20 things your mum said to you…

source: Cov Bible

Martin Curcher… I still hear myself saying some of these to my kids! You wait until your Dad gets home and if you lie I will wash you’re mouth out with soap!

Clifford Rose… My mum never said #17.

Barry Hilton… Mostly number 13 and 18. I am hearing her voice in my head saying those things to me ;-(

Mike Guy… Get your elbows off the table! Finish the food in your mouth before you pick up any more.

Angela Jordan… I say it to mine plus a few more, close your mouth when your eating you look like a cement mixer, elbows off the table xx

Andy Qunta… All of the above!

Peter Checksfield… If you make that noise, I’ll give you something to make a noise for

John Warner… 21. I’ll kill you when I get hold of you!

Mike Curtis… Do you want a smack?

Wendy Weaver… All of the above plus “You’ll be laughing on the other side of your face in a minute my girl” “, Dont come to me when it all goes wrong”, I was apparently “Born to be wild” and was “heading straight for Hell”!. If she gave me any freedom I would be “Racing the Streets”. I think zhe should have been a lyric writer

Paul Chapman… Lol. Every one of these.. and others

Arthur Sutherland…. Mum didn’t teach you much about grammar it should be “While you WERE growing up”

Alan Pepper… “Wait till your father gets in ! He’ll give you such a doughboy !  That’s a hiding Holligton style of course .

Arthur Sutherland… A doughboy in our family was what the english call a dumpling without crisping the top off.

Eric Harmer… My mum use to say. “ what’s your name again “ I was the youngest out of six

Priti Novelties – Seafront, St Leonards On Sea

Ian Cramp… Does anyone remember a shop on the seafront in St Leonards on Eversfield Place in the early 70’s that used to sell all sorts of weird an wonderful things such as cheesecloth shirts,
Afgan coats, josticks and all sorts of other paraphernalia

Camilla Lake…. Priti Novelties

Caz Simpson…  I do, I bought lots of things there. Was it called Pretty Novelties or Priti Novelties. The smell as you walked in was lovely. I think it was run by an Indian family. Ah memories

Ian Cramp… petunia oil I think…..

Caz Simpson… Of course! It was so popular then. I loved that shop, everything was affordable.

Jo Turner… and often sandalwood 😊 can smell it now mixed with the raw animal skins of the Afghan coats.

Judie Struys…  I bought an Afghan coat from there. It had fur all round including the hood. It smelt terribly goaty. Even patchouli oil couldn’t mask it.  I wish it was still open. I’d quite like a cheesecloth shirt.Remind me. Did it sell jeans and a brand name called Simon or something like that? Or have I made all that up?

Mandy Wright… I lived a few doors down from this shop and remember it well . There was another clothes shop next door ish?  omg ! Yes it was Simon, I can remember having t shirts ( with big collars) and ‘simon’ written on my left boob , well flat chest as it was then ,lol x

Angela Frances Gardner… Yes I used to buy loads of my clothes there in the 70s a great shop with a lovely Indian couple, it was at Eversfield Place near Warrior Square

Lynne Smith… Priti novelties. Loved it!

Lucy Pappas…Loved Priti Novelties xx

Jan Warren… Loved this shop, great for us hippies!

Jo Turner… My sister and I adored that shop

Pauline Richards… Yes and Indian clothes.

Ian Cramp… Thanks to all for your comments and contributions to this post, I had no idea of the name of this shop, I just remember I used to frequent it a lot for various weird and wonderful things, I am having a holiday in Hastings in June and will drive past to see what it is now, mind you Hastings must have changed a lot since I left there in 1981

Oldies Unlimited



Anyone remember the firm Oldies Unlimited? We used to give out these catalogues in the shop. Interestingly the owner Antony Lewis lived in St Leonards before he set up Oldies in Telford. I used to buy Led Zeppelin USA import singles from him to sell in Stylus.

Redstar Richter… yeah!!

Nick Prince… Yes. Ive still got a credit note from them somewhere.

Darren Holmes… Being young Mods in late 70s/ early 80s it was like our bible trying to get hold of certain sounds!

Karen Sweatman Was Blackman… Ordered lots from them

Matt Thomas… Spent a big chunk of my wages on them lol

Nigel Ford… Yes I still have a catalogue somewhere. I bought a number of ex-juke-box 7″ singles though from ads in Disc & Music Echo in the mid 60′s with the plastic inserts in place of the original centres, sometimes receiving 2nd choice items as what I really wanted had sold out.

Mike Vawdrey… I used to buy from them in the early 1990 s but they dropped me off the mailing list when they relocated – to Wolverhampton I think. Some good bargains especially vinyl at a time when it was going out of fashion(no more of course). There is still an Oldies Unlimited Shop in Wolverhampton ….



Who remembers a fountain pen and blotting paper?

Roy Penfold… Due to being left handed, my hand was permanently blue down the outside edge for a few years whilst at school!

Jim Hobbs… Yep me too. It took me years to find a pen that I was happy to use.

Eric Peckham… Yep

Judith Monk… me too.

Lucy Pappas… Yep! Felt so grown up!

Mick O’Dowd… ‘fraid so.

Pauline Richards… And blotting paper in a glass jar to grow beans!!

Alan Parker… Still use a fountain pen now. you will not believe the price of a bottle of ink now.

Mike Guy… Hope it’s a Parker!

John Warner… Biro’s were banned at my school.

Elaine Stock… Loved to write with a fountain pen, but had them later with ink cartridge!

Martin Stoggell… Still Do

Pete Prescott…. Oh yes. Westreet School Erith. Ink wells and italic writing. I’ve only just got all the ink off !

Alan Pepper… Yes that takes me back to the late 60’s . Being left handed proved quite difficult
Had to have a reverse nib and remember making a mess ! Old Mr. Ralph was not impressed

Pete Prescott… Snap ! I’m a lefty !

Martin Richter… Pete, seeing a left-handed kid trying to write without covering themselves and the paper was painful. I worked with a guy who would do a really strange arm contortion with a clipboard in order to be able to write neatly – i’m not sure what he did – maybe he wrote upside down ?

Paul Chapman… The bottle of ink.. I can see it all now

Janet Rennie… Ooh love ink , blotting paper, doodles etc . Weird watching lefties write

Martin Stoggell… Politically biased I suppose