David Cassidy dies

photo: ABC Television Network


Alan Esdaile… R.I.P. David Cassidy.

Aileen Mathieson…. Rip David Cassidy I used to have his pictures all over my bedroom so sad !xx

Jane Dorsett… R.I.P. David Cassidy, I use to have his pictures on my bedroom wall too.x

Wendy Weaver… So sad RIP

Liz Dees Dianto… RIP

Kevin Burchett… it is actually official now R.I.P David

Jan Warren… R.I.P. David Cassidy

Dave Nattress… Another loss. So many of whatever musical genre continue to move on. When I was as a lad, ( a very long-haired rocker/weekend hippie), David Cassidy was not for me, but, respect, he had some good songs and there’s plenty of room for all genres. Seems like he moved on to something of a RnR lifestyle that did no good for his health ultimately. So, another one from the past gone. One girlfriend in particular who uses these pages – this was of 40+ years ago – you know who you are, (xx), had her bedroom wall covered with posters of David Cassidy. How did I know – was asked up there to change a light-bulb of course!!

Nick Prince… Exactly what any gent would have done back in the day Dave Nattress. Just imagine if the young lady wasn’t able to see her David Cassidy posters because of the said light bulb. It doesn’t bare thinking about.

Elaine Stock… RIP David xx

Dave Nattress… Thanks Nick Prince – you got it in one, nice comment and it’s still making me smile!!! Just read it again, smiling even more!!!



Likely Lads Rodney Bewes dies


Alan Esdaile… R.I.P. Rodney Bewes. Another one from our youth. Tony Rivers sang lead vocal on the theme tune.

Lyn Humphrey… ‘Whatever Happened To The Likely Lads?’ was one of the all-time great British situation comedies. Coincidentally, I’d only recently finished watching the DVD box-set. A sad loss.

Dave Nattress… Indeed Alan, yet another. A TV programme I’m sure all of us of an age will remember and fondly. One of the actresses who used to appear in it, maybe one of the pair’s Wives – did they ever get married? or girlfriends is in Open all Hours.

Lyn Humphrey… They did indeed get married, Dave–despite various mash-ups by best mate Terry (James Bolam).

AC/DC Malcolm Young dies

photo source… https://www.facebook.com/acdc/


Jan Warren… Oh Nooooooooo

Eugene Hughes… Rip Mal. He had awful dementia. So sad. I met Mal and Angus with my brother in law Chris Slade at a recording studio in London in 1990.

Chris Sambrook… Sorry to hear Malcolm Young has passed away . Its only a week ago his elder brother passed away. “Hell ain’t no bad place to be”.

Harvey Ellison sax player with The Glitter Band R.I.P. (1st Feb 2017)


Harvey Ellison (Glitter Band) RIP

Andrew Clifton… Harvey Ellison formally of The Glitter Band passed away on Wednesday 1st February.

Alan Esdaile… I thought we might get through a day without someone we know dying. Remember him, I doubt if the BBC will mention it. R.I.P. Harvey Ellison and thanks for that great Sax.

Andrew Clifton… John Rossall is doing a gig in Bognor Regis. As a tribute. Here’s a photo taken two years ago at Bognor Regis. John Rossall and Harvey Ellison in full swing.


photo by Andrew Clifton

Mick O’Dowd… Remember playing football in Alexandra Park Hastings with them when they appeared with a certain other person on Carnival Night.

Peter Fairless… Remember chatting with them when same certain person played the Pier Ballroom.

Peter Millington… Did a “support” Gig (SUSPECT) with GG and the Glitter Band in January 1973 – stage was covered in glitter and very slippery. Good act though.

Andre Martin… Part of a great entertainment, when they all played together RIP

Chris van Rock… Sad to hear … my childhood slipping away

Jan Warren… Its such a shame that “GG” has forever “darkened” the name of his faithful Glitter band, how could he do that?? – I saw GG and the Glitter Band live in Alexandra Park, Hastings in the early 70s, I wasn’t a fan, but my Hubby was, so I just went along with him, I remember GG being very arrogant, YUK!! – its sad that the Glitter Band had to live with the “shame” of their “leader” 🙁 – R.I.P Harvey Ellison 🙁 

Mick O’Dowd… If you have a GG autograph from Hastings Pier in January gig it was actually mine. I stood behind stage door & signed them because GG didn’t want to be bothered! Nice band and great guys. Tried to do the rock thing and smash their guitars into speaker cabinets. The “special” guitars were then gathered up and stuck togetheragain (sounds like a song) for the next show. That’s rock’n’roll!

Dave Johnson… So sad to hear about Harvey. He was a great guy and I have many happy memories of him appearing at Newcastle City Hall in 1974, 1975, 1976 and 1977. His place within the original Glitter Band will always be secured in our thoughts of him – rasping sax that gave the music that additional lift. Just been looking at a superb photograph of Harvey from the Geordie Scene Programme, filmed in Newcastle 1975 – a real star! Rock On dear mate.

Martyn Faulds… Very sad to hear of the passing of Harvey aged 65, along with the loss of Gerry Shephard aged 51 back in May 2003. Seems that so many of the 70S Glam Rock stars are leaving us. Both Harvey & Gerry started out in The Boston International band in 1966, based in Hamburg, Germany and split in 1973 to form the Glittermen,then Glitter Band.RIP Harvey & Gerry.

Lee Johnson… Darn tooting the BBC didn’t mention it! Nor did many other outlets – only just found out myself a few days ago. When will folk learn that one “man” does not a paedophile gang make? RIP Brian H Ellison.

Pete Fisher…Glam rock was my younger sister’s thing, but I did think some of the music was cool, and the Glitter band had a unique sound…in the early 80s friends of mine in a Norwich band had the job of recording demos for the Glitter band, and let me in on the secret of the guitar sound – 6 “A” strings in unison through an overdriven amp…they backed GG at a wedding and I drove the van, and got to meet the man, who was very polite and friendly, and extremely professional, with a whole vocabulary of Elvis type gestures to conduct the band…little did we know…credit has to go to Mike Leander, who played all the instruments except brass on the early recordings…good read here…http://thequietus.com/articles/00709-rock-roll-part-3-stepping-out-of-gary-glitter-s-shadow

Pete Billings R.I.P.


Tony White (Eastbourne Bands from 1960 on Facebook page) … Remembering Pete Billings, drummer with The Saints, Fifth Avenue and dep’d with almost every other local musician since the 1960’s. Sadly passed away on 21st December 2016.

Robert Searle… RIP Pete Billings

Laura Broadway… Sad loss, great drummer,great bloke.

Colin Norton… Had the pleasure of meeting and playing with Pete this past September. Together with Lawrie Broadway, Baz Cooper and Pete we were the Features. Here’s a pic of Pete on September 10th this year. RIP Pete.


Terry Pack… RIP, Pete. What a lovely bloke.

Eddie Sargent… Very sad loss brilliant drummer

Chris van Rock… RIP ……

Ernest Ballard… Oh. That’s a shock. He was a local hero. Nice bloke and good drummer RIP

Barry French… So sorry to hear this news, lovely man & brilliant drummer RIP.

Tony White has posted the funeral details on The Eastbourne Bands site... Pete’s funeral will take place on Friday 6th January 2017 at 1.00pm, at Beulah Baptist Church, Buckhurst Rd, Bexhill, followed by a family burial and back to the church hall for refreshments.

Charlotte Hutchinson… Dear Pete. We thought you were wonderful . So kind to us when we first met. So good to Chris , and a fantastic drummer. God bless you ,and may you rest in peace. You are going to be greatly missed  . Chris and Charlotte Hutchinson.

Dave King… The best drummer I have ever worked with. We played together as the Dave Allan Sound in the 80s and early 90s until I emigrated to France in ’92. Played together again at a couple of Saints reunions at the Winter Garden. What a lovely man, who didn’t have a bad word to say about anybody. This world could do with a few more like Pete. R.I.P. Mate.

Don Williams R.I.P.


Peter Millington… Not another! RIP Don

Robert Searle… Nice singer who had feeling RIP Don Williams

Will Cornell… True greatness…..Many of his compilations lack this song which used the melody from (get this) Dvorak’s Symphony #9 “The New World”….now honestly, do you see now why so many of us vastly prefer pre-Garth C&W? Do you think Luke Bryan even knows who the hell Dvorak was? https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=5&v=HdrbrxJPC9Y

Joe Knight… A great man and Country Singer RIP

Bruce Forsyth R.I.P.


Peter Gladwish… RIP Brucie. Didn’t he do well!

Jan Warren… Ahhhhhhh, so sad, bye bye dear Brucie

Alan Esdaile… A real STAR, that kept us entertained over the years. R.I.P. Bruce.

Dennis Torrance… R I P Bruce great entertainment you gave . As a boy remember Sunday night at London palladium you made me laugh

Jake Nelson… What a shame, he seems to have been around forever. A talented performer who’s been a star to three generations.

Pete Prescott… He was part of our lives. A wonderful life ! A great entertainer.

Pete Fisher… I know there are a lot of fans of the late great Bruce Forsyth here, and although I was never a big fan of his comedy, this is a must-see. He was an excellent singer and pianist, as illustrated by this clip, in which he’s accompanied by Mitch Dalton on guitar, Barry Morgan on drums and André Messida (correct name please someone??) on bass…

Glen Campbell dies

photo from 1967. © Capitol Records.


Alan Esdaile… We knew it was coming but still very sad news.

Jim Breeds… Absolutely. Though probably a blessing for him and those close to him.

Chris Giles… We’ve been playing the new CD this last week ….brilliant songwriter and singer, knew it was going to happen soon…but nevertheless end of an era …..

Mark Gilham… Huge loss

Chris Meachen… Another great talent leaving us.. R.I.P

Dennis Torrance… Real shame about him going his music I liked

Colin Bell… A true great and a huge loss. R.I.P. Glen

Kevin Sherwood… A great talent gone.

Josie Lawson… Used to listen to him a lot…yes

Diane Voisey… So sad. I was lucky to see him live at Croydon Fairfield Halls. I pick up a signed copy of his album at the time. Just bought his latest CD called Adious which is very good.

Paul Dove… So sad to lose glen cambell grew up with his music ,, he made a contribution’s to so many influence ‘RIP Mr GLEN CAMBELL’

Wendy Weaver… RIP. Another elder gone

Barry Newton… Another great artist bites the dust, RIP

Gerry Fortsch… Sad loss, I liked Glen Campbell, not all of his songs but he was a great musician.



Adam West ‘Batman’ dies

photo: ABC Television 1967-1968


Jan Warren… NOOOOOOOOO, fucking NOOOOOOO, Adam West was the best Batman EVER and it was the best and only Batman series ….. it was fun and hilarious and my childhood and Adam West made it ! – oh god wham, Bam and god damn booty, god R.I.P Adam West, love you forever ♥

Mike O’Dowd… I agree Jan. He was THE ONLY Batman! R.I.P.

Jake Nelson… What a shame. When the series was first on, I used to wander round Bexhill with a black bat motif sewn on my T-shirt (designed by me). I’m sure all the fancy T-shirts you see nowadays are just copied from my idea!

Wendy Weaver… So many favourites dying, makes one realise how old one has become!💀💀😈