Judas -The Regent Hotel – 1971/72


supplied by Paul Dove

Tony Ford, Nigel Dance and Paul Dove.

Charlie Ball… Paul Dove playing there is my cousin.I used to go to The Regent, Spyke played a lot there.

Jan Warren… I used to go there in the early 70s, my husband was the regular Saturday night

Andy Qunta… Before Factory was formed, my brother, Tony, & I played in a band called Static Emotion, with Chris Sambrook & Dave Austin. We played downstairs at the Regent every Saturday, between March-May 1970, approx. Good times! Small audiences, as I recall, but a gig’s a gig!

The Regent Hotel – February 1973 with Spyke

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photo supplied by: Jinks the group website. http://pet842.wix.com/jinks-the-group

Spyke – Peter Millington, Twiggie (Vocals), Terry Chedzoy, Ian Williams.

Martin Richter… Ian Williams – lol

Peter Millington… Spyke converted to Jinks in 1974 shortly after Twiggie left. 40 years on. We did a few Gigs at the Regent – The seafront was alive with good music then – I miss those days at the Regent/Scalliwags, Alexandra, Witchdoctor/Cobweb, Pier, Mr Cherrys etc. etc.

Madeline Joyce Morton… Miss, Chris Sayer those were the days at the Alex x

Robert Searle… Great photo. Played at The Regent with Easy Street and remembering seeing Shaft play there with the late Dave Shaw on vocals.

Jon McCallion… Nice picture Pete.

Joe Knight… great!!!

Andy Qunta… I remember all those bands! I remember playing at the Regent with Factory too!

Muller – The Regent & local gigs. 1969/1970



posters supplied by Paul Dove, photo supplied by Jon McCallion

Steve Demetri, Jon McCallion, Paul Wiseman, Paul Dove. 

Jon McCallion… So many stories, good days

Carol Arnold… Ah such good times!

Phil Gill… So that’s where Steve got the picture idea from


Stallion photo supplied by Phil Gill

Mark Gilham….