4-bidden – 1966 with Chris Kaday(Lowry Organ)



photo Colin Fox. supplied by Len Smith Eastbourne Bands from 1960 on

Len Smith… Roulettes, Adam Faith’s backing band featuring the brilliant Russ Ballard and Bob Henrit

Robert Searle… Another great picture

Rob Soundman… Back L Chris Kayday (keys), Colin [Petal] Pierce (guitar), Me (drums), Front Dave [Helmet] Shaw (vocals) and Ray Harper (Bass), great times and great memories

Ray Harper… Do not remember that picture at all Rob, good one though.

Rob Soundman…It’s from Colin’s (Fox) collection not mine. I can remember the Tie and the trousers Petal and Helmet are wearing.


Eddie & The Hot Rods – Hastings Pier 17th July 1976



ticket supplied by Pete Fairless,  Sniffin’ Glue Fanzine supplied by Gavin Martin

Peter Fairless… Their second visit of a very hot summer. Do Anything You Wanna Do, said Barrie, So, we did…

Ralph Town…  I was there!!

Nigel Ford… I was there and bought the album (Teenage Depression – tracks from which I have played on HASTINGS ROCK when not doing the Heavy Rock Show) on the strength of their first appearance, which I still have. Barry cartwheeling across the stage in between singing. “Do anything” came a bit later…

Witch Doctor – what the stars say but NO Moody Blues! July 1966

witch-doctor chessmen

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Andre Palfrey-Martin Collection

Andre Martin…..The Witch Doctor advertisement you have posted for July 1966 – which gives the Moody Blues as appearing -did not take place- having checked through the newspapers, see attached. All that I can think happened, was that this had been the original plan to get the Moodys back again, but as the 1966-1066 Programme book must have been planned and printed well in advance, something changed – perhaps the Moody Blue were on tour out of the country, who knows – in the end it was the Birds who topped the bill on that 3rd Birthday Party Night.

Mick Knights….the most likely reason for cancelation was a bands sudden increase in popularity (single climbing the charts) and the booking fee increasing by the same ratio. Seem to remember the same effect in reverse, when not enough tickets were sold to cover the bands fee.

Andre Martin….Mick -That’s what I thought, so I checked with their website and it would seem that Summer 66 was a ” troubled” time, with band members changing, so it would have been a logical move by management to pull dates. I don’t think we will ever know for sure.

Mick O’Dowd… I remember having a Witch Doctor flyer for this event which was the 2nd anniversary. 10/- entry (50p). Wanted to go but was working elsewhere that night. Never heard any reviews or talk afterwards.

Judas Priest – Hastings Pier 23rd April 1976


judas priest 23rd APRIL 1976

judas priest lp


ticket supplied by Paul Bridgett

Tim Bruce….£1.25!

Peter Fairless… Nice one, Alan!

Pete Houghton… A fantastic show from Judas. Priest one of the best I have seen on the pier and when they did take on the world and the light shone behind the drum kit what an effect, awesome gig and afterwards the band signed my poster


Hastings Pier ad October 1977 – not a good week for spelling!

Beki Milton… Stanglers

Peter Fairless… They didn’t have spell check then, though!

Michael Wilson… I wonder ‘What ever Happened To’ the Stanglers

Jane Hartley… I’ve heard of Jim Capaldi but not Cabaldi!

Chris Jolly… Must be Gari baldi’s brother!

Andy Qunta…  I notice Pot Black managed to get his name spelt right!

Chris Jolly… More luck pot luck I would think!

Stuart Huggett… The Stanglers: almost as good as Siouxsie & The Bashees or The Damed.