Bruce Forsyth R.I.P.

Peter Gladwish… RIP Brucie. Didn’t he do well!

Jan Warren… Ahhhhhhh, so sad, bye bye dear Brucie

Alan Esdaile… A real STAR, that kept us entertained over the years. R.I.P. Bruce.

Dennis Torrance… R I P Bruce great entertainment you gave . As a boy remember Sunday night at London palladium you made me laugh

Jake Nelson… What a shame, he seems to have been around forever. A talented performer who’s been a star to three generations.

Glen Campbell dies

photo from 1967. © Capitol Records.

Alan Esdaile… We knew it was coming but still very sad news.

Jim Breeds… Absolutely. Though probably a blessing for him and those close to him.

Chris Giles… We’ve been playing the new CD this last week ….brilliant songwriter and singer, knew it was going to happen soon…but nevertheless end of an era …..

Mark Gilham… Huge loss

Chris Meachen… Another great talent leaving us.. R.I.P

Dennis Torrance… Real shame about him going his music I liked

Colin Bell… A true great and a huge loss. R.I.P. Glen

Kevin Sherwood… A great talent gone.

Josie Lawson… Used to listen to him a lot…yes

Diane Voisey… So sad. I was lucky to see him live at Croydon Fairfield Halls. I pick up a signed copy of his album at the time. Just bought his latest CD called Adious which is very good.

Paul Dove… So sad to lose glen cambell grew up with his music ,, he made a contribution’s to so many influence ‘RIP Mr GLEN CAMBELL’

Wendy Weaver… RIP. Another elder gone

Barry Newton… Another great artist bites the dust, RIP

Gerry Fortsch… Sad loss, I liked Glen Campbell, not all of his songs but he was a great musician.



Adam West ‘Batman’ dies

photo: ABC Television 1967-1968

Jan Warren… NOOOOOOOOO, fucking NOOOOOOO, Adam West was the best Batman EVER and it was the best and only Batman series ….. it was fun and hilarious and my childhood and Adam West made it ! – oh god wham, Bam and god damn booty, god R.I.P Adam West, love you forever ♥

Mike O’Dowd… I agree Jan. He was THE ONLY Batman! R.I.P.

Jake Nelson… What a shame. When the series was first on, I used to wander round Bexhill with a black bat motif sewn on my T-shirt (designed by me). I’m sure all the fancy T-shirts you see nowadays are just copied from my idea!

Wendy Weaver… So many favourites dying, makes one realise how old one has become!💀💀😈

John Noakes dies


Photo.. By Source (WP:NFCC#4), Fair use,

Lyn Humphrey… Blue Peter legend! Such a shame he’s gone. I had several conversations with him in ’72 when our family dog was on the prog. John Noakes was as affable off-screen as on, especially considering I had to tell him at the last moment that he’d got his information wrong! A very pleasant man.

Chris Sambrook… Get down Shep. The man climbed Nelson/s column for Blue Peter. Sorry he has gone and the elephant wot did a whoopsie, glad he saw the funny side on live Children’s TV. Them were the days. Blueeeee Peter Badge.


Gregg Allman dies


 Performing with the Allman Brothers Band. October 1975. Paragon Agency-management

Jim Breeds… Greg Allman, 1947 to 2017

Chris Sambrook… Sorry to hear about Gregg Allman. Great live band which includes Whipping Post written by Gregg Allman

Mark Gilham… Bloody shame. Wonderful writer and musician dying too young again.

Jan Warren… Oh no

Geoffrey Bayldon – Catweazle dies


Alan Esdaile… R.I.P. Catweazle. The neighbours kids used to think I was Catweazle when I had long hair!

John Wilde… Oh no!

John Austin… How sad, loved Catweazle !

Patrick Briggs… He had a good innings . Not long watched every catweazle on DVD box set

Julie Findlay-jones… Sleep well Carweazle x

Tony May… I took some footage of the locations where ‘Catweazle’ was filmed when I went to meet Geoffrey at a club weekend in 2014. You can watch the first part here…

Jan Warren… Goodnight catweazle xx

Jake Nelson… Shame–Catweazle was a popular programme for me & my friends, as was Worzel Gummidge, that also featured Geoffrey Bayldon.

Pete Burden jazz musician R.I.P. (January 2017)


photo by John Kenward. Supplied by Phil Little.  At Music Files Xmas Party 1997

Liane Carroll (Facebook page)… Am so very sad to hear that Hastings institution and jazz legend Pete Burden passed away this morning. He was a beautiful friend and enormous influence to both Roger and myself. A wonderful player, very witty and generous man. He shall be missed by many. Love and peace.

Josie Lawson… Pete Burden R.I.P.

Nick Prince… Very sorry to hear that. A thoroughly nice chap and great musician 🙁

Roxine Lucas… So sad! God bless x

Tony Qunta… Very sorry to hear of the passing of the great Hastings based sax player Pete Burden. I know he was a big musical influence on many local Hastings musicians. He also always struck me as one of the most humble musicians I have ever met and a very good human being.

Verna Lodder… You’ve joined the jazz club in the sky…. bye Pete x

Ernest Ballard… Sad news.


The funeral service will be held at 3.30pm on Tuesday 31st January 2017 at Hastings Crematorium. It has been requested rather than flowers, money to be donated to Rhythmix, a local charity which helps young people become involved in music. Donations should be made via Hinkley Funeral Services.

Eddie Huggins… A great player in the style of Jackie McClean. I never heard any other UK Jazzer play in that way! We recorded together at the Cambridge Jazz Festival in 1971.