Central Recreation Ground (Cricket Ground) Queens Road Hastings about 1908

shared from Historical Hastings https://historymap.info/Main_Page

Nigel Ford… What’s the big property just down left of the chimney on horizon central? Still standing?

Peter Fairless… Nigel, Hastings Grammar School, long since gone.

Andy Davies… Peter, I knew that, being an old Hastonian but What was the chimney? Was it a power station as there was one in a similar place in the 60s?

Peter Houghton… That’s a great photo of the old Cricket Pitch

The Jam – Hastings Pier 23rd April, 1977

John Storer..I can’t seem to find any mention on the site of The Jam playing The Pier. True, there were only about 20 of us there but Q Magazine did print an article about the gig several years back.

Peter Fairless….There were no posters or flyers because The Jam were a last minute replacement booking. As I recall, refunds were offered and not many people stayed. There were badges given out, anyone still got theirs?  Anyone got the ‘Q’ article? It was the week before ‘In The City’ was released, yes, Alan. That’s right, Peter, he took a turn for the worse, LOL. I read somewhere that it was only twenty who stayed, John. I thought it was a few more but hey, it was one of the best gigs I’ve ever seen!

Peter Bridger…..They were standing in for Johnny Thunder who had “tonsillitis”. Dead from an o/d a few weeks later so I think the diagnosis was a bit off.

John Storer…They were supposed to have been supporting Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers, who never turned up. The gig was cancelled and everyone was told they could get their money back. When I got to the kiosk at the front of the pier, one of the bouncers told me that The Jam were going to play anyway. Very few of us decided to stay on … I remember counting 23 in the audience.  The band joined everyone in the bar afterwards and I saw both Bruce Foxton and Paul Weller on separate occasions as punters at later gigs on the pier.

the jam first single

John Storer….Four months later, the night before we were off to Reading Festival in fact, I wore the badge to the Pump House. There was a girl in there I’d not seen before, wearing a “Genesis” badge. We argued at length on the merits of our respective musical allegiances and denigrated each other’s taste in music. We’ve been married 35 years!

Chris Pelling…..I recall Paul Weller’s dad, I think, prowling to and fro in front of the front of the stage wielding a baseball bat should the massed throng (!) decide to invade the stage. In the event I don’t think the baseball bat was used in anger. Johnny Thunders? He actually lived on for several years – he died in strange circumstances in New Orleans in 1991. The badge? Pretty sure I have one at the bottom of a deep box in the loft – one wet Sunday afternoon a box that I must have a rummage through!


supplied by Sarah Harvey

Sarah Harvey….Here is the advert that appeared in the Observer on April 23rd, 1977 that advertises The Violation as support for Johnny Thunder.

Jon Stiles… We supported the Jam that night, we were the Zoobies then (I think, not Mosaic as we’d cut off our hair and gone punk or not…) we had our own following, our set went quite well in contrast to the Jam’s. I remember letting Bruce Foxton try my Rickenbacker 4001, the guitar Min had made the copper scratch plate for. The Jam were quite despondent after their set as most of the crowd had gone. I also thought it was really good to see Paul Weller’s dad helping out pushing those big old trollies up and down the pier. I don’t remember him wielding baseball bat. Of course we didn’t have a clue the Jam would go on to bigger and better things. We left them sitting on the stage looking very sorry for themselves.

Budgie & Fokker Triplane – Hastings Pier 23rd April 1982

poster supplied by Gary Uwin. Ticket supplied by Tim Moose Bruce

Steve Reents… I LOVE Budgie!

Gary Uwin… poster spotted in Platform One Records.

Ian Brown… Definitely remember them went to see them at Manchester apollo

Tim Moose Bruce… Went to that one. Still got the ticket!

Mike Guy… Good old Budgie, played our local youth club before they made it in the States, or anywhere else.

Phil Gill… I saw Budgie that night but I don’t remember the other Fokkers.

Alan King… time just flew by

Alan Esdaile… that’s a cheap comment

Andy Davies… I’m sure I saw Budgie a few times on the pier in 70s. All I remember is the Roger Dean graphics,no recollection of the songs at all. Saw another old git on the prom the other day wearing a budgie tee-shirt, and wondered could I even listen to them today!!


Judas Priest – Hastings Pier 23rd April 1976


judas priest 23rd APRIL 1976

judas priest lp


ticket supplied by Paul Bridgett

Poster supplied by Peter Houghton

Tim Bruce….£1.25!

Peter Fairless… Nice one, Alan!

Pete Houghton… A fantastic show from Judas. Priest one of the best I have seen on the pier and when they did take on the world and the light shone behind the drum kit what an effect, awesome gig and afterwards the band signed my poster


ABC Acoustic Blues Club – Rev Gary Davis tribute Monday 13th May 2024 upstairs at The Jenny Lind.

Mick Knight…..Before he became “The Rev”…Gary Davis said of himself, I was a blues cat.  He played blues anywhere he could at party’s, dances and on the streets of the Carolina’s. His one blues 78 from 1935 is definitive of the east coast style of guitar playing. His musical ideas were spread mostly by the recordings of his early student Fulton Allen known as Blind Boy Fuller.
Come and join us for this totally acoustic evening of music and stories fifty two years after the passing of “The Rev”.

Battle of Hastings – 14th October 1066 – stamps first day cover 1966

who’s still got a first day cover?

Dave Nattress… I have actually Alan – exactly like this one and many more first day covers of the era and for some time after.   For some reason stamp collecting was something many of us did when not train-spotting Ha Ha!!.  Sticking stamps in to albums with those little tiny transparent things called stamp hinges – which I later learned ruined the value of the unused or mint stamps!!  Still got a load somewhere possibly worth a few quid.  Thankfully girls and music took over and became bigger hobbies!

Roland Clarke… I’ve got a few, my Aunt used to design some of them and she would send them to us.

Pauline Richards… Have mine to the museum

Val Shoesmith… Me

Kathy Wood… I have a pile of them. Have used them as gifts to philatelists across the world

Josie Lawson… I had all of those first day issues Alan. When I had my first fall, someone threw out all my stamps plus first day issues. Maybe if ever someone finds them, a lot would have my name on the envelopes, some may have my other name on them, I would be very grateful for their return. But they may just have been thrown in the rubbish. What are treasures to some, may just be rubbish to others

Jim Breeds… I was always proud of my handwriting.

Leigh Wieland-Boys… I have two albums full of First Day Covers dating back to the mid-sixties

Nick Webb… Yep me too most not worth the value of the stamps now

Tony Court-holmes… but we lost

Mick O’Dowd… Who remembers where they were and what they were doing at the time?

Jenny Power… Me

Alan Esdaile… I remember Priory Road School were selling lots mail order.

Colin Norton… I seem to remember a cancellation stamp that said “Hastings – Popular with visitors since 1066′ or did I imagine that?

Coco Pops…now I will have to find mine

Neil Partrick… I’ve got a lot of the stamps….and there are a lot. Beautiful designs. Obviously stamps get a lot less use in the UK these days but why do they often have to look like sh**? The Xmas ones have been nothing but crummy sticky tokens for yonks

Coco Pops… Yonks Sir yonks I cannot be arsed to look it up!

Andy Wright… My 12th birthday! My dad got me the stamps and the battlefield mark, but sadly only on a manilla envelope. Of course l still have I.

Jenny Power… I have!

Nigel Ford… Colin, yes, I remember that. Still got lots, even one from the special Battlefield kiosk set up specially on the day. Our Maths master at Bexhill Grammar, Mr (Snowy….) Winter, ran the stamp club on Thursday lunchtimes and encouraged us to buy the new phosphur banded definitive (non-commemorative) items and keep all in stock books to avoid using hinges. Shame the house was damp in later years, so they are all fully stuck in!!

The Drifters – The Catacombe Eastbourne 1966


Andre Palfrey-Martin Collection

Andre Martin… I have for some reason kept this poster from Friday 13th May 1966. Just look at those prices – and I could have claimed Student Rate at the time, that would have been an even bigger bonus. I seem to recall that you could get a very late[early]train back from Eastbourne at about 1.30 am that was always very useful.

Alan Esdaile… You probably kept it because they were a great band live. Used to see a few bands at The Sundowners and hitch hike back home

Len Smith… Catacombe great place to play but how did they manage all 3 bands & Drifters in one night on that stage!

Karen Sweatman… I believe The Suspects also supported The Drifters at some point, but we couldn’t find that poster.

Stephen Booth… Great club as I remember, also The Dolphin pub and the Jade House in Brighton where I bought my first Ben Sherman shirt

Harry Randall… Saw “The Foundations ” there

Stuart Moir… Defiants were a local band .

Aquarius – Hastings Top Disco Scene January 1975

Judy Atkinson… Used to go Thursday nights when Steve Maxted was on. Was doing O levels (1974) so my dad would pick us up at 11! I remember when it had the red plastic seating & a huge wooden dance floor. The boys would all do the “angel” to Status Quo & the whole floor would bounce

Nick Prince… Didn’t it close early?

Tony Court-holmes… I fell down the stairs

Druid and Jailbait – Hastings Pier 14th September 1974

Rob Grain…R.I.P. Cedric Sharpley, he went on to be the drummer of Tubeway Army and Gary Numan. I was blessed to work with him in the Q Tips (post Paul Young) in the mid 80’s. A powerful drummer and a funny, gentle soul.

Iain Cobby… Great band, I have both the albums. Unfortunately they sounded like too much like a Yes tribute , but hey. They also won the MM rock contest in 1974

Andy Wright… Keyboard player Andrew Mccrorrie-Shand went on to do quite well writing music for children’s shows ie Teletubbies, Rosie & Jim, and the Bass player was the last presenter of R&J.

Dave Weeks… Great first album. Enjoyed seeing them on the pier.

Combe Haven Caravan Park swimming pool 1973

Shared from Jeff Pitcher

Jeff Pitcher… Posted 50 years ago, July 1973. Combe Haven Caravan Park. ”Weather has been smashing so far, going to do a spot of shopping.”

Dave Weeks… We used to sneak in the pool at night ( when we were slim enough to squeeze through the turnstile).

Stuart Moir… Changed a lot since then .

Kevin Burchett… I was lifeguard on that pool for 1 season around that time but cant see myself in that picture

Leigh Mitchell… I worked in the bars at Coombe Haven during the summer seasons 1974, 1975 & 1976! Hard work but great workmates!

Patricia Burgess… My parent had 3 caravans there and I met my husband, one of the Talismen , when staying there in 1963. Where did they put the pool ?

Jo Turner… Worked one summer thee mid 70s

Peter Houghton… I worked there around that time in the Main Club House, worked in the morning then went home in the afternoon and started about 6pm till it closed around midnight and was brought home

Andy Wright… I used to go up to their TV room and watch TOTP because I wasn’t allowed to watch it at home in ‘69.

Kevin Burchett… If it had been the year before I would have been the lifeguard on that pool great job i met my 1st wife there