The Box Recording Studios – band unknown?

supplied by Neil Cartwright.



Neil Cartwright…A photo from inside The Box – probably 1981. The dark-haired guitarist could have been called Nigel, the other was possibly Mick, and I think he was a teacher. Mick Burt was certainly on drums, and we battled through standards like ‘Freebird’ and ‘Wishing Well’. Some time later, we practiced down there with Trevor Lewis – a gifted songwriter with a beautiful voice. Any idea of the band?

Michael Mepham…..That might be Mick from Stone Junction on the right. I think the other guy might be named Brian.

Yvonne Cleland….That looks like Mick Hartnell on the right

Sam Rosewell….That is Mr Hartnell – he was an English teacher at Hillcrest when I was there in the 80s.


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