Models of all kinds… Did you remember making these?

photo source: unknown

Martin Richter… and still do

Alan Esdaile… Reminds me a bit of Jepsons Robertson Street, where they had the top floor full of toys

Martin Richter… the shop by what is now Bar Moda (the town crier, new central, the GI) had an upstairs that was full of kits and lego and meccanno and you could order bits for your chemistry set !

Alan Esdaile… I was thinking of that shop Martin, was it called Arbers? Used to buy horror models like Frankenstein etc.

Martin Richter… my grandparents used to give me 50p pocket money on a Friday and a pack of “top trumps” was 48p – living the dream

Dennis Torrance… Loads of model kits of every description also plastic soldiers the small ones in boxes eight army German loads of them

Mark Praid… When working together Aircraft Models were practically the only thing Peter Sellers and Graham Stark talked about. They both loved them.

Brian Rogers… I was in heaven. Made loads

Alan Parker… yeah many a time I tried to pick Linda Lusardi of the shelf

Pete Brazier… I remember the kits were affordable for kids! Now they are too pricy for most adults 😡 if these company’s halved the prices more people would bye them and those who do already would bye twice as much!

Lyn Humphrey… Smiths, and Gamleys in Bexhill both sold Airfix kits. Me and my friends almost exclusively bought the World War 2 RAF planes like the Spitfire. Although once we’d exhausted them we weren’t averse to buying a few jet fighters.

Will Cornell… The chain over here in the US called Hobby Lobby still has a pretty awesome aisle of models plus the paints and stuff to go along with them. They are the ones who made the news a few years ago by refusing to offer the abortion pill in their health plan, the Govt sued them…and Hobby Lobby took it to the Supreme Court and won. They also have a great deal of stuff to embellish cigar box guitars.

Roy Penfold… One shop still going strong – used to have a coin operated train set in the window years ago.

Chris Meachen… Oh yes, I remember Jepsons in Robertson Street had a fabulous airfix department, as did Woolworths, plus there was Arbers toy shop opposite where the disc jockey was. I seem to recall they had a big room of airfix upstairs.. My pocket money generally went to one of those three..

Pete Brazier… don’t forget The Penny Tharthing in London Road just up from the opening to Kings Road and there was the Kings Road model shop too! And there was a shop in the marina that did trains as well!

Alan Esdaile…Yes remember the shop at Marina, just along from Azur on the other side). Happy memories of watching the train go round. Got most of mine from Arbers. The posh staff in Jepsons used to give you a funny look and watch every move you made.

Dave Nattress… Yes, definitely the Airfix kits, mainly aircraft. I remember doing the Lancaster bomber, puzzled why the plastic kit was Black. As I was born impatient my mother thought it would be a good idea to do model kits to acquire some. Didn’t work, and haven’t gained any more in a long hard life. LOL!! Trouble was also, almost invariably I made the kits up before painting them – bad move. Also made a huge long kit of the SS France liner. And once in Harrods – the only thing I ever bought from there from the toy department – I was arguably adult by then, was a good size kit – maybe it was by Airfix or was there a maker called Revell? of an F14/A Tomcat. Never did make it up, lost it many years ago!! Nostalgic to see these kits still in some shops. Quite fancy doing one now and again.

Lyn Humphrey… Yes, the rival company was Revell, Dave, but we tended to only ever buy Airfix. I bet my McDonnell Phantom could beat up your Tomcat–mainly because my Phantom was the only one I never ruined with too much glue.

Tooth fairy who remembers?

Matt Thomas… 50p

Alan Esdaile… Can’t remember but do remember if we had a loose tooth, my dad used to tie some string round it and tie the other end to an open door, then slam the door!

Leigh Wieland-Boys… My Dad did that once thinking it would be funny, it traumatised me! 6d (sixpence) was the going rate when I was little

Joe Knight… 6p. Gas to put you to sleep

Ian Mantel… Sixpence = 5p

Nicola Allan… I was told the tooth fairy only collects the top 2 and bottom 2 at 20p a go! I think I missed out when all my mates were raking it in for all of their milk teeth 😂😂 at £1+ per tooth! With inflation and 35 years later, I give £2 per tooth, but I may be a kinder parent and do all, instead of the front 4! Lol

Andy Ives… 5p/1shilling

Doc Racer… 6d

Den Bray… 240d in a pound===== a shilling was 12d===== twenty shillings in a pound —–

Yvonne Cleland… 6d

Eric Harmer… Along time ago. I think it was one groat

Andy Qunta… Yes. Sixpence, I think. Or thickthpenth, depending on how many teeth you’d lotht!

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Yeth, of courth!

Dennis Torrance… Tooth fairy best option bad times at Dentist in my youth had loose tooth on trip to school dentist . Pushed me back in chair and pulled it out nothing given then told me to stop crying no wonder our generation had fear of dentists

Roger Simmonds… Me too 6 d

Julie Findlay-jones… My granddaughter’s still put their teeth under their pillows,they get £1 per tooth.

Alan Parker…  it was sixpence in my day , nowadays I put them under my pillow so that I can find them in the morning when I get up

Chris Giles… 6d or a tanner

Wendy Weaver… A threepenny bit. (but I AM old)

Sue Bennett… A shilling

Sandy Max…  6d per tooth. Nowadays my grandsons expect £1 a tooth!

Linda Joy Lemon… Sixpence….

Pete Prescott… Ha ha ! I left an I.O.U. under one of the girls pillow. She was not a happy bunny. I think it was Poppy.

Sylvia Sinden… 6d

Sam Wallis… 50p

Patricia Burgess… 6 pence, now it’s $4 canadian

Rachael Brophy… Still happening in our house it’s a, £1

Neil Cartwright… 6d

Gin Genie… I wrote a note, that my mum still has, asking the tooth fairy to leave me 10p instead of 5p if she could afford it.

Linda Hayes… 3d and I treasured every one

Trisha Ann… Thru’penny bit

Janet Brophy… Mine was { sixpence} per tooth, it was great

Clifford Rose… 6d

David Edwards… It was a tanner

Victoria Diaz-Fernandez… 2/6d

Stuart Moir… Old sixpence = 2,5 new pence

Ian Luck… Sixpence

Liz Dees Dianto… 2p

Live Music From Dr King `Hardship Lane’ – Electric Palace Hastings Friday 21st September 2018

ticket info...

Dr King was an integral part at the beginning of London’s famous 12 Bar Club, and has worked over the years with three of the true giants of British acoustic guitar: Bert Jansch, John Renbourne & Davy Graham. On Friday 21 September he’ll be accompanied by a few special guests, covering a full suite of raga crossovers with Arabic, Celtic and flamenco influences.

Alan King… I’m returning to Hastings Old Town on Friday 21st September 2018- for a gig at the Electric Palace, High Street, Hastings Old Town TN34 – Tickets £10:00 – 8:00 p.m. It will be my last ever gig.

‘Absolutely brilliant music, a joy to watch’ – Green Man Festival

‘The best gig I’ve seen in Hastings for years’ – Forum post

‘The best gig I’ve seen anywhere for years- – Forum post

‘One of the most remarkable and memorable gigs I’ve ever seen’ – Forum post

‘Exceptional musicianship’, ‘Genius guitar picking’, ‘Fantastic guitar’ – Forum post

‘King provided the platform for Bert Jansch to step out of the shadows and into the sun’ – Bert Jansch Biogrophy

‘King was most of the brains behind Vic Reeves’ Big Night Out’ – Malcolm Hardee

‘King could be as funny as Reeves but wasn’t ambitious’ – Bruce Dessau (Guardian, Time Out, Evening Standard)

‘Shit’ – some fat bloke who lives just off George St

”I’m calling the police and you’ll get nicked’ – some other fat bloke

‘But it’s not even music’ – some old woman with a 2nd hand shop

‘That bloke who plays the Pat Metheney shit’ – overheard in the Dragon Bar

Who was or is your favourite crooner?

Alan Esdaile… Matt Monro for me

Joe Knight… Saw him years ago at the Beaver woods kennels just off A20 near Sidcup London (posh place)

Sandy Max… I wouldn’t have added Johnny Mathis or Paul Anka – they were later. What happened to Mel Torme, Jim Reeves and Andy Williams? I’d pick Nat King Cole or Dean Martin from these but I know my dad would have picked Frank Sinatra!

Andy Ives… Early Sinatra (Tommy Dorsey era) for certain

Tony Qunta… Matt Monro!Oh Nat King Cole also!

Julie Findlay-jones… Sinatra,Dean Martin, NAT king Cole and Bing Crosby still listen to them. But I think they are all great.

Eric Harmer… MATT sounded great Alan but Nat King Cole was a merry old soul It was Nat for me mate

Tony May…  Perry Como.

Michael Coller… I play them all in my show, it’s the only sort of music I play and most are used from original vinyl records.

Patricia Wapshott… All fab , but Frank Sinatra was my favourite!


Jane Hartley… Difficult, Matt, Andy, Jim Reeves would have been on my list too.

Virginia Davis… Nat King Cole. My Nan introduced me to his music and I used to love listening to him with her.

Matt Thomas…  I have to pick 2 Matt Monro and Nat King Cole – I think Sinatra was a bit over rated

Wendy Weaver… Frankie for me

David Edwards… Nat King Cole was a big influence on Ray Charles

Sue Bennett… Matt Monro – mum & dad’s favourite from the 50’s onwards

Phyllis Mendenhall… Johnny Mathis without a doubt ,then Pat Boone. Oh and Bobby Darin

Mick Carlisle Savage… Has to be Tony Bennett.

John Warner… Old Blue Eyes!

Linda Joy Lemon… Nat….

Pete Prescott…  Sinatra/Nat Cole (equally 1st) then Bobby Daren and Andy Williams. But I like them all. Good grief I forgot Matt Monro ! He is after Sinatra/Cole ! Amazing singer ! AH ! Also put Sammy Davis equal with Matt.

Sylvia Sinden… Dean Martin

Keith Cowper… Deffo Matt Monro

Pauline Sims… Nat King Cole – so different from the other crooners, with that lovely deep voice. Great loss when he died

Liane Carroll… Vic Damone. Matt Monro was Sinatra’s favourite singer xxx

Pete Prescott…  I put a night of Nat King Cole on at the stables with Mike Hatchard and Danny Jefferies a couple of years ago. I’ve been a fan since I was around 12.
We did a lot of songs from his trio years. Nat Cole was an amazing pianist but his voice was what always got me. Stevie Wonder said something like ” everyone brought something to the table but with Nat god sprinkled a little fairy dust on his vocal chords”

Pauline Sims… Couldn’t agree more Stevie Wonder,

Gerry Fortsch… None of the above.

Phil Thornton… Andy Williams ( I liked his friend the cookie monster )

Will Cornell… I really don’t like that kind of music at all, but I did begrudgingly have a bit of respect for Tom Jones when he was in that mini series PBS Blues documentary, I believe with Jeff Beck. And if Elvis and Tommy Duncan (of Bob Wills’ Texas Playboys count) then throw them in the mix.

David Edwards…  I don’t think Tom, Elvis or Tommy Duncan come under this umbrella.

Tony Davis… Sinatra and NKC all the way

Paul Juan… From that list probably Perry or Matt

Judith Monk… Perry Como!

Pete Millington… Nat King Cole, Dean Martin, Matt Monro, Frank Sinatra, in that order!

Wendy Belton… They are all great but of course it has to be the man I have met many times Andy Williams. I really do miss seeing him and giving him red roses with the rest of his fan club. Can’t believe it’s six years next week since the world lost that amazing voice. Followed by Bobby Darin then Matt Monro.

Lloyd Johnson… Nat King Cole!…

Pauline Richards… Dean Martin definitely

Judy Atkinson… Bing Crosby

Victoria Diaz-Fernandez… Nat and Bing

James Johnson… Johnny Mathis. voice from my childhood

Lloyd Johnson… We all got driven mad by your Mum playing ‘The 12th of Never’ even before you were born James.

Alan Pepper… Ramblin’ rose reminds me of my uncle. Nat King Cole’s voice was like honey . Born free by Matt Monro is another one of my favorites ! On my playlist at my wake but that’s another story…..

Mike Vawdrey… Bing Crosby was the original and best as well as being a great jazz singer in his youth. Nat (King) Cole would have been equally famous as a jazz pianist – if with a less healthy bank account – had the singing not taken over

Dave Nattress… Wow, what a great response!  As an old rocker (I guess), at one time I might not have been able to admit to liking so many of these guys.
But, having followed rock vocalists who really, really, can sing, and moreover “live”, I nonetheless can look up to so many of these crooners and performers given that I finally started to broaden my outlook a good few years back!  I have a double CD of Frank Sinatra’s hits – just fabulous stuff and Matt Monro – wonderful.  “Born Free” – for just one, a wonderful vocal.  Let’s not forget or let’s recognise the quality of the writing, the arrangements, the musicianship as well as the vocals.

Y Front Run Alexandra Park Hastings and Y Front Run gig – The Clarence Silverhill St Leonards – Sunday 23rd September 2018 in aid of St Michaels Hospice, Cancer Research and Prostate Cancer

Sarah Harvey… Approx times….
12.00 hairy jack acoustic r’n’r. (Inside)
1.30: the happy Maureen. (Outside)
2.15: hairy jack acoustic r’n’r. (Inside)
2.45: cushty unplugged (outside)
4.15: stormy t + the bluesman lane (outside)
5.45 Liane Carroll (outside)
7.00: the kavemen (inside)

The GT Strokers – The Kit Kat Club September/October 1967


supplied by Andy Webster

The Kit Kat Club in Old London Rd, near Ore Village.
From the left on keyboards is Reverley Stockdale , Andy Webster (guitar), Tony Lambert (vocals), Graham Kent (bass), Paul Freeman (drums).


supplied by Andre Martin

Membership card supplied by Mick O’Dowd

Chris Baker… Ha! Played there once in the early days of The Town Council! I remember learning My Generation especially for the gig.

Robert Searle… Wow what a great picture

Virginia Davis… Whereabouts in Old London Road was it and when did it close?

Alan Esdaile… It was virtually opposite the China Parade, not sure when it closed.

Colin Fox… This must have been taken a long time ago. Rev and Paul, (who Robert Searle and I lodged with in the early 70’s) look very young.

Mick O’Dowd… Deep Purple (Hastings) played there & I did discos there. The building is still there Virginia Davis. It is the long one-storey building with the parking space in front.

Virginia Davis… Thanks. The one that was a car or bike club for a while

Mick O’Dowd… GT Strokers were an excellent band

Chris Baker… As were the Town Council, allegedly! Not sure what year this was though. Thanks Alan for confirming 1967, in which case we probably weren’t that good then!

Alan Esdaile… I thought you were a Great band Chris and every gig was packed.

Andre Martin… What next – The Kit Kat Club and the world

Ken Copsey… Great picture.

Before The Storm, Proglotis, P.Ackerly & Brent Eaton – William Parker School Hastings 12th July 1979

supplied by Ken Copsey

Ken Copsey… Took a look in the archive box for the first time in a long while and this was the first thing I found. Not clear as to what year this was or whether SSL played at it or I was even there. I’m sure someone will enlighten me.

Factory Time Machine 7″ single reissued – limited

The latest addition to the Rare Record Club series – No 43 – is from a Hastings band

Further details from Record Collector…

Alan Esdaile…  I wonder if any of Factory know anything about this and if it is done with their permission?

Andy Qunta… Thanks, Alan, but yes, & yes! Woo hoo!

Geoff Peckham… Ahem….

Pete Fisher… that’s what I was wondering, but good to hear they do…

Joe Knight… Wow how young