Record order receipt from Masons Music 187 Queens Road Hastings.

Supplied by Phil Gill

Phil Gill… Found this today…is it in yet Alan?

Matt Thomas… Sorry discontinued

Jim Breeds… It was ordered twice by mistake.

Phil Gill… Jim, Great, a double album

Kev Towner… Were you in two minds about it Phil.

Alan Esdaile… and I thought 187 was more a punk/mod shop!

Nik Turner’s Inner City Unit & The Good Missionaries – Falaise Hall 26th January 1980

all photos supplied by Clive Richardson

Supplied by Clive Richardson

Ernest Ballard… That’s cheap ha ha

Willie Wicking… Was there great gig

Nigel Goodman… Remember going to that gig

Tim Moose Bruce… Saw them on the pier. Support band’s entire set was them covering TV advert songs

Paul Forrest… ICU. Excellent band. Saw them several times in the early 80’s in and around Reading.

Led Eddie… Love me a bit of ICU

Dino Ferari… That’s meeee !!!!

Marc Appleton… I saw them play at Epsom Art College about then.

Cherry Rad… Cool


Clive Richardson – UFO Records Hastings Pier 1976

supplied by Clive Richardson

Tony May… Brilliant photo! So emotive of the time period and of the days when vinyl was king!

Martin Richter… surely you’d need some sort of licence for those trousers – they could be a hazard to shipping ?

Paul Buxton… Great bell bottoms

Glenn Piper… I remember then

Tracy Birrell… I remember this..

Clive Richardson… We even sold saucy caption knickers as a sideline! honestly! There’s a pair in the window above the sis sticker if you don’t believe me! They sold best on Sundays, never understood why? I was sometimes asked by female customers “Do you think these will fit me ok?” We called it UFO as I had to signwrite the name and it was only 3 letters to write !! It was such a fun time with so many good bands playing on the pier during that period.

Pete Houghton… Great photo i used to go in there quite a lot on Saturdays

Lies – The Chatsworth Hotel 1980

1. JAN 13th 1980 - LIES 13. 27th jan 1980 lies

16. 2nd march 1980 lies

supplied by Sarah Harvey

Sarah Harvey… Some familiar names from March 2nd, 1980. Pete Prescott , Kevin Hoad, Ray Fenwick, Terry Pack Tony Bird .

Andy Qunta… Excellent!

Terry Pack… I remember those Sunday gigs. I enjoyed that band.

Robert Searle… I wished i had seen that band

Pete Prescott… We didn’t gig that much. I remember doing Stevie Wonder ‘ s loves in need of love today. A few Chatsworth gigs and it was done.

Peter Millington… I was there, great band and venue

Terry Pack… Sunday lunchtimes. Kevin used to joke that nobody would come to the gigs because people would think it was all lies.

Tim Anderson… And the support act….Post Truth.

Phil Gill… They later changed their name to Alternative Facts.

Sarah Harvey… Peter Prescott !!! How posh ☺

Mick O’Dowd… That’s alot of Lies!

Professor Chris Whitty

John Stone… I’ve seen so many posts and memes about this guy, mostly taking the piss out of his looks. We all need laughs and a bit of dark humour in these times, but we do need to remember to be kind too. So I thought it’d be nice to balance things out with a few kinder words and some facts about our extraordinary Chief Medical Officer, Chris Whitty. He is a Physician and Epidemiologist who has dedicated his life to medical practice, research and teaching and he is considered to be one of the leading world experts on infectious diseases. He only took on the chief CMO role in October 2019, and until the coronavirus threat emerged, he had never done broadcast interviews or held press briefings or conferences. His father was murdered by terrorists in Athens in a case of mistaken identity when he was just a teenager. An event which he says left him “scarred” He has worked in various countries throughout Europe, Asia and Africa and played a leading role in the effort on the Ebola outbreak in 2014, when he held the post of chief scientific adviser at the Department for International Development. Colleagues have described him as “Made for the role of CMO” and “an absolutely extraordinary, brilliant man” and “Exactly the man we need.” We should all be glad to have someone like this helping the country through a health crisis right now. It doesn’t matter what he looks like. He’s just trying to keep us all safe.

Janine Hemsley… absolute genius. Thanks for sharing.

Glen Aylard… Well said …

Julie Findlay-jones… Well said

Judith Monk… Thank God for men like Prof Whitty!

Linda Holter… Why take the piss he’s doing a great hard job and the people who critizise him – I doubt would ever be able to do his work!.

Nadia Compagnone… It‘s always too easy to criticise people who are inadvertently thrown into the media limelight and slagged off by the keyboard warriors. I guess on a one to one conversation with them, Chris would win!

Peter Millington… It is a sign of the times that being cruel to others is too easy via Social Media, particularly by cowards and ignorant people. They think they’re clever throwing insults from the comfort of their own home with little if any consequence.

Jenny Power… A very clever man! x

Tina Shoe… Thank You

Ross Holter… Really hard job,I think he’s doing are all the others

Keith Veness… He’s the best man for the job

Ray Copeland… But he got C19

Gaynor Lewry… Well said John and thank goodness we have such an aspiring man STOP BULLYING

Francoise Pascal… Well said John Stone! This man should be revered not laugh at his looks, only empty headed people would do this!

Andre Martin… I only hope that one day when all this cleared up, somebody will say thank you to all those involved no matter at what level. These people should be given the awards and decorations for actually trying to and hopefully succeeding in solving the worlds problems. But sadly I feel that will not be the case.

Dave Nattress… Well said John. I was not aware of any adverse comments directed towards Prof. Whitty but well done for saying what you have. Despite all the (apparent), Government fumbling, let us not forget, it seems the UK and the World was very suddenly afflicted by this virus and the severity of it. And Yes, there have over some years now, been the discovery of sudden and very serious illnesses apparently springing up out of nowhere that were as-good-as totally unknown prior to their outbreaks, like AIDS, Ebola, Mers and Sars, but there was essentially, reasonably clearly, no text book available as to how to deal with Covid-19 and of course, no specific vaccine. And, stocks of consumables, face-masks, protective gowns, visors, hardware/machinery/equipment in hospitals that it became realised extremely quickly would come to be needed, were not available in sufficient quantities to deal with such a sudden worldwide problem.

Jackie Jolly… Respect


Chain Reaction – Battle Memorial Hall & The Railway Club St Leonards 1964/1965

supplied by Harry Randall

John Petrie lead guitar, Phil Booth vocals, Roger Messier bass, Harry Randall rhythm guitar and Archie Pelham on drums.

Yvonne Cleland… Aaaah – Battle dances. Those were the days!

Jacqueline Marsh… Yea, we did a few gigs out there and I went there earlier this year for a meeting, and so many memories came flooding back. This was one of the first places my mum and dad ever saw me performing with the Debs and my mum said, Jacqueline, your a different person when your up on the stage, never forgotten it, bless her.

Harry Randall… John was using a Selmer Zodiac,Roger the good old treble and bass and me Harry a certain triangular Watkins I’d give my right arm to own now I then moved onto a Selmer Thunderbird thirty the one with those brass legs that got caught on everything when wheeling it about!

Virginia Davis… I remember they used to have a disco every Friday night back in the 70s

Peter Gladwish… Never realised I had shared a stage with such illustrious company Harry. This was also around 1964 at the Railway Club. (P.S. I played lead guitar in those days)

Geoff Peckham… Is that Andy Franks I see, Pete?

Peter Gladwish… It certainly is Geoff. I believe we’ve had this conversation before!

Geoff Peckham… Yes, I remember. Just wanted to put his name out there again. I’ve just started what will inevitably be the lengthy process of compiling a cd’s worth of songs and tunes we played together in Uncle John’s Band. I’ll send you a copy when it’s done – but don’t hold your breath!

Peter Gladwish… I’d love to hear it Geoff. Please let me know if you ever manage to get it together. Andy was certainly one of the ‘gooduns’ taken far too soon. There must be a fanastic band or three up there by now!

Harry Randall… Roger Messier I think was from another band Roger Messetter was the Bass player in The Chain Reaction I see his name comes up in Smart 29 in a band called Country Air -early 70’s Carlisle asking who was the bass player? Well I bet it was him.Lived in Sedlescombe RIP!

Paul Huggett..Wow, Roger Messetter was an old mate of mine, he always played rhythm guitar in the bands we were in. Good ol’ boy, we had some capers. 😊 I was bass player in Country Air!

Harry Randall… Well I never knew ! I always thought he was just a Bass player .That is Roger from Sedlescombe ? Just wondering if that’s my old Selmer Thunderbird thirty Peter Gladwish, I sold it to someone who lived in the old town I think up George Street?

Paul Huggett… I don’t remember Roger (Messetter) playing bass? I was in a few bands with him always on guitar.. And that looks as though the bass player is left handed, which he wasn’t. Must be another Roger!

Peter Gladwish… Sorry to disappoint Harry Randall but the Selmer amp was brand new. Bought from Alan Jensen at the Disc Jockey and paid for by Mrs Mastin (owner of Mastin’s department store). She was the Grandmother of our singer.

Harry Randall… Mine had those horrible fold up brass legs everyone chucks in the bin

Iain Cobby… Hey Harry, bet there still in the loft like the rest of your 100 plus guitars and amps and keys. Love you old friend!

Harry Randall… No I don’t believe it!

John Gale… What a great little venue the Railway Club was? Had many a night there watching my late dad, drum there, great photo…

Gerry Fortsch… That takes me back.

Ken Copsey…. Great picture including the ubiquitous Watkins Rapier 33.

Richard Downer… John Petrie lived up near me on Harold Road. I’m sure his dad had a fish and chip shop in the Old Town.

Harry Randall… yes he had the Lifeboat fish and chip shop and John took it over when his dad retired

Graham Sherrington… The Lifeboat had the best Plaice and Chips in town well back in the early 60’s bread and butter smashing place. Is it still there?