!

Josie Lawson… thanks Nick but I haven’t got A.M. now. Only FM and DAB on my RNIB radio. Can it be found on the iPad anywhere’s?

Jim Breeds… Josie, Listen on their website. http://www.radiocaroline.co.uk/#home.html