Curved Air – Hastings Pier 20th Sept 1975 & from 1972 Marie Antoinette

Ad supplied by Sarah Harvey, poster supplied by Mick Mepham

Phil Gill …  Well, I guess I must’ve been there. If anyone has any photos of Stallion at this gig or any other Stallion photos, we’d love to see them on our band page – especially if anyone has any photos of us supporting Marc Bolan on the Pier in 1975

Phil Thornton… Likewise ! – I do remember watching Curved Air – excellent !

Mark Sims… Good track by a very underrated band.

John Wilde… I was there. Onstage. Brilliant night!

Nick Webb… I was there yet again 🙂

Chris Giles… “Really like most of Curved Air music… Especially enjoyed gig on the pier many years ago..”

Jim Breeds… Marie Antoinette ‘ wonderful’

Terry Pack… I was there, too, I think. Remember none of it, of course!

Michael Watson… I remember going to that,Sonja the lead singer, every young chaps dream.

Carol Bolton… My other half does a great version of Back Street Luv.

Tess Foy… I was there…

Nick Webb… O I was so there( Or not if you know what I mean lol) and went to their next gig I think it was at St. Albans

Tim Moose Bruce… They played Hailsham Pavilion last night. Missed it as I was doing a gig. Hopefully they will be back again.

Iain Cobby… Just seen the amazing line up at Hailsham. What a tight band with Sonia fronting both old and new material. Prog is still alive. you must catch this band.

Glenn Piper… I was there at Hastings and I remember some of it. I roadied this gig and several (7 I think) more with Curved Air. Those were the days

Chris Meachen…  I was most definitely there & will eventually find photos to prove it!

Kev Towner… Stallion played on the same bill as Curved Air? Wow!!

Dave Weeks… Yes I remember being there too.

Wesley Magoogan… That was a great show by both bands.

Alan King… One time Curved Air bassist Tony Reeves is playing at The Royal Standard this Friday 1st December (he was in the band at the same time as Stuart Copeland).

Terry Pack… Tony also played with Greenslade and Coliseum.

Chris Stratton… I was there too! Curved Air seemed a regular booking on the pier.


Stallion – introducing the band 1974 & Stallion poster 6th November 1973.



supplied by Mick Mepham


supplied by Phil Thornton

Alan Esdaile… Great find Phil.  Stringer Jones, was a duo with Martin Stringer and Malcolm Jones.

Martyn Baker… Malcolm Jones was the other half of Stringer-Jones with Martin Stringer in Hastings (1975-6). I kind of re-met Malcolm again when we both worked for Capital Radio in the 80’s. Martin now lives in the west of Ireland. Both top geezers.

Harry Randall… RIP Vic/Tony and Steve gone to young! Sadly missed I’m sure by all who new them!

Leigh Wieland-Boys… My that takes me back. Fond memories of Steve D, rest in peace dear friend.

Martin Stringer… Crikey.

Edgar Broughton & Rita – Hastings Pier – Martin Casson Entertainments 28th Dec 1974



Ad Andre Palfrey-Martin Collection, photo of Edgar Broughton by Clive Richardson

Joe Knight….what happened to steve maxted ? use to go to catford DESMOND DEKOR!!! lots of great bands

Andre Martin….Joe – Steve Maxted still going strong well into the late 1970s. – Above is an advert from 1974. I have some later images waiting to be uploaded and indexed.

John Storer… Apropos of not much, my late Mum absolutely loved Edgar Broughton’s “Apache Dropout”. Remember seeing Barclay James Harvest and thought Hudson/Ford were actually much better than I was expecting

Mick Mepham….Hurrrraahhhhh! I hadn’t got this flier – have now yippeeeee!

Jim Breeds….Lindisfarne, BJH, Hudson/Ford. Wow, I missed some stuff I should have seen

Jenny Tyler… I loved Steve Maxted.

Phil Gill…  I was there for the New Year gig. The bouncers stopped the Stallion set at 11:45 and threw everyone out. They were really shitty about it too. Presumably they wanted to go drinking…

Mick Mepham… I remember introducing Hudson/Ford and making a total twat of myself doing so ….. blusho ……

Yvonne Cleland…. You were nowt but a lad, MM 🙂

Mick Knights… Edgar Broughton.. The question has always been, should he have allowed the demons in in the first place!!

Alan Esdaile… Not much hope for the Apaches as well, Mick.



Mosaic and Stallion – Langton Hall Battle 27th September 1975

Phil Gill… Unusually for me, I don’t remember playing this gig, but the date says I obviously did.

Phil Thorton… likewise !

Terry Pack… I think I might have gone to this. On my Puch maxi!

Chris Barrett… I’m not paying 65 pence to see you Phil Gill. You’d better put my name on the door


Marc Bolan & T Rex and support Stallion – Hastings Pier 25th July 1975



Ticket supplied by Nick Webb, Photo of Marc Bolan (T Rex) from a 1973 ABC Television In Concert performance.

Chris Meachen…..Ah, T.Rex… The only time I ever saw the bouncers scared, as a tide of pubescent girls flooded through the gates, sweeping them aside in the crush to get to the front of the stage. One of them even got his arm pushed through the glass of the main doors, & any attempt to check tickets was futile

Glenn Caroline Piper….I first saw T-Rex in 1971 at Brighton Dome. Mickey Finn was there and Bolan did some acoustic numbers from Tyrannosaurus Rex days. My first live gig

Pete Zinc-alloy… by the time marc played hastings mickey finn and bill legend had left the mates in the support group played a set equal to marc’s band

Phil Thornton… I remember this well, John Wilde (our frontman) was interviewed for ‘Sounds’ by Julie Birchell who thought he was Marc !!! – we got to meet him and Gloria backstage, lovely people. rip Marc.

Alan Esdaile… Still looking for a poster for this gig and photos, anyone?

Karen Sweatman… I  love T Rex, but was only five years old

John Wilde… This was a great gig for us (Stallion) and a good evening for everyone.  I was deeply offended when Marc told me to “fuck off out of my dressing room”.

Terry Pack…. I was at this one. Stallion were excellent. T Rex were disappointing: the drummer in particular was very loud and seemed to have no technique at all. Marc Bolan looked unwell, I thought.

Phil Thornton…  didn’t remember that part of the evening John Alexander Wilde all things considered I think you came out on top !!

Kevin Burchett… I was there but don’t remember a thing probaly very drunk lol

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Stallion – Front Cover Melody Maker 3rd July 1976

stallion melody maker IMG_0617 

supplied by Iain Cobby

Scanned the best I could, hope you can read some of it? The photo at the top of the second page says Steve Demetri receiving the award when it is Phil Gill.

Phil Gill… Well, we used to pretend to be each other sometimes

Jane Hartley… Stallion/Performance!

Andy Qunta… Excellent!

John Wilde… what a great time it was. We were hot stuff!

Phil Thornton… Yes it was ! My favourite bit was playing the main stage at Reading festival !!


Melody Maker Rock Contest Hastings Pier featuring Stallion, Daisy, Bracken 27th April 1974

27th april?? 1974 stallion, daisy, bracken, Stallion H Ob 1974 copy

cutting supplied by Andy Knight


Stallion photo by Chris Meachen. Not sure this was from the same gig but would be around this time.

Phil Thornton… I was there ! I joined Stallion after seeing their performance !

Yvonne Cleland… I was there. I was doing Daisy’s sound at the time…

Steve Kinch… Great times!


Daisy photo supplied by Yvonne Cleland (August 1974)

Yvonne Cleland… .. featuring Will Thomson, Kevin Hoad (Moff) and Tony Barraclough. Terry Corder was there but not in this shot.

Kevin Sherwood… Daisy were very good that night.

Yvonne Cleland… Daisy were exceptionally good that night.

Jo Turner… Oh I loved these competitions and have great memories of jumping in the back of someone’s van frequently in later years to follow local bands doing the competition rounds. Was it Michael Mepham who had the van?

Wesley Magoogan… I remember that well, there were lots of shenanigans between us and Stallion lol.

Stallion – The Way 1976

John Wilde… “Some new dreamers town” 1975. We were young and knew everything.

Alan Esdaile… Love this track.

Andy Qunta… Superb! One of their best, and I love all their stuff! Great band!

Phil Gill… Thanks Andy I love all your stuff too! And it’s cool that you’re on this album too.

Andy Qunta… Yes, that’s what I like best about it! 😉 Just kidding! I am very happy to be on it too! Thanks for asking me, you guys!

Phil Gill… Well Andy, we were desperate and cheap and you were cheap and available …. Joking aside, you probably don’t know this, but I was never completely happy with the final mix of Arsony in the UK, so in 1992, I took the 2″ 24 track master to Advision, Geoff Downes’ studio in Brighton, and remixed both songs from that session. The engineer was really young and totally impressed to hear the quality of the recordings, especially the Hammond. He actually said “Is that a real Hammond?” (“Yes son, it is. Great isn’t it?”). He’d grown up on MIDI and samples and never recorded a real Hammond before and was knocked out to be mixing one with real drums, in analogue. And rightly so, you had a great sound and and turned in a great performance. And that’s what’s on the album. It’s a fabulous contribution, so thanks.

Andy Qunta… You’re welcome! It was fun! Great story about your remixing! (Funnily enough, I met Geoff Downes recently!) For your future reference, I am now slightly less available, but just as cheap!

Geoff Peckham… How much, Andy? I know three guys who could do with your services.

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Listened to this then clicked on another video of Stallion at Windsor (or Reading – seems to be a bit confusing). Very emotive seeing Steve D up there on stage 😢 Took me back to those heady days xx

Alan Esdaile… Makes me upset as well Leigh. I’m pretty sure its Windsor and Reading on the other video. Phil or John should be able to confirm.

Phil Gill… It’s a compliation of both Alan. And don’t be upset it’s a wonderful memory of Steve at one of the highlights of his life. I love how he stands up and takes a bow at the end.

John Wilde… It is to be celebrated. Heady days indeed.

Jan Warren… Haha, yeahhhhhhhh – trench coats!! 🙂

Jon McCallion… Great stuff, great memories

Dave Nattress… Great days and THE Hastings band. Supported Stallion on the pier a few times in Damaris. Looked up to and were inspired by you guys. I was delighted to get the CD a while ago. RIP Steve D and Tony B. John – what can I say. An amazing performer.

Stallion – Hastings Pier 27th Dec 1975


supplied by Sarah Harvey

Phil Gill… Well I must’ve played that gig, but I’m blowed if I remember it. And “Disco”…crap name for the support band. Who were they?

Roger Carey… Was about to say I played this gig but now recall doing similar show at Pier 31 December 1974….

Phil Gill… I was at that one too. The bouncers threw everyone out early, presumably they wanted to go off to their own parties…

Chris Sambrook… Could have been some young carpet fitters from the Isle of Wight doing extra gigs to earn some money. They were named after a Douglas Adams creation what is the the meaning of life….42. Not really. Be nice to think Mark King was that disco/funk bass player. Who mentioned Bass Players. Get on up, get down. Just taking the p p p sss lads.

Kenny 22nd Dec, Factory 24th Dec, Stallion 27th Dec 1975

1556208_412750502203746_1748662747_o  kenny-22nd-dec-1975 kenny-2

supplied by Sarah Harvey

Phil Gill… Apparently I played a Stallion gig on the Saturday. Buggered if I can remember that one….

Mark Randall… Ooooh they call you Fancy Pants!

Julie Morris… Saw that Kenny concert!

Andy Qunta.. The guy in the far right of the Kenny photo is their lead singer & guitarist, Rick Driscoll. He’s been a friend of mine since we were both playing with Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel in 1981! Lovely bloke, btw!