Clive Richardson – around 1974/1976


and he was playing A Horse With No Name

Jim Breeds…¬†Surely he was playing the guitar? Whether or not it had a name, I don’t know. ūüôā

Phil Gill…¬†No, I can tell by looking at his expression he was playing the B side, “Sandman”.

Jim Breeds…¬†It’s a great photo of Clive. Hair’s a bit longer than when we were at school though.¬†I met up with Clive last year for the first time in decades. Thanks to Alan for putting us in touch.

Andrew Freeman… Instantly recognisable as Clive, though with more hair than at school as Jim says.

Stephen Fletcher…¬†Not seen Clive for years is he still about.

Alan Esdaile… He lives now in Battle, Stephen.

Diane Knight…¬†Oh .. I do remember that face…

John McCallion…¬†In the same class, Priory Road.

Mick O’Dowd…¬†Great to see Clive. Pity he can‚Äôt make the Meets. I reckon he‚Äôs playing The Sound Of Silence.

Tony Court-holmes…¬†does bloody good tours round england check it out. Jill and I go often.

Phil Gill…¬†He looks very short in the pier photo.

Peter Brazier…¬†That was just after we fixed the landing stage! I had to put that chain up lol

Jo Turner…¬†I use to go digging for worms by the pier with Clive when I was a teenager. He taught me how to beat them digging down fast. Fond memories.

Mosaic and Stallion – Langton Hall Battle 27th September 1975

Phil Gill…¬†Unusually for me, I don’t remember playing this gig, but the date says I obviously did.

Phil Thorton…¬†likewise !

Terry Pack…¬†I think I might have gone to this. On my Puch maxi!

Chris Barrett…¬†I’m not paying 65 pence to see you Phil Gill. You’d better put my name on the door


Harry Worth – who remembers doing this?

Alan Esdaile…¬†Used to be a shop in Robertson Street about where Walkers is now. I think it was a shop that sold televisions and we all copied this.

Dennis Torrance…¬†So remember this grew up with Harry Worth on BBC think most at this time tried this

Philip Wood…¬†…..I don’t know why, but there it is.”

Matt Thomas…¬†Used to be able to do this at the bus stops in Queens Rd

Virginia Davis…¬†Remember it well !

Tony Davis…¬†There was also a suit shop, John Colliers I think by the bus stops that used to be in Wellington Place. It was opposite the very old wood and marble decorated Sainsburys

Mark Randall…¬†Did Mr Worth do anything else apart from this ( that people remember)

Dennis Torrance…¬†Made me laugh at most things he did not like some of the modern comedians

Philip Wood…¬†His sitcom was funny and he did Panto.

Jim Breeds…¬†Gosh yes, I think I remember doing that at the shop in Robertson Street!

Diane Knight…¬†me too !!!

Jo Turner…¬†Yep

Flanko Fin Barr…¬†my mum loved him bless her heart

Keith Cowper…¬†I did it!!

Jake Nelson…¬†Me & my mate ‚Äėdid the Harry Worth‚Äô every time we passed a certain newsagent‚Äôs window!

Alan Pepper…¬†Yes waiting for the bus in Queens Road by John Colliers we all did it early 70‚Äôs !
Did find him a bit annoying though to be honest !!

Lesley Brown…¬†Some of us still do!!!

Karen Towner…¬†Remember it well- my dad always had a go.

Michael Wilson…¬†The window of the Sewing shop in London Road Bexhill with my brothers and sisters every Sunday morning in the late 1960s/early 1970s.


John Miles – Congress Theatre Eastbourne – 21st March 1978

Jan Warren…¬†Love the song Music!¬†Found the single in a charity shop last week for 20p

Pete Fisher…¬†saw him supporting Robin Trower that year – he did a grand job – great show!

Paul Morfey…¬†Saw him at Reading fest. ’77 Great!! Thin lizzy were dancing in the moon light!!

Virginia Davis…¬†Saw him at the Congress Eastbourne

Robert Searle…¬†Still got Rebel album on vinyl

Alan Esdaile…¬†So have I.

Iain Cobby…¬†I was there at Eastbourne, was I with you Mr Davis or am I dreaming. I seem to recall overtaking Rod Hull in his RR on the marsh road in my little red mini,coming back to Hastings ‚Ķ‚Ķ‚Ķ.. or was this a cruel dream?

Tony Davis…¬†Cruel dream mate. I’ve never seen John Miles or your little red mini

Iain Cobby…¬†That‚Äôs odd, wonder who it was then?, could have been Steve D. still you missed a really good gig. I remember the stage sets were excellent, and the band spot on. Music was my first love‚Ķ‚Ķ‚Ķ‚Ķ‚Ķ‚Ķ‚Ķ‚Ķ

Tim Moose Bruce….¬†Was at the congress in 83 and 84 too

Mark Hudson…¬†Listeniing to John Miles on R2 it reminded me I went to that concert at the Congress. I worked at the Burlington Hotel in Eastbourne and this was my first concert I ever went to. Interested to see The Stylistics and Candi Staton were playing at the Congress back in the day. How times have changed as I cannot imagine Eastbourne would get acts like that these days.

Alan King…¬†he sang with Jimmy Page for a while, I did some stuff back in London at the same time with a Venezuelan bass player Durban Laverde (sp ?) who was on the same album/tour, Miller Anderson also worked with him in Germany for a while, nobody had a bad word to say about him

Shaft promo photo Rock A Nore Road and Hastings Pier Ballroom


This is a promotion photo for Martin Casson Agency, taken at Rock A Nore Road. I think the car belonged to the photographer?


Shaft on the stage at Hastings Pier – Early 70’s¬†photos supplied by Andy Knight¬†

Andre Martin (commenting on the last photo) That is a really excellent shot of the Happy Ballroom Рand of Andy when he had plenty of hair -Hah Hah

Andy Knight… Shaft (son of Freeway) on the Pier

Nick Shute‚Ķ¬†wow!! a sound city pa and the hofner bass….looks like a lot of my old gear up there!!!

Len Smith… Colin Pierce, Jim Beadle, Andy Knight, Bob Shipway, Dave Shaw

Ross Holter…¬†Great band

Mark Gilham…¬†Is that a Marcos?

Ralph Town…¬†Yes Mark.

Robin Hughes…¬†(To Mark Gilham) ‚Äď that certainly is a Marcos and that presumably means that the photographer in question was John Sweet who was based at the top of London Road in Silverhill

Mark Gilham…¬†Great British car, as was the TVR.

Robert Searle…¬†Dave Shaw on the right

Robin Hughes…¬†A photo very similar to this, taken at same time but different expressions and head positions, appeared in the Hastings and St.Leonards Observer in the Spring of 1972 above an article about the Carnival Queen‚Äôs contest. The subject line of the photo said ‚ÄĚ Shaft, the up-and-coming pop group who will be at Bonita‚Äôs on Monday when the Carnival Queen contest will be decided‚ÄĚ.

Slade cartoon tee shirt by Mike Raxworthy around 1973

Mike Raxworthy… I thought some of your members would be interested in this. About 1973 I got a call from a bloke who said his name was Chas Chandler. Can’t be the famous Animals Bassist I thought. He said he would like me to call in his office in South Molten Street (near Bond Street) for a chat about some cartoons he needed doing. When I turned up I was surprised to see it was THE Chas Chandler and not only that, Noddy and Dave were sitting in there too – as well as John Steele (Animals Drummer) on a typewriter in the small outer office. After a chat I went off and designed this T-Shirt for them. Originally it was produced as an iron-on transfer then on a number of different coloured t-shirts. When I returned with the designs the whole band were there and they asked me to add a scar on Don’s face‚Ķ.he seemed to take a lot of piss-taking from the others. I was also invited to go on a trip to France with them and then to the launch of their second album. They played the whole album live at that launch‚Ķ.for a 4 piece they were superb on stage.

Leigh Wieland-Boys…¬†Very interesting!

Sandie Carlyon…¬†Saw them twice. Great atmosphere.

Andy Qunta…¬†That’s excellent! Well done, Mike!¬†Great band!

Chris Meachen…¬†Saw them many years ago when they played at Reading festival as a last-minute substitute for the headline act, who couldn’t turn up for some reason.They were absolutely brilliant, having got together at such short notice after a hiatus of over a year.. Although it was August bank holiday, we made them play ‘Merry Christmas’ three times..

Dave Nattress…¬†Nice story, great cartoon and‚ĶSlade could play a bit let‚Äôs not forget!!

Graham Belchamber…¬†Saw them at Donnington on a very rainy summers day, they came on mid-afternoon before Blue Oyster Cult who suffered considerably as Slade were outstanding and BOC could not match their energy and lost the crowd straight away. I also recall during the Slade mass singalongs that rapidly disintegrating barrels of hay were being lobbed around. Later that day during Whitesnakes set, (AC /DC were headlining), a load of bikers pushed over a burger van which caught fire ( the staff had vacated). Those halcyon summer days at The Monsters of Rock in the early 80’s!

Alan Esdaile… I only saw them once, at the Radio One Club in Regents Street, when they launched Get Down and Get With It, introduced by Diddy David Hamilton!

Louis Wiggett…¬†Saw that exceptional Slade cartoon t-shirt design and was wondering if the original artwork still exists?

Mike Raxworthy…¬†Wish I could find it – still got the transfer back-to-front sheet. Gave Chas the original which he sent on to the printer!

Sandi Carlyon…¬†Still got my Slade scarf bought when I saw them at Earls Court London.

Mac & Katie Kissoon, Rubber Band and Nicky Thomas – Hastings Pier 25th August 1973

Alan Esdaile…¬†Did Dandy Livingstone appear instead of Nicky Thomas?

Sheila Maile…¬†Remember their song. Your my pigeon your my dove.

Jan Warren…¬†Waaheyyyy, Rubber Band!!

Nigel Sherwood…¬†Nicky Thomas appeared

Sylvia Sinden…¬†Did Katie sometimes sing as a backing singer for Eric Clapton?

Alan Esdaile… Yes she did Sylvia and some great clips on You Tube.

Mick O’Dowd…¬†Mac & Katie were a great brother /sister act. Very talented and great voices. Unfortunately they were saddled with cheesy pop songs to record which never let them express their true talents. Katie became a backing singer for alot of acts in the same mould as another wasted talent Madeline Bell. I remember seeing Nicky Thomas on The Pier Alan but i‚Äôm sure he was headlining.

Martin Richter…¬†darn – missed it

Peter Fairless… Their hit from 1973 (in the Netherlands!) was Song For Everybody.