Flyright Records Sackville Road Bexhill – lp paper bag

Supplied by Leon Parker

Mike Waghorne… remember the shop I must have bought many lp’s in there over a few years.

Peter Stacey… Love it I worked at Flyright for many years

Reid McDuffie… Peter, So you did! Enduring the constant request of me and my teenage mates to spin obscure prog rock tracks! I recall running into you again many years later working the festival circuit.


John Martyn – photos at The Lugger by Chris Meachen


Tony Davies…. don’t know if Andy or Tony can remember an event that took place in The Nelson one Saturday/ Sunday lunchtime session many years ago. I’d popped in for a beer and The Factory PA system was set up in the corner and the late, great John Martyn getting ready to do an “impromptu” gig. I don’t think it was advertized, but a great treat for the locals who were in at the time,,,,, great days !!

Yvonne Cleland….I rember John and Beverley Martyn doing a gig in the Nelson, but do n’t think it was in the daytime…

Jim Penfold….Lovely to see this…he used to come up to my parent’s pub a lot around 75 / 76…Royal Oak Whatlington….and he sold me his Epiphone Guitar for £30 which I wrote all (and I mean all) my songs on…..might have to sell it soon if you know anyone who will make me an offer I can’t refuse!!!!! He played a gig one night at the Royal Oak and it was packed and my mother gave him free brandy all night….he said it was one of the scariest gigs he had done as everyone was crammed right up to his feet! Amazing night even though my mother said….’I told you he couldn’t sing!’

Mick O’Dowd….I tried to evict him from The Pier once for not having a ticket. I didn’t know who he was!

Chris Meachen….This was downstairs at ‘The Lugger’, & yes, that’s Ginger…. corner of George St & High Street. It was a Portuguese restaurant upstairs, while the cellar was used as a late-night drinking dive, frequently with Min, myself, & anyone else who turned up (Including John, on occasions) providing some sort of musical entertainment. It was probably hideous much of the time, but everyone was usually so hammered, no-one cared. The pay for performing was as much as you could drink, & a taxi home…

Andy Qunta…Was inspiring to have such a great artist living amongst us!

Yvonne Cleland….Dave Reinhart was about at that time. Django’s nephew I think. Played the violin. Will took me down the Lugger and played the piano while Dave played.

Alan Esdaile…. I remember Dave Reinhart. Brilliant musician but very eccentric and difficult to get him together. Paul Casson managed him for a while and if he had a gig we virtually had to lock him up and make sure he didn’t disappear.

Steve Kinch….Chris, you must have photographed just about everyone that was around in the 70s. Well done for recording a bit of Hastings (and our) history.

Tony Court-holmes….good times still listen to him now

Wesley Magoogan… How sad he is no longer with us.

Jim Breeds… Whoever that is sat in front of him has the world record for the fastest growing beard ever

Yvonne Cleland… It’s different people. The one on the right is Ginger.

Angela Frances Gardner… It looks like Shuggy?

Mick O’Dowd… This must have been a time-lapse picture Jim!

Alan Pepper… Great man great voice sadly missed that’s for sure ! Would fit in today I think ?


who remembers The Lugger 73 George Street Hastings – 1974

Dawn Leaney… Me!

Chris Baker… Many’s the night spent with Luis and Maria “Spoofing” for a round of drinks. I seem to remember it was always a Pound a Round and personally polishing off a bottle of Rum before crawling back across the road to Showstopper @ No. 7. Also got “Toothbrush” as a puppy from Luis and Maria.

Mick Knights… I can remember when it was the old town pie shop!

Chris Baker… Me too, lived in Cobourg from 55 ish. I loved watching the Pie making machines.

Sue James… the pie making shop was on the corner where Fagins now is, The Lugger was a couple of doors away, I used to go to the pie shop with my mum and man. I loved that place, whenI asked people if they remembered it they always said no

Chris Meachen… Fagins is the same building..

Alan Esdaile… At one stage I think it was a coffee bar with western doors and sawdust on the floor and pinball tables.

Gaynor Duke… remember the safari club ?

Hop pickers in Kent/Sussex in the 50’s

supplied by Lloyd Johnson. Photographer: unknown

Lloyd Johnson… Good Old Hop picking days in the 50s

Stuart Moir… My wife’s family were regularly visitors to the hop fields

John Wilde… 1967 we had a great time

Jacqueline Marsh… Loved it it was the highlight of our holidays with our Aunty Mary, my dads sister.

Chris Meachen… I just about recall staying in one of those tin shacks.. The lady by the doorway could easily be my mum..

Mick Mepham… Tee I ay, tee I ay, tee I ee I ay

Dave Reece… used to go when I was a nipper. A tanner a bushell.

Tony Court-holmes… that was my mums idea of a summer holiday when i was a youngen

back garden group in the 60’s with Robert Carey and friends

photo: © Robert Carey

Left to right. Bryan Crowhurst – Chris Dawes – Gary Kobylka( hidden behind Chris) – Eric ” GIG” Landamore – Bill Bullit. Middle with guitar – Robert ” Raz” Carey.

Robert Carey… Going through my old photos I’m constantly reminded of how good life for us local 16 – 18 year olds was back in the early 60s especially on a weekend. Most of us worked Saturday mornings and the afternoon was either football ( sometimes Aggies), a bit of clowning around in a mates back garden (photo), and in the evening a local church hall to see a local group( The Spirits come to mind) or of course a trip to the Witchdoctor in St Leonards or to Hastings Pier for that great music. It only seemed good times back then. It wasn’t all good of course but at a certain age it seemed to be. The photo was one of many I took – or set up as in this case . Involved a bit of a struggle to get back so you could be in the photo though.


Who remembers Mr Cherry’s?

Yvonne Cleland… That’s a yes from me.

Peter Fairless… Oh, yes!

Neil Cartwright… Remembers? Has it gone???

Andrew Freeman… Oh yes!

Peter Thomson… First place I ever tasted Fosters lager, on a warm summer evening. It was genuine Ozzy fair, imported and served from a tinny. Tasted ok but was significantly stronger than the artificial urine we get now. You want to know how bad it is? Try it at room temperature! This is CAMRA signing off…

Jim Breeds… Definitely!

Patrick Lewis… Quite a few happy nights there in the mid to late 70’s

Jim Breeds…  I think you might be right Pat.

Chris Giles… Yes I used to go there …it was a long walk but ok if you were going into scalliwags later

Alan Pepper… Was it opposite what is now AZUR ? I think we did go there 1977 en route to Scalliwags Fridays ‘back in the day’ !! When the Bee Gees ruled the decks . Get on down !

Alan Esdaile… Yes opposite Azur, Alan.

Jane Dorsett…  went to mr cherrys every weekend,in the mid 70s,then up Saturdays.

Diane Knight… Passed my college years in there !!!

Leigh Weiland-Boys… Loved it there – used to pop in lunch times when at College, and, like others, before going down Scallis

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Combe Haven Caravan Park swimming pool 1973

Shared from Jeff Pitcher

Jeff Pitcher… Posted 50 years ago, July 1973. Combe Haven Caravan Park. ”Weather has been smashing so far, going to do a spot of shopping.”

Dave Weeks… We used to sneak in the pool at night ( when we were slim enough to squeeze through the turnstile).

Stuart Moir… Changed a lot since then .

Kevin Burchett… I was lifeguard on that pool for 1 season around that time but cant see myself in that picture

Leigh Mitchell… I worked in the bars at Coombe Haven during the summer seasons 1974, 1975 & 1976! Hard work but great workmates!

Patricia Burgess… My parent had 3 caravans there and I met my husband, one of the Talismen , when staying there in 1963. Where did they put the pool ?

Jo Turner… Worked one summer thee mid 70s

Peter Houghton… I worked there around that time in the Main Club House, worked in the morning then went home in the afternoon and started about 6pm till it closed around midnight and was brought home