Roger Carey – Burns ‘Sonic’ bass guitar Oct 1973

supplied by Roger Carey

Roger Carey… October 1973, with my left hand Burns ‘Sonic’ bass guitar, which I played upside down for several years.

Martin Richter… nice axe

Pete Fisher… great photo…Pueblo days!

Phil Gill… He was only ever allowed to practice in the garden, bless him.

Pete Fisher… one advantage of those curly leads we had back then…

Sarah Harvey… Too much playing guitar young man and never looking after the bloody garden by the looks of it!

Phil Gill… 20 years later, Rog was so used to outdoor practice, he found it difficult to adjust.

Iain Cobby… I had a red one (had it sprayed white at cave road motors). really well made, but try to put a set of Rotosound strings through the machines…………… no way.

Glenn Piper… I remember that bass

Alan King… I’ve never played guitar upside down ! I’ve played an upside down guitar though but………… (tumbleweed)…….

Liane Carroll… Beautiful x

What Comedy Records do you still find funny?


Alan Esdaile… Canyons Of Your Mind by Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band and Yin Tong Song by The Goons.

Allyson Breeds… Any thing by The Beatles <running away>

Peter Thomson… The Goodies – Father Christmas Do Not Touch Me (highly inappropriate, insensitive, sexist and just plain wrong; but still funny), Sister Josephine et al – Jake Thackeray and Quantum Jump – The Lone Ranger.

Judy Struys… I quite like Ernie the fastest milkman in the West

Phil Gill… Derek and Clive. And Ernie

Chris Giles… Not politically correct but….Bridget the Midget

Peter Fairless… The Goodies – Black Pudding Bertha

Tim Anderson… Peter Sellers – Balham, Gateway to the South and Aunty Rotter (of the Balls Pond Road).

Steve Cooke… Derek and Clive, always!!!

Julie Morris…  Funky Moped!

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Vinegar Joe & Gary Moore Band – Hastings Pier 23rd February 1973


supplied by Roger Carey

Leigh Wieland-Boys….I was Secretary of the Students Union at Hastings College at the time & assisted in organising the event – can’t believe it was 44 years ago! It was a great evening 😊

Mick Mepham….Alan, who is AS?

Phil Gill….Andy Strickland probably.

Chris Meachen…..Definitely Andy Strickland, god rest ‘im..

Tony Qunta….That was a great gig!

Paul Sleet…..I remember this one. went backstage afterwards and met Elkie Brooks, courtesy of Chris Meachen who was doing his usual roadying.

Paul Edmonds… Missed this one, great days! Hi Phil and Chris.

Peter Thomson… Superb gig. Forgot I’d actually seen Gary Moore!

Yvonne Cleland… I was at the front for Gary Moore! x

Teenbeats & Piranhas – The Carlisle 23rd February 1979


supplied by Teenbeats facebook page.

Bobby Walker….Great gig!  Huggy Leaver was a local character in Hastings around this time. This was the last time I spoke to him … next saw him in Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

Philip Meston…..Then there was Guns, Gangsters and Zombies!

Mick O’Dowd… Another classic 558 Entertainments promotion and don’t forget the British Heart Foundation ad with Vinnie Jones where Huggy played “The body” to “Staying Alive”. Two great bands. This was the first time I booked the Piranhas after being pestered by their management. The agreement was that I would give them 2 support act slots and if they were popular(which as it turned out, they were) i’d put them on top billing. As it happened they were so popular that they headlined after only one show.

Colin Jefferys… Was this not the gig where a few lads jumped on to the stage ( albeit a very low level small one) and tried to smack Bob Grover? I’m sure they were rubbish

Peter Fairless… Top band, the Piranhas were great Bob and Johnny wrote some magic but, hey, the Teenbeats were ours!

Mark Syrett… Top night as I remember

What’s your earliest memories of children’s television programmes and what ones did you like?

image source,-paddington-bear-and-andy-pandy-to-feature-on-tv-favourites-stamps-400.html

Yvonne Cleland… I like the Telegoons!

Andy Qunta… especially Bill & Ben! Flobalob!

Mark Praid… Bill and Ben every Wednesday at Nursery School with a Yoyo Mint Chocolate Biscuit and a glass of milk….Before the Pubs opened

Pauline Richards… Woodentops

Eric Harmer…  Does anyone remember FOUR FEATHER FALLS ?

John Sperni… Woodentops

Gaynor Lewry… Loved them all

Wendy Belton… Woodentops and Bill and Ben but also liked Tales of the Riverbank. Does anyone remember ones called Picture Book and Torchy the Battery Boy. Must have been very early 60s. My favourites were Camberwick Green and Trumpton. I particularly liked Windy Miller who lived in the windmill …Collies Mill I think it was called.

Mike Guy… My wife & I were chatting about Twizzle yesterday!

Jane Hartley… Tales from the riverbank

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Argent – Hastings Pier 23rd February 1974

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argent img434

poster & flyer supplied by Mick Mepham

Andy Qunta….I remember seeing Argent at the Pier. Not sure if it was this date or another time. Anyway, they were great! Bought their album too! Factory used to do a version of their song “Be Free”, which I still love! Also, at the end of their set, Russ Ballard threw his guitar up about chin-high and then caught it on the last note! It inspired me to try the same, and before long I was throwing my electric 12-string as high as whatever ceiling we were playing under, and catching it. Except for the one time I almost dropped it! I wasn’t really in the mood that time, but I thought I would do it anyway, but that was a mistake apparently! Oh yeah, did I mention Argent was great? That Rod Argent – a monster on the Hammond!  Russ Ballard of course is also a great songwriter! Wrote so many hits for so many artists, including Rainbow’s “Since You’ve Been Gone” etc etc etc….

Geoff Peckham….I remember this gig for not going! Stayed in and baby-sat with a mate while his wife and my girlfriend went to pier. Said girls returned after midnight with Rod Argent and (I think) Russ Ballard. Don’t know who was more surprised to see whom.

Henry Mann…..Went to this and still listening to their live double album.

Mervyn Kennard… I was there brilliant night. The only time i saw the ballroom covered with seats.

Lloyd Johnson… They were good customers of mine back then, they bought loads of clothes from us….

Martyn Baker… Yep. I went to this one. I loved them!

Mark Gilham… Great songwriter, Russ Ballard

Ernest Ballard.. Great name too

Mark Gilham… Part of the outstanding Ballard heritage

Ernest Ballard… Le Creme de la creme. Ha ha


Woodstock Film – Classic Cinema Hastings February 1971

woodstock record

Andy Qunta… Fabulous!

Alan Esdaile… I wonder why they gave the film a ‘x’ certificate? I remember a bit of nudity and swearing but apart from that great music.

Jeanette Jones… I still remember the atmosphere in the cinema too, Like nothing l’d experienced before, Now l’d call it loving energy:-) Dancing in the walk ways, The X rating probably due to it’s anti war stance, l remember Country Joe and the Fish and it’s 123 what are we fighting for? etc, Think Joan Baez did a peace song too, What do others remember?

Patrick Lewis… Santana ‘Soul Sacrifice’.

Alan Esdaile… I remember singing along to Country Joe and the Fish Jeanette and I think we clapped and cheered when something good came on.

John Wilde… Thats when I learned best not to take LSD at a movie theatre.

Dave Nattress… An absolute Milestone in Rock Culture, as for me at least was the film, Easy Rider and The Isle of Wight Festivals and Bath (Shepton Mallet), 1970?

Jeanette Jones… Santana stole the show but l loved Janice and no one but Hendrix could have performed Star Spangled Banner with such irony and showmanship;-)

Pete Prescott… Avoid me more than ever ! I’m a Woodstock bore! I still have the triple album and the directors cut dvd plus a couple of books. I payed this album to death ! I saw the film in Erith when it first came out. Creams farewell concert was on first then Woodstock. I’ll never forget it ! Crosby Stills Nash and Young were big for me. I used to open the windows to my bedroom and wait for the neighbours to come home then play the “fish cheer” (what a plonker! ) I so wanted to be there. I was 13 and living in a small village in North Kent.

Glenn Piper… I remember the haze from all the ‘smoking’ that was going on in the cinema. I was in the balcony for this.

Tony Court-holmes… I was with you glen that day.

Glenn Piper… Yes, a good day all round. We must get together sometime soon Tony

Alan Esdaile… you could join us at the next SMART meeting on Friday 19th February 2016 at 3.30pm at The White Rock Hotel.

Jeanette Jones… Always a good place to meet too:-)

Andy Qunta…  I saw that couple from the cover being interviewed a few years ago. They’re still together!  I loved the movie, of course!

Alan King… Great managerial decisions of our time : Keef Harley Band’s manager ‘you’re not filming our boys without more money’ – ‘OK then we won’t film your boys’ – Miller Anderson’s recollection of Woodstock

Ashton, Gardner and Dyke and Shaft – Hastings Pier 19th Feb 1972




poster supplied by Andy Knight

Phil Gill… I was there.

Chris Giles… That’s one I went too. I do remember going to see AG&D

Nick Webb… Was i there ? let me know

Mick O’Dowd… Good band!. Remember seeing them on a young Channel 4 show called “Gas Tank” that was hosted by Rick Wakeman and was a live show rather than mimed but was very short lived. Does anyone else remember it?

Martin Round… They were class! I reckon in the 70s Andy Killick and I were at every gig and a few others we knew came along periodically.

Alan Esdaile… Don’t remember who Tzar were?

Chris Giles… I don’t either but usual frequented the bar before the top act

Andy Knight… Tony Barraclough? Not sure?

Sarah Fox… Resurrection Shuffle, One of my all time favourite tracks. 🎶 great to see them playing.

Eugene Hughes… What a great song. Another around at that time was Family In My Own Time.

Alan King… Tony Ashton was a good friend of mine, that man could drink for England (Scotland, Wales & Ireland all put together,,and more) it was he who gave the name to Derek & The Dominoes, he used to always refer to Clapton as Derek

What fact at school, that was proved to be wrong?

Carol Ann Bolton…. Robert the Bruce was a good guy!

Joe Knight… Spent to much time watching Spiders in Cave

Jim Breeds… That algebra would be essential in our day to day lives!

Terry Huggins… I use algebra all the time. Have I got time to cross the X wide road before yonder truck traveling at Y mph flattens me? It also helps when trying to remember formula such as Ohm’s law: V=IR.

Leigh Wieland-Boys… ..and Logarithms!! The only time I ever used them was during an exam to get into the WRAF!

Eric Peckham… Logarithms. My God, they cause me SO much trouble.

Jim Breeds… I still have my “log book” somewhere. Antilogarithms for me!

Reg Wood… You won’t learn anything behind the bike shed

Terry Huggins… The existence of God

Paul Crimin… The Giza pyramid was the tomb of pharaoh Khufu, and that it is 4,000 years old. Wrong!

Tom Hodkin… You won’t always have a calculator with you !!!!

Paul Redfearn… That you can trust a government?

Mike Guy… Really, they taught you that? I thought that history shows the opposite.

Yvonne Cleland… That the inside of the world was completely molten.

Jim Breeds…  Like a Creme Egg!

Mike Guy… That brain cells are fixed, but now we know that there is plasticity.

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