George Hatcher Band – Hastings Pier 20th August 1977


ad supplied by Sarah Harvey, ticket supplied by Mick Mepham

Sarah Harvey… The George Hatcher Band appeared on the Pier in August 1977. By 1977 they had released two albums, Dry Run (76) and Talkin’ Turkey (77). They had also released two singles, Have Band Will Travel (76), and Black Moon Rising (77). They went on to release two further albums Coming Home (1980) and Hindsight (1985). Still going today!!

Jump The Gun – The James Burton early 90’s



supplied by Karen Sweatman

Karen Sweatman….Not seventies, but thought you might be interested in these from early nineties – Jump The Gun. Think I took these downstairs at The James Burton. Happy days of light moshing!

Mick Mepham….Ernie Ballard behind the kit, I think.

Karen Sweatman….Guy on bass is somebody called Clive. Guitarist and singer – Dave Woods

Mick Mepham….Blimey, didn’t recognize Dave!! Good player.

Barty…..What ever happened to dave clive & ernie?