Gypsy and Alias – Hastings Pier 21st July 1973.


supplied by Sarah Harvey

Flyer supplied by Roger Carey

Sarah Harvey… This day July 21st, 1973 on Hastings Pier. American progressive band Gypsy. I have a lot of their music in my library and it is really worth a listen.

Alan Esdaile…  Alias were signed to Martin Casson Agency and sure Andre has memories of them.

Pete Fisher… ust by the way here, seeing Status Quo billed for July 28th, my diary tells me I was at their pier gig on 2nd March that year, one of those gigs where I really did think those wooden floorboards were going to give way under the bopping masses any minute! Date confirmed on this page, which gives you an idea of the gruelling touring schedule bands had back in the day…

Pete Fairless… Shows what a major venue the ballroom was! 1973 was the year Quo really took off, you can see from the link, they put the work in!

Louis Comfort-Wiggett.. Isn’t this the band Gypsy (from Leicestershire I believe) rather than the US lot?

Clive Richardson… Gypsy were excellent. Really good sound. They had no roadies, no manager at the time and did the sound themselves. Paul Casson was very impressed and was interested in managing them.

Pete Houghton… I saw Gypsy on pier and it was a good concert and my fav track is per me take you home and is one of my fav track’s

Playing Subbuteo in the 1970’s

shared from Lee Cavan O’leary. photo source: unknown

Lee Cavan O’Leary… That’s exactly what I had in the 70s GOOD TIMES.

Michael Linskey… We use to run different tournaments diner times at school in the main hall , each one of us would bring our team into to play , Funtime’s and great memories

Kevin White… Michael, great times

Michael Linskey… Kevin, Definitely as kids then we had imagination adventure within us and done many things without having money to do so with , making go carts etc or over the woods making dens etc etc , and we were fearless and tough as old iron not like the kids today wrapped in poppy plastic and get depressed or upset if the Mobile phone gets broke or taken off them or band playing computer games for a while lol

Dave Weeks… Collecting the accessories and new teams was probably better than the game itself

James Johnson… Finding a mate with a big dinning table

Andrew Turner… My brother had one and he wouldn’t let me near it because I wouldn’t leave the lights alone (I think that was the reason) well I was only 6!

Lyn Humphrey… Until we placed our hardboard pitch onto the dining-room table, we had it on the carpet, & broke SO many Subbuteo players by kneeling on them! We even had to create our own rule–if your knee touched the pitch it was a penalty–and that reduced wastage a lot. AND…..we still meet up & play a couple of times a year!



Procol Harum – Hastings Pier – 9th August 1975


another typo!

Paul Morfey… I had forgotten, I payed £1.25 to see them. We had some great nights on the pier!!

Jill Lawrence… I was there, love Procol Harum !!!!!

Pete Houghton… Yes it was a great night watching Procol Harum

Kevin White… I was there, it was a great night

John Busbridge… Whiter Shade of Pale the Summer of Love 1967

Merv Kennard… was there for that one great night

Dave Fuggle… Remember this, the weather was really hot. They did a great set. If I remember rightly they did a couple of encores.

Klaus… Yeah! It was a great great night! I was a 16 year old boy from Germany. What a great feeling on the pier of Hastings to hear Procol Harum!

Fractional H.P. Motors Ltd The Ridge Hastings – advert 1970’s

Nadia Compagnone… You so wouldn’t get away with that now! Amazing advert.

Mike Cramp… Youre so right. No-one would use inverted commas around the phrase ‘our goods’ these days.

James Turner… I worked in the paint shop in the 70’s

John Gale… James, was you there when it caught fire must have been about 1978? Maybe earlier?

Sheila Maile… I worked on Armature winding for 9 months in 1972.

Nicola Dobson… I used to be Telephonist /Receptionist there

Julie Findlay-Jones… My daddy worked there for many years till he retired.

Christine Swain… I worked there Fantastic . Friends made for life from 1968 .It was a great place to work

Judy Atkinson… I worked for the sales manager there 1978/9 at the Castleham site

John Gale… My dad worked there for a bit. We both worked at the other factory on Castleham too. I worked there during my summer holidays 1977, in the Fettling room and the Foundry. I remember being there the day Elvis died.

Liz King… I worked there in the seventies doing the wages with lovely Ethnie (sorry wrong spelling) and lovely Melanie.


ABC Cinema Hastings October 1971, Showing Steve McQueen Le Mans film

supplied by Anthony ‘Nan’ Morland

Remember Skinners next door?

Jacqueline Hillier… ABC Minors 6d to get in. Loved it every Saturday Morning. That’s where ESK is now … Oh What Fun Happy Memories

Matt Thomas… I remember it more as Sainsburys

Linda Hollands… Remember well as a cinema,Sainsburys and now Esk

Pete Shaw… Linda, Sainsburys, then The. Co Op and the ESK…. (East Sussex and Kent!!)

Linda O’leary… Use to love going to ABC Minors on a Saturday morning sixpence to get in what fun xxxx

Lloyd Johnson… is that the ABC ‘Ritz’?…I saw The Shadows there!….and Buster Grabb as Flash Gordon on Saturday mornings at Minors!

Alan Wood… Loved that cinema

David Martin… “ We’re Minors of the ABC”

Pauline Richards… David, still remember the song all these years later!

Martin Ellis… Loved Saturday mornings at the ABC Minors

Leigh Mitchell… I went to see Le Mans the night before the cinema closed, I only arrived in Hastings the month before!

Mick O’Dowd… Saw Billy Fury there but missed Cliff Richard.

Trevor Mepham… I remember being dragged up on stage to have a photo taken with a group of other kids. Lance Percival was the reason. Still, photo in the Observer the following week

Linda O’Leary… Trevor, I remember going on stage in a competition eating a bar of chocolate with a knife and fork!

Matt Thomas… Greens!!! Was that the same cafe next door?

Tony Court-holmes… used to get in through one of the back doors

Steve Glover… Yes, remember going to see Le Mans there and How The West Was Won back in 1962

James Graham… Google 2024 photo…

Tracy Birrell… I went to ABC Minors every Saturday morning .

Kevin White… hi Tracy Birrell, I remember going to ABC minors too, I remember you from school. C.A.May’s-class.I hope you’re doing well, where did all that time go.

Tony Davis… Remember seeing Cliff Richard and Billy Fury there

Jacqui Dann… Happy memories. Went with my brother and cousin. “we are the minors ABC”.


Half Human Band, Factory, Stackridge – Hastings Pier 20th & 27th July 1974


supplied by Mick Mepham, HHB promo photo unknown venue, Stackridge photos from the gig by Chris Meachen

poster supplied by Peter Houghton

Andy Qunta….Funnily enough I don’t remember the Half Human Band, although I don’t know how I could forget a name like that! I remember Stackridge though! They were great! Factory supported them at least once! Thanks to Mick Mepham for finding this, btw!

Geoff Peckham…..I remember the name Half Human Band, but no matter how much I scrunch up my face, I can’t summon up a memory of them. Now Mutter Slater and Stackridge playing Purple Space Ships Over Yatton present no such problem!

Martin Waghorne…..I can remember watching Stackridge @the De LA Warr Pavilion, one track I remember is ‘Mr Mick’.

Tony Qunta…..I never realised we were a half human band!

Andy Qunta…..Which half was human, & what was the other half?

Sarah Harvey…..Super human?

Phil Thornton.….Stackridge were great !

John Storer…My abiding memory of the Stackridge gig, which was great fun. is of seeing half the band smashing dustbin lids together during one track

Chris Baker…..Saw Stackridge twice I believe. They were a great band!

Mick O’Dowd…..Saw them at Wembley Stadium with Elton John , The Beach Boys & The Eagles + others.

Terry Pack…..I  was at that Wembley gig, too, Mick. And the Pier gig above. The Wembley gig was incredible: Stackridge, Rufus, Joe Walsh, Eagles, Elton John, Beach Boys!

Phil Thornton……yes Stackridge – great band ! I was at this gig and when they played at the De La Warr Pavilion – I think Stallion supported them at one point ! btw – they are still going, I have a recent album – excellent stuff !

Martin Isaacs….Sorry you can’t remember Half Human Band. My only memory of the gig was the van (we called it The Pig) going through one of the planks on the pier, and we feared we’d not goet it out – but we did … Check out the HHB page on Facebook!

Mick O’Dowd….Yeah Terry it was a great day at Wembley including the weather. Did we actually SEE these bands as there were no large screens in them days and I was on the half-way point on the pitch? Stackridge were a highly underated band who deserved more recognition.

Dave Nattress… Stackridge – seems like they gigged everywhere constantly in the 70’s and I saw them a few times but in the hazy past I can’t recall where or when although one I’m sure was at a festival and once at the pier. Don’t remember the DLW – slapped wrist to have missed that on the home turf. Didn’t have any of the albums as vinyls but delighted to have mopped up 6 albums on CD over they years including “Radio 1 In Concert “and “The Radio One Sessions” . I used to get to London a lot – working – and Stackridge was on the list of stuff I always had with me that I wanted to get hold of, so back in the day before the WWW, Amazon and others and a lot of mail-order shops, Tower Records, HMV, Virgin all clustered in and around Oxford Street/Piccadilly – Tower I think was Piccadilly and also in Kingston-upon-Thames, used to occasionally have one or more in stock

Mick Mepham… Let There Be Lids – Dustbin Ones!

Pete Houghton… I saw both stackridge and curley on the pier and both band’s signed a poster of the gig and when I saw Half Human Band they signed a photo of themselves

Tony Court-holmes… I was there i think

Michael Stone… As a young boy I saw the Half Human Band live on the back of a trailer at a primary school in Vauxhall Street, London in the 70’s and they left an indelible impression on me. I desperately wanted to be a drummer, so I asked Martin Griffin if I could play his drums after the gig and to my great surprise he said “yes” ! Unfortunately, I had to go home before the end of the show and missed my chance. However, Martin did not forget me and asked my friends “Where is your mate ? He can play my drums now” ! I would have dearly loved to have met him again and thanked him for the memory he left me with. Do you know if the Band made any recordings and if they are available ?



Leslie Crowther – Stars Fiesta Colwall Court Bexhill 27th July 1969

Alan Esdaile… They used to have these fund raising events with stars from television in Bexhill on a regular basis. Remember going to one where Albert Tatlock (Jack Howarth) Coronation Street, was sitting under a tree handing out maltesers to anyone who gave a donation.

Wendy Weaver… I was there. Must have been 1980 as it was the first entire year I lived in Hastings.

Nastassja Kaschevsky… I remember that!  I think The actress Gwen Watford did one as well.

Catherine Ireland… I was there, lovely afternoons also Brian Rix did some.

Keith Cowper… I saw Vera Lynn there and Chitty the car !

Jacqueline Marsh… I went to the same stage school as Gwen watford it was called the orchardcschool and was in a large white Victorian mansion at the top of Sedlescome road north. Just before the mini roundabout. The school has long been demolished but have many happy memories of learning to act and sing and even perform at White Rock Pavilion

Wendy Weaver… Gwen Watford was involved with The Stables Theatre. They have the Gwen Watford Gallery there.

Andre Martin… The Orchard School – Miss Catt’s establishment oh boy she was strict

Mark Sevia… I worked at Colwall Court in the 1970s. It was not easy to combine care of the children with fundraising and hosting the stars. Sadly Sheila Rawstorne chief executive died in 2018 just months after Peggy Cummins chair and movie star in 2017. They continued to fundraise until the end of their lives for the benefit of children with cerebral palsy. Extra ordinary commitment.

Jan Warren… This is a “long shot”??? but just wondering if anyone who worked at Colwall Court in the early 70s remembers Yvonne Jones? she was a good friend of mine, beautiful, hippy girl, long, blond(ish) hair, I know she worked at Colwall Court (maybe a girl called Lisa as well) – I’d love to know what happened to Yvonne?! – her parents had the radio/tv repair shop in Western Road, Bexhill and I believe Yvonne lived in Hastings a few years later …………. any info would be much appreciated, thanks

Margareta Reinecke… Hi Jan Warren… I worked at Colwall Court in Summer 1977. Were you working as an Ass. Houseparent? William Simpson was the Manager…. Helen, Jane, Ritsuko, Susan. Stars Fiesta with Leslie Crowther, Ronald Leigh-Hunt… I still have pics!

Jan Warren… Hi Margareta, 1977 would have been too late as I meant the early 70s, but thanks anyway!

Margareta Reinecke… This was all in summer 1977. With an autograph by Leslie Crowther.  I will be back this July.

all photos… Margareta Reinecke

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The Dog-House Hamburger Bar and Hotdogs. Marine Parade Hastings 17th July 1964.

photo © Hastings Museum & Art Gallery

John Gale… I remember eating cheese burgers from there after Saturdays in the very early 80s . Might have been a different owner then but was the same kiosk . Still there of course , but specialising in Crab Pasties these days ( how things have changed) ..and associated with the Albion I believe.

Graham Sherrington… still there wow!!!!

Coral Pasqua… I loved the burgers in the 70s