Wesley Magoogan – Wishing

Slow smokey jazz style on tenor. When I recorded this the toilet had a great sound so I put the mic stand on the bog,directed the musicians via headphones and off we went !
Featuring Pete ‘Tommo’ Thompson on drums,Roy Carter from ‘Heatwave’ on bass and Yannos via Andrew Lloyd Webber’s ‘Cats’ on piano.Composed by Wesley Magoogan published by EMI Music.
If anyone wants to commercially use this track or part of it please get in touch with Wesley via facebook or linkedin or EMI Music Publishing.

Great track from Wesley and deserves more recognition.

Graham Burfield….love it great sound

Kev Towner.… I love it!!

Andy Qunta….Most enjoyable, Wesley! Great tune, great playing! Nice of you to give a credit to the toilet too!

Joe Knight….”great!!”


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