Spyke and Performance – Falaise Hall Hastings 17th May 1975

Martin Richter…  I can feel my foot tapping

Pete Millington… Spyke at that time were -Ginger Millington, Terry Chedzoy and Ian Williams

Colin Fox… Yet another one for my collection. Cheers

Alan Esdaile… Looks like you missed this one Colin, as the later advert says Performance has split up.


Colin Fox… No wonder I couldn’t remember this gig.

Pete Millington… Same here Colin – I was thinking that I’d lost the plot. Spyke as a Trio would bave been blown away by a 6 piece, I would certainly have remembered the experience. Phew SPYKE survived!

Autograph Keith Tooke R.I.P.

Photo supplied by Tony May

Tony May… It is with great sadness that I have to announce here today the death of my great friend Keith Tooke (known to many of you as ‘Autograph Keith’). I went around to his flat this morning to deliver my latest letter to him and found the place being cleared out. The exact cause of death is so far unknown but I was told Keith died ‘two weeks ago’. I am devastated at his loss and will miss him very much – people who ‘talk your kind of language’ and whom share with you a passion are VERY rare and I doubt I will ever meet anyone like Keith again. I will hope to be writing a tribute article to Keith for ‘Hastings Town’ magazine when I feel able…

Alan Esdaile… Shocked to hear this Tony. I saw him about a month ago at Tesco’s and we had a long chat and he looked the same as he always did. Very sad news.

Colin Bell… That’s very sad news, i hadn’t seen him for a while, but we go all the way back to The Pier in 1967. never without his coat & a carrier bag. RIP.

Graham Sherrington… Sad news.

Alan Esdaile… I remember him always down the pier early afternoon to catch the groups and acts as they arrived and get various items signed and photographs. Also seeing him many times even in the pouring rain, waiting outside the White Rock Theatre to get autographs and photos. He had incredible music knowledge and always had an interesting story to tell. So sad.

Tracy Birrell… I didn’t know him but that’s so sad.I am sorry.

Marilyn Spence… Me neither but so sad to hear RIP Keith

Steve Hamilton… That’s is a massive shame. My father knew of him somewhat back in the 70s/80s.. I remember reading online the Lynsey De Paul Birthday story and it reminded me of some strange Paul McCartney no-shoes-in-the-Old-Town account I am sure he mentioned to my dad back in the Wings era.

Kathy Wood… Gosh, I knew his parents, but he often used to post ‘interesting newspaper articles through my dad’s door. Sad news indeed.

Clive Richardson… A very good friend and walking encyclopedia of music. Keith always had something interesting to say. He will be sadly missed.

Tracy Birrell… I did know Keith by sight and an occasional chat on the bus but didn’t know his name ! I passed his flat this morning on Battle Road and realised who he was. I thought of him as raincoat man in my head, as he always had it on, even in 30 degree heat. I remember him as a quiet, reclusive gentleman and would have liked to have known him. I just hope he didn’t die alone. Did he have family? A great character of Hastings, and I am saddened that he has gone.

Tony May… I have now heard from Keith Tooke’s family that his funeral is to be ‘close family only’ so unfortunately I won’t get a proper chance to say farewell to my old mate… I will never forget him though and shall not forget the great times we had talking music…

Tony May… I went to the Police station today to see if I might be put in touch with the lady( from a cafe Keith frequented) who reported Keith as a ‘missing person’ on April 11th. I am trying to find and make contact with Keith’s lady friend ‘Jo’ who lives (I think) in West St Leonards and so I was thinking she and the cafe lady might be the same. No joy I’m afraid as police said they could only put me in contact with Keith’s family and i have already been down that route…The woman who turned up at Keith’s flat on April 11th was around her 40’s and had long black hair. She was also driving a black car. Do you know ‘Jo’? Do you remember seeing Keith in any particular cafe on a regular basis? I know the lady is not the person who runs the cafe he frequented in Bexhill? If anyone can help I would be very grateful. Keith often spoke of ‘Jo’ in his letters and i would love to meet her now he is gone…

Tracy Birrell… I have just walked past his flat and it is so sad to see someone’s life outside in a skip……

Tony May… I have now completed a tribute article for ‘Autograph Keith’ and submitted it to ‘Hastings Town’ magazine. With any luck it should be in the next issue out at the beginning of June. Writing it has been difficult as I still can’t believe he is gone but at least now he will have something to be remembered by that will live on in the British library…


White Rock Theatre Hastings – 1980’s? season

Peter Howard…

Mark Rodrigues… 1982-1987 some point I reckon

Roger King… Could very well be 1986. By that time the Pavilion had been renamed Theatre, and crucially July 19 was a Saturday in that year.

Steve Hamilton… I was going to say it seems like 1980 – until I saw Flying Pickets who surely were not a thing until 1982/3? So what looks like a pretty decent line up for 1980 seems a little retro for 1986…

Margaret Trowell… Proper acts ..the real deal back then not the endless tribute acts we get now😊

Matt Thomas… I think this was after a major refurb and was billed as the summer of stars

Colin Bell… Although i must be honest and say there’s not many listed here I’d have gone to see, at least they were all proper ‘names’ unlike the poor second rate acts they now seem to endlessly put on


Martin Stringer R.I.P.

Martins son has just posted this on Martins facebook page … Dear Friends and Family, As you may know Martin was recently diagnosed with cancer. It is with huge sadness that Vicki and Jonathan are sharing with you that Martin passed away peacefully this morning after a short but brave fight. So proud of him and all the fun he created! Martin will be hugely missed by us all and we will keep you posted on how we will celebrate his life of music, magic and laughter. Sleep tight. x

Huggy Leaver… So sad one of the good guys, RIP x

Alan Esdaile… Very sad news. I probably knew Martin from when I was 16 and our paths would cross over the years. I would bump into him at the NEC in Birmingham, Earls Court, Business Design Centre and all sorts of places. He did come to the SMART meeting awhile ago and did some amazing tricks from his magic show. He always seemed to have a happy smile on his face.  One of the good guys. R.I.P. Martin x

Dave Nattress… Oh my God.  What shocking news! RIP Martin.

Reg Wood… What a shock. So sorry to hear this.

Colin Bell… RIP Martin, God bless

Andy Qunta… Very sad! Lovely guy!

Bernard Goffredo… Sad news! a lovely man

Andrew Clifton… Very sad news. RIP Martin.

John Wilde… Extremely sad news, soar high good Soul.

Margaret Trowell… RIP

Yvonne Cleland… Oh Martin. A sad goodbye my dear xxx

Marilyn Spence… RIP Martin

Do you remember photographer John Sweet?

John Sweet… Hi guys, my name is John Sweet and I used to have my photo studio in Silverhill in the sixties, next door the “Smackers” the bookmaker. I think it was called ARKLE after the famous horse. I also used to belong to the Silverhill Club and play three-card brag there on Sunday and own a Marcos car  Does anyone remember me?

Graham Bradley… Hi John , remember you and your car well, do you remember doing a photo shoot at rock in ore for the band I was in Whiskey Mac

Trevor Spears… Yes John i remember you as well, regards!

Paul Coleman… Yes John. I remember you very well. You also played brag with Pete Bryant in the Arcadian Club on Bexhill seafront. (Which is where I met you). You prob won’t remember me though. I had long hair in those days. I’m not so sure though. It could have been you that did my wedding photos at St georges, Cantalupe Rd when I married Pam. You may remember her. A few years older than me. Black hair & sometimes worked behind the bar if Pete went out.
Hope you are well.

John Sweet… Paul, yes remember you, and Pete’s Arcadian bar in Bexhill. Didn’t you also go the Brian Stalkeys club opposite.

Martin Richter… yes – the Marcos was often seen in Salisbury Road