Simon Pont R.I.P.

Simon’s sister… Simon Pont  5.8.1953 – 15.3.2023 Beloved Brother and Uncle. Who will be sadly missed by his family and friends. Funeral arrangements will be announced and if any of his friends would like to speak at the funeral please let Alan know x

Dennis Torrance… Sad to hear of the passing of Simon Pont, was at Priory Road secondary school with him, always sad when a former pupil moves on . My Deepest condolences to Simons family and friends RIP Simon

Tony Court-holmes… r i p mate

Malcolm Sharp… Had great times on the pier fishing with Simon and the other guys in the club hut, some sadly not with us. R I P mate, condolences to all

Alan Esdaile… Very sad news. I’ve known Simon since school days and happy memories of riding on the back of his motorbike. A massive music fan. Last time I spoke to Simon he seem well and looking forward to the warmer weather, so he could get out and about a bit more. Really nice person that will be missed.

David Hazleton… very sad news about Simon, the railway community have been very upset. Those are lovely pics, would it be o.k to resend them ?? it was lovely to have known Simon there was always fun when he was around

Alan Esdaile… I’m sure that will be fine to share the photo’s David and let his friends and old work mates know this very sad news.

Lauren Gower… Hello David, I’m Simons niece, thank you for comment and yes, that would be fine to share them x

Andy Gunton… I worked with Simon for many years on the Railway. A pleasure to work with & a lovely guy. I remember many conversations with him about music

Paul Phillips… Andy, My brother is Terry Phillips he also worked with Simon on the railway .i will let him know the sad news

Reg Wood… Was also at Priory Road with Simon. Remember playing subbuteo with him. Sorry to hear this.

Jacquie Hinves… Rest in Eternal Peace Simon. Xx

Lauren Gower… Thank you all for your kind comments, I will read them out to my mum, Sandra, Simons sister x

The funeral service has been confirmed for Wednesday 12th April at 3.15pm at the Crematorium. The funeral directors are Gannon and Sons.

David Hazleton… Hi Lauren thank you so much. I am at work this evening at Hastings Station and was just showing the pics of Simon to a colleague who worked with us back then as well. I was a guard at the same time as Simon and eventually got a driving job. Those days were honestly a great time and fun all around. I was 21 when i joined up in 1980 so a similar young age to Simon. As i said before you could tell when Simon was around or in the lobby because of the fun and laughter going on. The railway family have lost a close one as well as your family best wishes from David at this sad time but with lovely memories of our friend Simon x

Lauren Gower… Thank you, I shall miss him greatly, he was a lovely Uncle x

George Graham… Very sad news, I knew and worked with Simon way back, late 70s I think, he was a guard I was a shunter. I think he had just come back from Canada. Had a dry sense of humour and of course his love of fishing. R.I.P.

Kevin Sloane… I knew Simon very well when I was a guard/conductor on the Hastings line. He was very well liked and the nicest person you could possibly meet. R.IP. Simon, you will be missed.

Cathie Murphy… R.I.P Simon – so sad to hear this news. Remember him so well from Lido days way back in the 70’s – he used to give us all lifts home on his Ducati bike! A lovely man.

Liz Turner… Oh I’m so sorry to hear that. I remember him well. Sad.

Kenny Palmer… I joined the railway in 1977…Simon was a lovely lovely bloke I knew him well but i didnt often work with him but our paths crossed…This lovely bloke never had a bad word to say about anybody apart from the BR banter done in jest…& nobody had a bad word to say about him. True decent railwayman as well as a decent human being.  Sadly missed. Love Kenny

Samuel Freeman… he was a great bloke to work with sad he went to early

Dot Mountford… So sorry to hear Simon passed away, he was a great bloke my dad Arthur Burtenshaw use to work with him back in the 70s they always had a laugh together, best not say what antics they use to get upto, when my dad first worked with him they were porters together at Hastings, RIP Simon Pont…

Eric Cawthraw… I am grateful to have known Simon for well over 50 years and we were good mates to the end. From helping him push round his old Ducati – which weighed a ton, to flying around the Sussex countryside in his 3 -wheeler (we had 7 of us in it one one occasion), we had many happy days. We always went to the Pier gigs and he was very proud of his Golden Earring T-shirt that was given to him when he helped the band get their kit on stage. The T-shirt was very glittery and bit by bit the glitter dropped off like golden dandruff. Simon wore it for years. Simon would visit me while he was still mobile and we would check out music on the net, but what with losing both legs, the diabetes and the Covid pandemic, in the last few years it was only possible to have occasional chats on the phone. Despite all the that world threw at him with his health, Simon always remained in good spirit. Now that he has gone there is something of a void in my life, but I will fill that hole with all my fond memories. At least you can now ride your Silver Machine among the stars.

Christine Merrick… Simon was such a lovely fun man to be around & he loved a cuddle & peck, RIP dear friend

Julie Cumming… R.I.P Simon xx

Fracmo (Fractional H.P. Motors)reunion 1990’s

supplied by Anthony ‘Nan’ Morland

with Tony Howard and Mick Thwaites. Anyone name anyone else?

Matt Thomas… is that Rob 3rd from left?

Heidi Roffe… yes

Pete Prescott…I worked in the buying department there for about six weeks in early 1978. I absolutely hated it. I should have worked on the shop floor.

Angela Frances Gardner… I worked there very briefly in the 70s I made friends with a lovely woman called Pauline.

Matt Thomas… Rob Goatley 3rd from left in denim, sadly passed away a few years ago

John Gale… My brother in law Stuart Gray middle, doing the v sign. I worked there ( Castleham factory )for 6 weeks in the summer of 77 as my Dad worked there too . Worked with Diego in the Fettling Room. Was there the day Elvis died.  6 weeks that seemed to go on forever but met some nice people. Id rather of stayed than to go back to 6th form that’s for sure .

Liz King… Worked there around 74/75

Mick Thwaites… Charlie Burgess, Barry Garard, Rob Goatley, Stuart Gray, forgot next ones name, me Mick Thwaites and I think Tony Howard

Mick Thwaites… Hi Angela, you’re right about a lovely woman called Pauline. Can only remember one Pauline and she was and still is lovely. We were married in 1988, but together a long time before that and still together now.

Val Matthews… my name Val and my brother, Edward-Ted-Hall worked the machines at Fracmo with Bruce Cameron, circa 1980s. I’m piecing together his life and having found your post about your Reunion, I wondered if Ted might be remembered by anyone. He was unmistakable as he had a curved back, his neck was bending his chin into his chest. He was also an irony, independent person and would mention little “fixes” to run a job more quickly. Ted finally gave up his battle with death on Feb 2nd. He was 72 and had defied predictions for over 60 years. Thank you for reading this and if there is a memory I could have, I would be so happy to include it. With kind regards.

Dennis Torrance… I worked with Charlie burgess Tony Howard at Collins and Hayes also Charlie Burgess was football player for saints Fc late 60s 70 and managed saints Fc he asked me then to play in his team .

Nicola Dobson… I worked Telephonist/Receptionist around 71 to 73..the days of Telex and dolls eye switchboard.I remember a girl surname Hitchman and a chap in the buying dept used to pick me up in Elphinstone road each day to take me to work. I remember the open staircase where they used to stand and watch as you went up the stairs with a mini skirt on.

Julie Findlay-jones… My dad worked there til he retired in 1998 I think it was .

Fred Booth… I remember Ted Hall, I was manager of the machine shop and worked on the auto’s. He was a lovely man, who worked harder than most , and got frustrated when others around him didn’t work as hard. His disability didn’t stop him, I remember him with respect.

Alexis Korner – The Carlisle 25th March 1977



poster supplied by Paul Dengate,  photo Alexis Korner & Snape, Musikhalle Hamburg, November 1972 Heinrich Klaffs –

Paul Dengate… I came across this rather nice large poster while having a sort out of boxes in the attic. March 25th 1977 at The Carlisle. Can’t particularly remember the gig, but I know I was there as I got paid!

Yvonne Cleland… Oh this was such a good gig! It was when Shipley had the Carlisle, wasn’t it? Alexis Korner was lovely x

Chris Baker… He also came down to play with Pete Sansom, his pianist from way back. I was playing bass with him at the time.

Tony Court-holmes… i was there

Paul Sleet… me too

Martyn Baker… I was at this gig with a few of my college friends. It wasn’t all that busy. He was already a legend, yet playing upstairs at The Carlisle! Anyone else remember? It was a somewhat chaotic gig as far as I remember, but Alexis was in great form.


ABC Acoustic Blues Club – Blind Willie McTell tribute with Roger Hubbard, Mick Knight & Jem Turpin 10th April 2023

William Samuel McTier (1903-59) born Thompson, Georgia USA recorded many fine blues, spirituals, ragtime, folk ballads and pop songs between 1927-56. Come and join us as Roger Hubbard….has a 12 string) Mick Knight and Jem Turpin perform a musical tribute to the legendary Blind Willie McTell


Did anyone go on the Magic Bus coach trips in the 1970’s?

Leigh Mitchell… No – but I’d go on one now at those prices

Rebecca Roach… What a memory – delighted to find this – I went on the Magic Bus to Athens from Kings Cross station in 1972/3 (?) stayed at The Funny Trumpet hostal in Athens – that was an experience!

R Stene… Yes. London to Athens in 1978. I was the oldest person on the ride (36) and best dressed it turned out. No head rests for three days and a memorable toilet stop for two girls on the side of the road in Yugoslavia in the snow. Lots of interesong smoking going on in the back seats.

Mike Curtis… No. Cos it was “too much”

John Wilde… Yes twice to Amsterdam.