Circuit 4 – Ore Youth Club, Grove Road 1965?



supplied by Mick O’Dowd

CIRCUIT 4 – Taken at Grove Road, Ore Youth Club 65?. Jane Newman?John Hall, Roger King, Pip Glazier Mick O’Dowd, Chris & Jane Glazier and Gil Cottle. Band was Circuit 4. Pic 2: Stuart Tanner Mick O’Dowd, John “Ongie” Hall, Roger King and Pip Glazier.

Matt Thomas…..Alan,is this our old place in Grove Rd?

Alan Esdaile….Well spotted Matt, I don’t think we had this much fun when I had it as a warehouse.

Matt Thomas…. dunno,you didnt see us when you was in the office lol

Mick O’Dowd….Picture  update. Blonde female turned away from camera was,I think, called Lesley.

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