Joe Rytlewski Entertainments & Hollywood Killers – business cards

joe rytlewski card


supplied by Roger Carey

Andre Martin….Must have been part of the Magic Circle – no address or telephone number – what would it have been lets all join hands and hum !!

Alan Esdaile….I thought someone might mention that! I think its best to leave peoples names and addresses out. At least we can now spell Joe’s surname correct.

Terry Huggins…I always called him Joe Right-left-ski.

Yvonne Cleland….So did everyone else!

Terry Pack….But then, it was Phil Thornton who told me his name when I was a teenager, and Phil thought that my name was Pact until about 10 years ago! Roger Carey used to call me Paco JazzTerryus.

Phil Thornton….yes thats right, sorry about that !Steve D insisted on calling Terry ‘Pacorious’ and Joe was of course ‘leftrightski’ !

Terry Pack…’with regard to the Hollywood Killers‘  I have one of those somewhere. Though why Jim gave me a card when I was in the band and had his number already remains a mystery to me.

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