Woolworths At Christmas


supplied by www.weathersheep.com – photo of Woolworths Camberwell London SE5

Andre Martin….Oh were they not just great at Christmas – sadly missed

Alan Esdaile….Do you remember the separate oblong counters with the assistant in the middle? Always a great Christmas display. I can remember wanting a Beatles wig but my parents were shocked by the idea. I probably ended up with lego or mechano.

Redstar Richter….woollies tried to turn Tesco over – so Tesco buried them!

Mick O’Dowd….When does their sale start! If only!

Mick Knights…. I once bought an LP in their bargin bucket for 50p It was called The Great American Eagle Tragedy, which I only played once, but sold on Ebay a couple of years ago for £35.0 still with its Wollies 50p price sticker!!!!

Pete Fairless….Woolies Hasting branch Record Department had an ‘interesting’ pricing policy!


supplied by David St John

Alan Esdaile….I’ve just noticed at the bottom of the advert, Embassy sounds like the Beatles albums! Do you remember those terrible Top Of The Pops cover version albums, really bad but the sleeves were interesting

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