Die Laughing – first photograph – Mallet Hall Bexhill – May 1977

Supplied by Lol Cooksey

First photo of Die Laughing, Mallet Hall Bexhill in May 1977. Terry Corder bass, Kevin Williams vocals, Lol Cooksey drums and Phil Thornton Guitar.

Trisha Ann…. That’s Mick Mepham on the drums isn’t it not Lol?

Roy Penfold… Certainly looks like Mick!

Alan Esdaile… Doesn’t look like him but definitely Lol.

Jim Breeds… I bought a Die Laughing 7 inch in Courthouse Street yesterday! You Got The Power/Hard Living Man on Ocean Records OC 003. Bit of a punt – I haven’t had a chance to try playing it yet to see if’s OK.

Phil Thornton… haha ! It was high energy back in the day and fun to be on guitar for a change !

Richard J Porter… Now known as the 6Ts with Harry Randall replacing Philip Thornton. Saw Harry earlier today.

Phil Thornton… As far as I know the 6Ts are harry, terry and lol. Different material than DL – my replacement was Mick mepham ! The early DL material also featured 60’s covers but it was very stylised and delivered with a punkish attitude – an interesting mix with kev’s angelic soulful vocals ( I wonder what happened to him ?) when Mick took over, original material became the main focus with a classic/melodic rock approach ! I remember they put on an outstanding performance for the melody maker rock contest (1978 ?)

Andy Ives… And what a great band they were too

Kevin Williams… Moved to London…….formed ‘Rye & The Quarterboys’ (8 piece soul band) then ‘The Hunger’ – ‘The Stand’ , now got a 5 piece called The Cry. So still above ground and still doing it.

Ernest Ballard… Phil Thornton on guitar i never knew that

David Miller… PGT manifests music via a bewilderingly wide variety of instruments and is also particularly exceptional on the guitar – he has been for as long as I’ve know him. I nominate him for the Todd Rundgren Multi-Instrumental Born To Synthesize award.



Ronnie Lane & Slim Chance plus Mike Storey – Hastings Pier 21st June 1975

ads supplied by Sarah Harvey, Ronnie Lane photo 1975 (venue unknown) Rik Walton https://www.flickr.com/photos/rikwalton/5069642148/in/photostream/  Mike Storey photo supplied by Clive Richardson from the gig at Hastings Pier

Peter Fairless… …how come?

Mick O’Dowd… Nice one Sarah. Keep em’ coming!

Peter Fairless… Love it!

Steve Cooke… He has to be one of our most underrated songwriters! Went way too soon.

Dennis Torrance… Was there fantastic night


Old Grey Whistle Test LP – who’s got this? Any memories of the Old Grey Whistle Test?

Andy Qunta… This was a really excellent show! Bands playing live! Whispering Bob Harris adding intelligent comments. The good old days! 😉

Peter Thomson… Not the album but I do have a DVD box set. Astonishing catalogue when viewed back to back.

Pete Prescott… I watched the first one with my mother. Not sure she was as impressed asI was ha ha ! I think it was 1971.
The first song up was “warming up the band ” by Head Hands and Feet. I tried to never miss out each week.
I remember watching Claire Hamill on it. Great show. Andy Q and Wesley were on it with Hazel O’Connor I think.

Andy Qunta… Yes, we were on with Hazel towards the end of 1980 I think. Great experience!

Chris Barrett… I see Claire Hamill was on it on it 4/4/1972. Can you remember what you sang?

Mark Randall… Every New Years Eve special/compilation, they ALWAYS played SteelyDdan’s ‘Reelin’ in ..” and soddin’ LS’s Freebird. Every year!!!!

Crawler, Boxer, Moon – Hastings Pier 5th July 1977

ticket supplied by Mick Mepham

Here’s a rare video of Crawler ‘Stone Cold Sober’ venue unknown.

John Storer….One of the most embarrassing moments of my life was loudly slagging off Crawler as being bloody awful, only to find I was sitting right behind the band’s wives and girlfriends. Oops! Agree with Bobby, though, that Moon were easily the best band on that night. Their debut album “Too Close For Comfort” is one of the few albums I regret giving away, because I’ve never been able to find another copy.  I don’t remember Concorde at Reading, but do remember that it had been raining all day and when Moon came onstage it stopped, and the sun came out. Brought a huge cheer from the crowd.

Tim Bruce…..Just watched the youtube link of stone cold sober. Saw Geoff Whitehorn demonstrating Marshall amps in 93 at Eastbourne. Brilliant guitarist.

Bobby Walker….Remember this gig because …. there were seats in the ballroom!  Crawler were dull (wasn’t long after Paul Kossoff had died, Boxer were good, but Moon were brilliant. Saw them a few months later at Reading. A brilliant moment when Concorde flew right over the stage as they were playing.

Martyn Baker…..I’m still playing music with Loz Netto (guitarist from MOON & Sniff N’ The Tears). Lives in Brighton. He’s a great player.

Gerry Fortsch… Good gig I remember it well, I was lucky to see my favorite bass player Tim Bogert from the Vanilla Fudge.


Ritz with Hat Trick and Samisen – Ore Centre 8th July 1978

supplied by Roger Carey

 Sarah Harvey… My artwork….. on my birthday. I organised all of the Ore Festivals in the 1970s and created the posters during my lunch-hours at work. I was a design draughtsperson in Battle. Also played in Samisen on the night.

Alan Wood… Wow !!

Mike Mitchell… I went to that one. I was obviously very keen. 75p entry and I was only earning 50p an hour at Dickies Discount at the time.

Cigarette and Burning Boots – early 70’s


supplied by Martin H. Samuel

Martin H Samuel… 1972-1974, I played drums in a trio with Kult guitarist, Richard Melhuish, on Jersey, CI. Taffy Edwards was the bass player. The photo is we 3 playing at The Deep in St. Helier and known as, ‘Cigarette And Burning Boots’. Richard now lives in Modesto, California, USA.

The Marquee Club London – programme July 1970


supplied by Pete Fisher

Pete Fisher… I was so lucky to get to see Taste at the Marquee in January that year…also saw quite a few of these bands on Hastings Pier in the early 70s…

Andy Qunta… Those really were the days! Just look at that list of bands!

Alan Esdaile… Another great find Pete. Saw Custers Track at The Witch Doctor.

Alan Pepper… Wow ! All in just one month . Would love to have been around then. Saw Slade a couple of years after this when they had hit the big-time . Still playing loud !!

Jan Warren… Wow, some really great bands there and all just in one month at the Marquee, where of course so many great bands played in the 60s and 70s!!

Heavy Metal Kids – backstage Hastings Pier 6th July 1974. photos by Chris Meachen

26971_1327338317775_2914302_n  10527349_504875882991207_4389720172140482678_n 26971_1327338357776_7939570_n


photos by Chris Meachen.  cuttings supplied by Sarah Harvey.

Geoff Peckham……This brings back memories of supporting the Heavy Metal Kids in Swansea with Factory. We shared a changing room with them. Supported them in Swansea.  Gary (Holton) was a a very funny man. Good band, too.

Andy Qunta……What Jaffa said! What a character!

Pete Fairless…..Gary Holton was a real talent and a sad loss. Here’s one of my favourite old clips, always worth watching again…


Glenn Piper…..Working with the HMK’s on a gig at the Marquee Club was a great time. The support act for said gig was Long John Baldry which led to some ‘interesting’ repartee with the HMK fans 🙂

Sarah Harvey….July 6th, 1974. Heavy Metal Kids with Leo Sayer the following week on the 13th.

Mark Syrett… Saw the Heavy Metal Kids one of my first concerts on the pier.

Budgie – Breadfan

Thanks to Pete Fisher for suggesting this.

Pete Fisher… throwback to 1973, and a trio I was lucky to catch live a couple of times on Hastings Pier and quite a few others will remember…about seven years later I became a big fan of Rush, and Budgie’s bassist Burke Shelley bears some resemblance to Rush’s Geddy Lee, both in voice and appearance…the riff here reminded me of Motörhead, and again Budgie’s guitarist Tony Bourge made me think of Phil Campbell, who also happens to be Welsh…

Alan Esdaile… wonderful, many happy memories of seeing Budgie and still can’t understand why they were never a bigger and more successful band.

Pete Fisher… the vagaries of the music biz, lack of support from their management/label?? just checked Wikipedia, and they went on gigging right up to 2010, with only Burke Shelley left from the original line-up…he’s had to stop due to illness.