Mr and Mrs Wilde 1971 Glastonbury

supplied by John Wilde

John Gale… Back when it all started. No glampers, no stupid flags, no rich kids leaving all their expensive camping gear behind, just folk having a great festival enjoying the music. Even over the last 15 years ,that festival has just slipped a million miles from its origins. But you can stream a version of it later next month, at a fee of course. Great photo though

Mike Waghorne… That would be my immpresion of John and his wife ” can’t remember her name” when we were friends back in the 70’s fond memories !

Gin Genie… Brilliant photo. I worked there from 1997 -2001 doing post festival welfare. I get what you are saying but it is still a special festival in here

Glenn Piper… So John, even you were young once


Tich Turner’s Roaring 80’s and Roger Hubbard’s Delta Wing and Barry Denyer – Coach Trip 18th April 1979

Anyone remember going on this?

Paul Dengate… I think I was there, went to some gig up that way. Must check the diary.

Andy Qunta…  Is there supposed to be a 2nd “T” in Tich?

Alan Esdaile… No Andy but I have been guilty of adding it in the past!

Chris Baker… Yes I do. Good gig actually. We (The 80’s) had invited some record company bigwigs to the show. They were far more interested in Roger’s band! (Who were damned good).

Conan Howard… last time I saw Tich Turner he was living in a squat in Lewisham ,south london

King Rod and Co – Aquarius Club 1970’s

photo: Hastings Groups from 1958 to the present

Pete Millington… King Rod and Co playing at The Aquarius in early 1970s (Rod Trowell on Bass and Greg Pierce on Rhythm and Paul Freeman on Drums. Kingsley Trowell on Lead Guitar (out of shot)

Andy Qunta… Great band! Saw them quite a few times, and Factory probably shared the bill with them too!

Harry Randall… How is Greg not seen. Him for a while?

Andy Knight… Paul Freeman on drums?

John Mcewen… Kingsley worked with my dad at W M Stills. He was our door to door insurance agent as well. Busy man!

Dave Weeks… John, my ex brother in law.

Stuart Moir… Greg’s a recluse ha ha not really he doesn’t like fb so if you’ve got his number give him a call.

Barry French… Saw King Rod play many times, great musicians who always put on a really good show. At one Aquarius gig (I think it may have been for the W.M. Stills annual party) King came out for the second set wearing the most outrageous skin hugging tights I’ve ever seen. Talking of Stills I worked there with both King & Greg, I would sometimes pester them with “How do you do this & how can I do that questions about guitars, amplifiers & bands, Both were happy to pass on any advice & never once told me to **** off. Also worked with John McEwan Senior at Stills. A real “Diamond geezer” After doing a gig for the Stills social club we loaded up the Ford Thames van & to our dismay (But to no surprise) it wouldn’t start. John ferried a large chunk of the gear back & forth in his car. Top Man.



Pop All Niter – Black Widow, Casuals, Voodoo Chile, Martyn James Expression and Colin Bell Disco Show. Hastings Pier 20th August 1971



Mick ODowd… Was that the same Casuals that hit with Jesamine? If so they are a strange addition to a “heavy” bill.

Jan Warren… yes, I remember this track and included on a compilation double album called “Fill your head with Rock” which I used to have!!

Den Bray… Oh dear…

Colin Bell… So, this was what i was doing 39 years ago on this day. I had to glue the night together with one of the strangest line ups. from lightweight pop band The Casuals (Jesamine) to ‘satanic rockers’ Black Widow, who needed a volunteer ‘virgin’ for their ‘sacrifice’ on stage, i politely told them they were asking the wrong person….

Conan Howard… was that not truly awful? what utter rubbish

Gerry Dawson… was roadie for Voodoo Chile, best Hendrix tribute band ever, note for note…..

Alan Esdaile… tickets were available from someone called Carlton in Warrior Square. Maybe the promoter?


Bikers electrical engineers – George Street Hastings & London Road St Leonards-on-Sea

Who remembers Bikers?

Fred Marsh… yes i remember Bikers as a kid on the fishing boats id be despatched to get something or other an put the account of RX126. Allso in later years had the honour of working for Sr Biker at St Pauls n/hme she was married to Duncan Biker.

Jane Hartley… His daughter is my next door neighbour.

Marcus J Lamb-Bentley… Why’s it priced in guineas

Mick O’Dowd… Marcus, that was the posh way in those days and actually made it look cheaper than it was. A guinea was 21/- (£1.05) and worked out at 39x £1,05 and therefore greater than £39!

Nigel Ford… Mother had them out to mend her twin-tub (in Battle) and we bought a reconditioned washing machine from them when first married 42 years ago….. even though I was a “mod”….. geddit?.

Dave Weeks… We had a posh Grundig

JS Bythesea… Dave, so did we. But it was secondhand.


Dakka Dakka Dakka featuring Andy Gunton on drums – Dreamworld single 1986.

Andy Gunton…Today we bring you the freshly digitised version of ‘Dreamworld’, the A Side of the single released in mid 1986. The B Side ‘Leather Jeans’ will be coming in due course.


supplied by Andy Gunton… Tonbridge local press cutting from 1985.


supplied by Andy Gunton… Rehearsal photo from c1982. Taken in the oast house that we used to rehearse in. It was also used at that time by The Anti Nowhere League. Boy, did that place get cold in the winter!

Peter Russell…. Hey. Just stumbled across this. I was looking for some pics of my best friend who was your bassist for a short while and died in a bike crash. Mark Brown. He left a group Tuesday Town to join you.

Andy Gunton… We never has a bass player called Mark Brown. The bass player throughout the history of the band was called Keith Edwards. We did try out several singers before finally getting Phil Alamo. who is in this video & who sadly died a few years ago. I’m sure I remember the name Tuesday Town though 🙂

Peter Russell… Hmmm strange. I saw Mark playing with Dakka at the rock garden I think it was? Maybe dingwalls. Phil went to marks funeral on that old moto guzzi he used to ride. I’ll dig out some pics if you like. I used to do all the promo stuff and handouts for Tuesday town.

Andrew… Hi Peter, I was the guitarist in Dakka Mk 2 – I’ve got a few photos of Mark. I probably met you at the funeral with Phil.

Peter Russell… Wow, unexpected email… I remember Alamo turning up on his Moto Guzzi at the funeral and Let it be being played as if it were yesterday. Must be 30 years ago.

Andrew… I’d not googled Dakka for a few years, so hadn’t seen this site before, hence unexpected email! I was a bit surprised with the response from Andy as I thought it was common knowledge that Phil had put a ‘new’ Dakka together with Mark? Yes, I think it was 1987 – it was incredibly tragic as we’d played a gig the night before the accident and Mark was excited about picking up his new Kawasaki the following day…… I’ve got a few band photos in the loft somewhere – i can dig them out and scan/email them to you if you want?

Peter Russell… I was even more surprised as I went to a couple of their gigs!!! that’s how I met Mark. We done some off road biking then he went and bought a Kawasaki Turbo….tragic. He had a child with a girl called Jane. Sam was his sons name. Only a few months old.If you have some pics it’d be great to see them. I worked in the print for the MoD and used to do Marks hand outs for Tuesday town, then he went to Dakka and I’d just done some art work like round stickers and stuff. Never got to give them to him he was a great bloke. Lived in Tunbridge Wells for a while then moved to London. That Wal lefty bass he had must be worth a mint now…

Andrew… It’s mad to think his kid will be 34 now…. I’ll try and dig out my photos during the week and I’ll be in touch to let you know what I’ve got.

Andy Gunton… Peter/Andrew: I had no idea Phil Alamo had formed a Dakka Dakka Dakka mark 2, unless my memory is playing tricks on me. I’d certainly have been very interested in hearing/seeing them, especially if they were playing any of the old songs. I moved away from Tonbridge in late 1988 so that might help explain it. But I don’t even remember DDD Mark 2 being mentioned at Phil’s funeral, either during the service, or when talking to friends before/afterwards. I do vaguely remember Phil forming another band, I’d have been surprised if he hadn’t, but had no idea he was using the DDD name. Sorry to hear about your friend Mark. I remember Phil having a Moto Guzzi bike. I’d certainly be interested in seeing any photo’s of DDD mark 2, if only to see if they rings any bells, and if I recognise any of the other members

Clockwork Balloon – Hastings Pier 17th April 1971


Mick O’Dowd… Don’t recall them. Any info anyone?

Rhod Shaw… Clockwork Balloon were a 4 piece band local to the Newhaven/Seaford area. The original line-up was Paul Larkin (vocals), Tim Robinson (guitar), Derek Wait (bass) & Hugh Cox (drums). Around 1969 or 1970, Hugh was replaced by a chap called Ro who lived in Hassocks.

Regal Theatre St Leonards-On-Sea – 17th September 1951

I expect this is Hylda Baker spelt wrong? Have you seen this in the programme… Professional gentlemen expecting telephone calls or messages are requested to leave particulars at the Box Office.

Jim Breeds… HSLO 15th September 1951, Same newspaper, review of the show in the following week’s paper. “Hilda” in all of them.

cuttings supplied by Jim Breeds