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White Rock Baths Hastings 1972

supplied by Kate at Teddy Tinkers 134 London Road St Leonards. For antiques, collectibles, vintage clothing and more.

Alan Esdaile… I can smell the chlorine!

Paul Coleman… Wow! That does bring back memories, including the smell of chlorine! Great pic. Never thought of seeing it in colour. Bexhill could do with a decent pool like that !  Some hope.!!

Carol Arnold… Aaaahhh loved it there!!!

Dave Nattress… I recall this scene well.  We used to come over from Bexhill to use this indoor pool as we only had the outside Egerton Park pool. Or the sea – which was probably about the same temperature as Egerton Park. I assume the water was heated?  Anyone know if it was?

Nicola Dobson… the outside pool in the park had no heating but was always a deep blue colour and also a deep pool

Phil Gill… That’s where I learned to swim, I can smell it from here. Lovely pic. The smaller pool in the eastern side was always great fun too. Now I want a powdery hot chocolate in a plastic cup from a crappy vending machine.

Russell Field… Phil, it was warm black current for me. Walking out to meet mum with albino eyes

Sheila Devine… Phil, ha yes the hot chocolate! Also the changing rooms with the wooden bench’s and stubbing your toes on the tiles – loved it!

Lloyd Johnson… We were always there in the 1950s….Alan Mitchell me and Johnny Mitchell….great fun….

Nadia Compagnone… If you left your clothes touching the floor in the changing rooms, they got soaked when somebody dived in!

Pauline Hillier… Nadia, It was such an exciting day out ! I can smell it ! Brilliant days !!

Sean Fox… Shame the council, didn’t do it up and instead opted for tiny pool at summer fields! it was such a great pool! Swam there with primary school and seagulls swimming club. Happy days!

Glen Collins… Sean, I remember my mum and dad taking me down there for swimming. Was a fantastic pool but those changing cubicles were freezing

Allan Mitchell… Awesome‼️ Picture I Remember Those Days Always In There Great Swimming Pool Thanks For Sharing This.

Lin Greenfield… Went twice a week

Gaynor Lewry… Loved it

Anne Phillips… Gaynor, so very 😢sad it’s no longer there! Where exactly was it?

Kelly Hayes… Anne, it became an ice rink and is now The Source skate park

Jacquie Hinves… It was bloody cold!

Patrick Briggs… I spent so many days there loved it

Andy Warren… One of the reasons I came to Hastings as a kid.

Tracey Lawson… Andy, yes I remember too x

Ruthie Dufaur… Andy, loved our days out, traveling on the bus ….I remember them well …..what fun ! X

Albee Wright…Learnt to swim there… happy daze

Claire Melhuish-Durkin… Wowza what a loss

Sheila Maile… Went once a week from school

Debbie Hitchman Adams… I can remember this being very noisy and hot.. I actually hate indoor pools haha

Richard Turner… Loved going there with my nan in the 70s . Sadly it was falling to bits by then 🙁always remember the smell of chlorine. The treat of a hot chocolate after 😀happy days

Kathy Wood… Girls changing on the right and boys on the left

Alan Esdaile… Well remembered. I think the small baths had the changing rooms or should I say torn curtains!! the other way round with the girls on the left and boys on the right, as you look in from the deep end?

Nick Bearkeeper Rowland… Those were the days. I spent a lot of time there.

Tony Addy… Learnt to swim there many moons ago

Lucy Pappas… My weekly visit always ended with hot chocolate!

John Mcewen… Where we had swimming lessons at junior school. Hated it. Never did learn to swim.

Chris Meachen… HESSA.. still got my certificates for width & length somewhere…

Jane Hartley… Chris, dear old Mr Yorkstone

Malcolm McDonald… Mr Friendly at Priory Rd 1979 he made me confident I could do my 1000mtrs medal 20 lengths in a certain time and I done it presented the medal in front of the whole school, great memories. Yeah done Hessa too.

Sarah Jane Roberts… Did up to gold honours in that pool, blowing into pyjama bottoms to stay afloat! Also split my head open doing a back flip into the pool. My dad had to collect me and take me to get stitches

Lynda Whatley… I remember those days!

Paul Bannister… I saw the picture, and immediately I can smell chlorine

Leigh Mitchell… I used to go there regularly with my Dad in the early 70s, wouldn’t be surprised if we’re in the photo somewhere!

Andy Coleman… Swimming there on Friday after school, with HESSA is my memory

Stuart Moir… I swam there when I first moved to Hastings .

Clare Bennett… I went swimming 🏊‍♀️ there as well!

Terry Pack… I swam for Bexhill Swimming Club and, like Dave Nattress, used to swim at White Rock during the winter when the Egerton Park pool was closed. Unlike him, I did swim in the sea every Sunday morning in all weathers! I loved the jukebox at WR and played Up the Ladder to the Roof and Nathan Jones every week

John Wilde.. Don’t forget the Sauna. Am I the only one that remembers the sauna?

Mike Waghorne… Went there a few times when I was a kid !

Pete Prescott… Yes I remember ! I went there only once. When I first came to Hastings.

Gerry Fortsch… The days of Robertsbridge youth club, a swim and then fish and chips from the Hollington chippie eaten on the coach on the way home, those were the days, bloody great.

Sean Michael Doran… I used go to as a kid , below the ground level! I I used go every day in summer

Janette Morfey… It was great. Always went there with the family when we were kids. Shame it was changed into other things

Steve Sutton… That was a great pool , so to was the bathing pool , although , it was bloody freezing

Pauline Sims… Certainly brings back some memories, not all happy! But I can just smell that chlorine, especially if the ground floor windows on the outside of the building were open – lovely

Paul Gray… I remember swimming with my school, Priory Road, usually in the winter and it was freezing. Changing rooms were grim and the floor always felt slimy. The only highlight was the vending machine which served hot chocolate or Bovril which came out of the same nozzle! LOL!
My aversion to public swimming pools began at the White Rock Baths and I avoid them at all costs!

Mick O’Dowd… Spent a lot of time here. I remember that chlorine smell as well. Went with both junior and Grammar School here. Personally I preferred the “small baths”.

Tracy Birrell… I loved it there.Learnt to swim at H.E.S.S.A.

Andy Clarke…I learnt to swim there. Was always down there as a kid. Still miss it now.

Chris Akister… is that the one that became an ice rink for a while?

Peter Beaney… Hot chocolate enough said

Andy Ives… I used to have swimming lessons there with a club called Barbarians

Karen Towner… Seagulls and Hessa – my second home from 7-12 years old – especially remember the galas – then secondary school and home work took over!

Simon Walsh… Went there a few weeks back…this is how it looks today….I could still smell the chlorine!

Pat Gerrish… Where I learnt to swim.

Carl Maynard… Much warmer than Summerfields and a proper 50m pool. Unfortunately I also remember the cockroaches in the changing rooms and the hot Bovril afterwards

Peter Brazier… I can understand what was unfortunate about the Roaches! But surly the Bovril wasn’t that bad? Personsly i miss the swiming bathes! I like thousands of other locals learned to swim there! Only Bad thing I remember is the Resident Pervert who liked to flash his bits at the Girls! (They would mostly point and laugh!)

Graham Matthews… Staplecross Primary school early 1960s we went once a week via Cooks Coaches from Westfield. Happy days.

Pauline Sims… Graham, Cooks Coaches also took us from Claverham, Battle

Alan Esdaile… Do you remember the mangle to squeeze out the water from your swimming costume and the massive hairdryers?

Lucy Pappas… YES!!

Sandie Carlyon… I was taught to swim at HESSA. Got all the 4 stripes on my cossie for different distances.

Graham Sherrington… Sandie, still have my certs and ribbons.

Alan Esdaile… I think the mangle used to look something like this, without the tray underneath???


Crawler, Boxer, Moon – Hastings Pier 5th July 1977

ticket supplied by Mick Mepham

Here’s a rare video of Crawler ‘Stone Cold Sober’ venue unknown.

John Storer….One of the most embarrassing moments of my life was loudly slagging off Crawler as being bloody awful, only to find I was sitting right behind the band’s wives and girlfriends. Oops! Agree with Bobby, though, that Moon were easily the best band on that night. Their debut album “Too Close For Comfort” is one of the few albums I regret giving away, because I’ve never been able to find another copy.  I don’t remember Concorde at Reading, but do remember that it had been raining all day and when Moon came onstage it stopped, and the sun came out. Brought a huge cheer from the crowd.

Tim Bruce…..Just watched the youtube link of stone cold sober. Saw Geoff Whitehorn demonstrating Marshall amps in 93 at Eastbourne. Brilliant guitarist.

Bobby Walker….Remember this gig because …. there were seats in the ballroom!  Crawler were dull (wasn’t long after Paul Kossoff had died, Boxer were good, but Moon were brilliant. Saw them a few months later at Reading. A brilliant moment when Concorde flew right over the stage as they were playing.

Martyn Baker…..I’m still playing music with Loz Netto (guitarist from MOON & Sniff N’ The Tears). Lives in Brighton. He’s a great player.

Gerry Fortsch… Good gig I remember it well, I was lucky to see my favorite bass player Tim Bogert from the Vanilla Fudge.

Pete Prescott… Wish I had seen this show. Boxer had Mike Patto singing. I also liked Crawler. I saw Patto in 72. amazing band.

Pete Fisher… great group on facebook which I belong to – Ollie Halsall and Patto Fan

Conan Howard… gosh there were some great bands around in those days, where are all the good musicians now? are they all in their 70s and past it ?

Alan Esdaile… Anyone remember being offered the free e.p?


The Flying Pickets, Elkie Brooks and The Nolans – White Rock Theatre 1985

The Flying Pickets tour –  4 days in Hastings 1985

Martyn Baker… I saw her as a singer in Vinegar Joe (with Robert Palmer I think?) on the pier way before this show. I was about 14, and I met a girl too. Loved that night!

Andy Qunta… Martyn, I saw them on the Pier too!

Matt Thomas… Famous for only doing a 30 minute concert

Mick O’Dowd…Thinking I might have been at The Pickets show. Used to love them. Very talented. First saw them on the Tube.

Combe Haven Caravan Park St Leonards-on-Sea 60’s/70’s

b/w photo supplied by Colin Bell

Leigh Mitchell… I worked three summers in the bars there from 1974!

Dave Weeks… Sneaked in there a few times

Julian Deeprose… don’t know how many times I have been in that pool……Bloody cold

Kevin Burchett… I was a lifeguard there for the 1973 season its where I met my first wife

Sindy Snap… Have you got the record? Its fantastic, I love it. Sounds of Bob Rogers. ‘Meadowbank’ is the best!

Colin Harmer… I used to be the pool attendant!


Mr and Mrs Wilde 1971 Glastonbury

supplied by John Wilde

John Gale… Back when it all started. No glampers, no stupid flags, no rich kids leaving all their expensive camping gear behind, just folk having a great festival enjoying the music. Even over the last 15 years ,that festival has just slipped a million miles from its origins. Great photo though

Mike Waghorne… That would be my immpresion of John and his wife ” can’t remember her name” when we were friends back in the 70’s fond memories !

Gin Genie… Brilliant photo. I worked there from 1997 -2001 doing post festival welfare. I get what you are saying but it is still a special festival in here

Glenn Piper… So John, even you were young once

Tracy Birrell… Nice to see.

Pauline Hillier… Love this John.  Anne told me she watched you yesterday !! Handsome beast !! 😉xxx

Kate Hillier Jones… the girl makes me laugh

Andy Qunta… Love it!

Phil Gill… Fabulous.

John Gale… Watched that the other night. Very good, a few clips that I’ve never seen before.

Mike Waghorne… The faces I remember of john & his wife all those years ago !



Sounds Bob Rogers – Combe Haven Hastings 1974.

bob rogers

bob rogers 2

Helen Costa Pescott… Found this in my record collection !!!!

Jim Breeds… Gosh. Who knew!

Andre Martin… Great venue in the 70s

Peter Millington… I played at all 3 bars in the 60s and 70s (Meadowbank, The Music Bar and the Clubhouse) – with THE CONFEDERATES and then SPYKE. Bob Rogers was a class act.

Alan Esdaile… the musicians are listed as…Bass – Ron Seabrook, Drums – Len Clarke , Leader Guitar Producer – Bob Rogers, Organ – John Smith, Vocals – June Lesley.

Veronica Lingley nee’ Hall… Fond memories of Combe Haven at Hastings.  Remember the bars, main clubhouse where a guy hosted with his wife Margaret.  Remember seeing Kenny Ball.  I won a beauty contest.  Children getting on stage and singing.  At the end of the evening we would all sing Show me the way to go home.  Family entertainment.  Remember meeting Keith Lawrence my first holiday romance.  1966/67. Memorable family holidays.

Pete Millington… We (The Confederates) played in the clubhouse during the summer of 1966 here’s a memory for you

Pete Millington… Another reminder of some good times

Leigh Wieland-Boys… I worked as a barmaid there for three summer seasons – 1974/1975 & 1976 – loved it!

Robert Searle… We,Haze, played there one Sunday lunchtime.It was about 1971/72 and was so hot,it was a nice gig

Terry Pack… I did a Summer there in the early 80s with a band called Tuxedo Function (!). The organist/singer used to read everything from buskers’ books and didn’t actually know any of the songs he sang. He would mispronounce a lot of the words: “Jojo left his home in Tuc(k)son, Arizona..” was one example. We used to back the cabaret acts. One as a very unfunny ‘comic’ who also fancied himself a singer. His pronunciation was extraordinary: “Dee see da lice aah owees braa, On Browee” and “You are da wim binee ma wim”. I think it was the worst band I ever played with more than once, but they didn’t get fired.

Pete Millington… The funniest thing I ever saw in the clubhouse was Nookie the Bear who told very rude jokes – not appreciated by David Kenny (owner at the time). One snippit was “what’s up my bum Batman” “Cock Robin” I don’t think the entertainment organiser understood the act and should have put Nookie in the adult bar. Still we thought it was hilarious. That would have been 1965/6

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Remember horizontal & vertical adjustments on the TV and slapping it to make it stop?

post suggested by Terry Thomas 1960’s


Marcus de Mowbray… Me. Now it’s just as bad, but replaced by picture break-up/pixelation and frozen picture!

John Gale… like last night, frozen picture ” no Internet connection ” on Now TV , when everything else in our house was fine.  Bring back the switch on the wall

Roger Simmonds… Me!

Alan Essex… Me too

Mick O’Dowd… Yes but at least the sound quality of the set was better than the “flatties” today.

Jerry Wright… I remember those days!

Will Cornell… But it usually got you back to the show within a few seconds. Today we have a thunderstorm overhead, the satellite signal goes out, and in an hour or two after all the resetting etc you’re back to the show. Oh wait, the show ended 90 minutes ago. Ain’t progress wonderful?

Jan Warren… Yeah, my Dad was a brilliant “telly whacker”!! Haha

Garry Wonfor… We had a telly with a coin slot in the back…. Always remember my Dad, desperately rifling through his pockets for a half crown bit after it pinged off half way through the horse race he had a bet on.!!!…… Christ, I’m old!!!!

Stuart Moir… So are all of us Terry the years just roll by

Dave Nattress… Definitely used to work for my Dad on our old tele.   Possibly back in valve days maybe a bang on the top of the cabinet shook up the connections enough to cure the problem.

Lyn Farkley Appleyard… Oh yes….I’d forgotten that. The tap in the top of the great chunky pretend wood TV…no remote lol

Nick Bloomfield… Worse than the lines though was the positioning of the aerial. The small ‘portable’ ones where only by standing on one foot whilst leaning out of the window and pointing it at the next door neighbours would it work. And that was only on every second Tuesday…

Alan Pepper… Now known as ‘buffering’ !

Nigel Ford… We had a cast-off Ferguson, from my Grandad I think, that had a little red plastic screwdriver with an aluminium shank that we put in a tiny hole and twisted to adjust it. Don’t know if it was 405 or 625 lines?…. well before 25 or 624, … Oh no that was Chicago later that decade!

Dawn… Aah yes, those were the days. Just three channels by changing them at the wall via Re-diffusion. No different now really. With all the hundreds of channels I constantly scroll through, I just end up watching the same three as I always have. Progress? I don’t think so!