Simon Fuller being interviewed Radio 2 – 1st January 2014

Simon Fuller is  being interviewed on Radio 2, 1st January 2014 19.00 and two further programmes coming up talking about his career. It will be interesting to hear if he says much about Hastings.

Martyn Baker…..Blimey. Yeah. I’ll be listening Alan, seeing as how he managed one of the bands I was in (Missing Persons), helped get me a record deal (Salvation Sunday), and I worked at Radio 2 for 6 or so years too! Who will be doing the interview?

Alan Esdaile….It looks like its Nicki Chapman who’s interviewing him but don’t expect her to delve too deep as she used to work for him. I think he’s doing 3 interviews and the first ones looks like its going to be his favourite records.

Pete Fairless…..Yes, that will be very interesting.

Mick O’Dowd….Hope he sends me the money due for my participation in his ill-fated gig on the Pier when he promoted glam-rock band Tonight.


Joe’s Blooze Band – Neil Cartwright & Steve Demetri 1998



Eddie Hazell Estate

Neil Cartwright….Drums was Steve Demetri, guitar Joe Rytlewski, and keyboards, Jez Gillett. It was ‘Joe’s Blooze Band’, probably Beach Concert 1998.

commenting on Steve Demetri….

John Wilde….. -a privilige to know and be creatively connected to..he lives on in our hearts. Thanks for all the fish.. x

Tony Court-holmes….a well missed man