The Likes Of Us & Morning Dew

Mick O’Dowd… Looking for info/pics on the groups “The Likes of Us” and “Morning Dew”. Both at one time included Pete Horton (Deep Purple) in their line-up.

We have one photo on the website of ‘Morning Dew’ but anyone got any others?

Geoff Peckham…. used to have Blues jams with some guys older than myself around ’67,’68 in Bexhill. There were two excellent guitarists – one was Patrick Gaffney and I’m sure the other was Pete Horton. There was also an impressive singer/harpist called Robin Musket (?). They, and a guy called Teddy Barnes spoke fondly of a band they were involved with called “The Likes of Us”. I always thought it was a great name! That’s all I recall except I think it was short-lived and they played at the Sailing Club around ’63,’64. Does that jog any memories?

Mick O’Dowd….RE: Likes of Us. Now have lineup: Bob Laurie(Lead guitar), Pete Horton(Rhythm),Chris Burt (Bass), Ian “Mac” McGilvary (Drums) and
Ted Barnes (Vocals). The manager was Ian Rolls. Update on Morning Dew. They morphed from The Springbeats and if you look at the pics of both groups on web  you can see likeness.

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