Pop Quiz: Can You Identify These ’70s Hits by Just Their First Second?

Pop Quiz: Can You Identify These ’70s Hits by Just Their First Second?

By David Haglund, Chris Kirk, and Forrest Wickman



Jimmy Page, Elton John, and Donna Summer photos by Getty.

Alan Esdaile… I got 13

Matt Thomas… I got 13 as well. Where are the 80’s ones? that is more my era lol

John Wilde… Easy….more please

Lesley Brown… Really enjoyed this. I got 13 too, but one refused to play. Not sure I would have got it anyway though.

John Storer… 13 out of 16 for me, too … Only 10 out of 16 for the 80s … and the 90s pretty much completely beat me …. had actually stopped listening to anything that wasn’t funk, soul or jazz by then, though … until Britpop came along, anyway

Alan Esdaile… Got 10 on the 80’s and 7 for the 90’s.

Matt Thomas… 12 for the 80’s and 7 for the 90’s

Kev Towner… 15 in the 70’s one – couldn’t get Three Dog Night. Only 12 in the 80’s one – but one of them wouldn’t let me type the ampersand. The 90’s I’m not sure I dare tackle that one.





Year End Episode of the History of The Happy Ballroom 1964 by Andre Martin

Here we are at the end of the year episode of the History of the Happy Ballroom for 1964; we have just experienced the Christmas and Boxing Day entertainments, and all the additional activities that would have been included on the Pier for your entertainment, the Bingo, the Coffee Morning Dances and not forgetting the Fishing. The next big date will be NEW YEARS EVE featuring the resident band – “The Percy Howe Orchestra “the Pier Company had offered some special rates for the 3 days: 6/- single and 10/- ALL DANCES. – That does seems very reasonable for what’s on offer, or is the competition very strong from alternative venues? Only time will tell.
So what else have the youngsters been up to over the Festive Season – please tell us in no less than 100 words c/o The Hub, White Rock, Hastings via email 1066heritage@gmail.com – we will select the best answers and publish later in January. I will speak with the CEO[Simon] and see if we cannot get a small prize to be given out.
Of the published activities, we would have started off the weekend on the Friday 25th, with an hour long Ready Steady Go, not bad – on the show this week – Dave Berry & The Cruisers, Wayne Fontana & Mindbenders, The Four Pennies, Herman’s Hermits, The Nashville Teens, The Searchers and Sandie Shaw and complete with Keith Fordyce and Cathy McGowan. But it would have been a different night, as there were very few places to go I can only recall one pub in the old town – The Anchor, and clubs and ballrooms, with the exception of some hotel, where it would have been for guests only. The Witch Doctor did follow with tradition and open for a few hours around lunchtime on Christmas Day for a Record Spin, and it was FREE 12.00noon-2.00pm
Boxing Day saw the Pier and Witch Doctor back in full swing, at Marine Court it would have been a festive day, starting with Junior Spin at 10.00am – 2.00pm : 2.30pm-6.00pm Live Music with the Outcasts. 7.30pm – The Unit 4+1 and local attractions The Talismen. All day ticket from 10/- and that would cover till 11.45pm as it was a Saturday Night, and no late extensions. The Sunday Club featured the Voodoos, Wednesday was the visit from The Mindbenders – if my memory serves me correctly, there was a good crowd in the club that night, and the Mindbenders came out on stage and as they struck the first note there was a bang, all the electrics went, and we were only left with emergency lighting. They were unable to reset anything for that night, and the show has to be cancelled. The Big problem was that Thursday Night was New Years Eve, and the problems had to be resolved so that 24 hours later everything would be geared to that – it was on 31st December, the acts at the clubs that night were John L Watson & The Hummelflugs + The Blues Creatures plus records 7.30pm – 01.00am all for 7/6d. Friday Nights 1 January 1965 – The Migil 5 took centre stage.
BBC Light Programme for the Boxing Day did a classic Saturday Club wityh Brian Matthews including Georgie Fame & The Blue Flames, Joe Brown & The Bruvvers and The Beatles. Saturday Swings [2.00pm] Gerry 7 Pacemakers, The Searchers, Sheila Buxton, The Vicounts, the Seekers, and the man they cannot keep off our Radio – Wout Steenhuis – rumour has it that some fans of his keep writing the Controller General of the BBC and request this artiste to be included!!!!
Juke Box Jury that weekend on BBC TV – the Panel Alan Freeman, Nyreen Dawn Porter, William Rushton and Susannah York.
The next episode will take us into a brand new year – 1965 – and all that was going to change – but more about that as we tell the story of the Happy Ballroom on Hastings Pier.
On a personal note, New Years Eve 1964, I spent with several friends from the town in Trafalgar Square, we had gone up in the afternoon of 31st December in 2 cars, from memory I recall that amongst the party were, Dave Bargioni, Lester Tilbury, Hans Herald, John Gillies also I thought the 2 Pats from Bexhill, but I cannot recall any other names – it was an experience.
Till next year – take great care on NYE……..
2014© Andre Palfrey-Martin

Andy Qunta… Great write-up, as always, Andre! Just about every artist you mentioned I loved, even the Juke Box Jury panel! In those days I loved every record I heard! Not so now!

Alan Esdaile… Agree Andy, Andre makes it really interesting and brings back so many memories. I used to love Juke Box Jury and remember most of the time disagreeing with my parents on what was going to be a hit.

Andy Qunta… See, I even like this! Of course, it sounds like The Shadows, so I’m bound to like it!

Mick O’Dowd… Well done Andre on a fascinating and informative series of posts this year. Memory joggers and nostalgia rolled into one. A big thanks to you and keep your pen sharp for 1965!

The Spirit Of Radio Caroline – Kevin Carlyon

Radio Caroline was the first and last ‘pirate’ radio ship broadcasting from the International Waters of the North Sea from 1964 to 1990. Their first ship, the Mi Amigo sank in vicious weather in 1980. They returned in 1983 from the ex Icelandic trawler The Ross Revenge and broadcast until 1990 when the ship run aground on the Goodwin Sands. The ship was refloated and impounded by the Dover Port Authority. Fans raised the money to purchase the ship and it now broadcasts legally every now and again on one month Restricted Service Licenses from its anchorage in Rochester.

Caroline also broadcasts legally on satellite as well as on the internet at www.radiocaroline.co.uk.

DJs aboard the Ross Revenge have all at some stage reported strange phenomena so here comes Kev the Witch!

Johnny Mason comments..My favourite dj of that era was Johnnie Walker, this will bring back a few memories



Radio London – started 50 years ago 6.00hrs 23rd December 1964.


Andre Palfrey-martin collection

Andre Martin… Forgot to mention – 50 years ago this morning at 06.00hrs 23rd December 1964, Radio London BIG L started transmission to the South-East. Another Christmas present for us all.

Mick O’Dowd… Wonderful Radio London! BIG L!

Will Cornell… I told Alan about this one time, but Ed Wallace, a local radio personality here in Dallas did a special segment one morning on his “Wheels” car talk automotive news show. He detailed the whole history of “Radio London” and how a local Dallas car dealer in the early ’60s saw how successful local station KLIF was….KLIF was one of the first “top 40” format stations in the US. This car dealer took a vacation to London and noticed there was no station playing that format in spite of the huge amounts of great talent coming from the UK (and Europe). Because of BBC-government ties and red tape, there could be no station set up on British soil, so he bought this boat (prob. the one above), set up transmitting equipment on board, and enabled our British brethern and sistern to hear the kind of radio they really wanted to hear. I wish Ed Wallace had kept an MP3 of this broadcast to be accessed on the KLIF site or his own, but no such luck. Many recording studios locally here in the DFW area continuted years later to specialize in broadcast jingles by the way.

Andre Martin… Excellent information, thank you – will archive for future reference. Some might enjoy this.

Andy Qunta…  that takes me back! Excellent!

Alan Esdaile… The Jingles sound great and bring back lots of memories.

Will Cornell… To this day, whether I want to hear what Radio London sounded like….or for that matter what that top 40 format sounded like here (maniacal djs, tons of reverb in their voices talking 90mph, commercials and songs running into eachother, NO dead air at all, and everything from the Supremes, to Johnny Cash, to the Byrds, Petula Clark, in otherwords, anything and everything that was selling at the time regardless of genre or “market”…I just listen to “The Who Sell Out”. I have a msg to Ed Wallace to see if he can provide the audio link or transcript to that show I was talking about, if so I’ll get it over to SMART.

Jim Hobbs… Yea, but was it as good as Arrow FM? … I joke, of course!

John Storer…  No idea now how I discovered Radio London (presume one of the older kids on our estate in Ore told me) but it was definitely the station that kick-started my enduring obsession with listening to music. Have a clear recollection of a lovely summer’s day when on holiday at my Nan’s in Eltham and laying on the grass outside with several of the local kids and us all listening to Radio London on my uncle’s transistor radio. It was always Radio London for me, never Caroline. Also remember a house up on The Ridge that had a huge placard in their front garden which read “Kill the Marine Broadcasting (Offences) Bill”

Hastings Pier Ballroom – how many legally did it hold?


Andre Palfrey-martin collection

Andre Martin… We often get asked about the permitted numbers who could be in the Happy Ballroom, I have found the following document, and thought this would be of interest, you need to follow it down to get the final figure – Bob Knights must have applied his own counting method, or was it Ricky in the Toll House ????

Pete Fairless… Now let’s see the documents that show how many tickets you sold, Andre!

Jim Breeds…  Wow, that’s interesting. And how many were allowed if they were all stamping their feet in unison demanding an encore?

Joe Cocker Dies aged 70




A & M Records 1970

Chris Sambrook… Another one gone. Check out 7 Days from the British Steel album from around the mid/early 80′s.

Alan Esdaile… Not good, another piece of your past chipped away.

Lucy Pappas…  Another huge loss to music as well as to his family and friends x

Mark Gilham… A legend

Caz Simpson… Oh no! How terrible!

Karen Sweatman Was Blackman… How very sad.

Jim Hobbs… RIP Joe, we have lost too many good people this year!

Jane Hartley… just heard Simon Mayo and Rick Wakeman talking about Joe, love to his family and friends.

Colin Norton… Sorry to hear this! RIP Joe.

Jim Breeds.. Joe’s agents words….


John Storer… Really sad news …. it was only a week or so ago I posted about Joe when he was on the Regal Zonophone label and, since then, his single “Marjorine” has been an almost constant earworm. His albums could be rather hit and miss affairs (especially the later stuff) but anyone who released songs as great as “With A Little Help From My Friends” (a version superior to the Beatles own, in my opinion), “The Letter” and “Delta Lady” deserves to be up there with all the greats. Incidentally, excuse my pedantry, but the album Chris Sambrook refers to above is “Sheffield Steel” … he’s right about “7 Days” being a great track, though.

Andy Qunta… RIP Joe!

Patrick Lewis… Very sad news.

Glenn Piper… RIP Joe

Chris Baker… Brilliant singer. Best blues voice ever. RIP

Alan Wood… Another Hastings pier memory. R I P

John Gilbert… So sad , god bless you Joe RIP

Pete Prescott… Sad. .Great singer. I played in a bill with him at St gallen in Switzerland in 1984. Is strange. I still play cassette tapes in my car. In the way home I had one of my various tapes on. The last one I heard as I got home was his version of Delta lady. How weird is that.

Tony May… Sad about Joe Cocker.

Andre Martin… Some gigs you remember, other just well go………………. this is one that I do recall. he was a fantastic singer and it was just one of those really good nights in the Happy Ballroom, just goes to prove just how much we were in at the beginning with so many acts that came down to Hastings at one venue or another. He was only a youngster when he joined that big Concert Theatre in the sky – 70 is no age !! RIP Joe.


Andre Palfrey-martin collection

Mick O’Dowd… This, as I said before, is not a good year for losing people. That supergroup in the sky has just got a new member. R.I.P. Joe.

Happy Christmas 2014


A Big Thank You to everyone for your constant support, its been great and long may it continue. Always need more and more photos and more new people involved to keep it interesting. If you have anything with a connection to Hastings from the 60’s onwards, that would be interesting for the site, then please email over with as much detail as possible.

We also have a popular SMART Facebook page which you are most welcome to join.

I would just like to wish everyone here a Happy Christmas and a Healthy New Year. Its also a sad time for many but they can’t take away our memories.

Tony May… Merry Christmas and well done Alan. S.M.A.R.T. is a huge success and long may that continue…

John Storer… Actually I think it is you, Alan, that deserves a big “Thank You” from all of us. This site has been a revelation and I am sure has put a lot of people back in touch with each other. Crikey … it has almost tempted me to join Facebook … almost! LOL. Merry Christmas to you and yours, and thanks again for this great forum.

Andy Qunta… Thanks, Alan! You rock! Happy Christmas and all the best for the New Year! I hope to be seeing you in person in 2015!

Matt Thomas… Happy Crimbo Boss – see u next year

Nick Prince… Yes Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Alan and to all of you on here that celebrate Christmas on here. In Judaism its polite to wish everyone a Happy Holiday Season x Thanks for creating a truly amazing and interesting page Alan.

Sarah Harvey… Thank you for making this all possible Alan ….. if it hadn’t been for this group I wouldn’t have met up with so many old friends whom I have missed so much and I wouldn’t have made such lovely new friends. From those very early days when Factory inspired me to pick up a guitar in the first place, everyone in this group has inspired me to pick up the guitar once again…. and I am loving it. Thank you and Happy Christmas to you and everyone in the group! We rock! 🙂

Lucy Pappas… I’m new to the group and can see how brilliantly you hold it all together. Hope to meet you next year. Merry Christmas to you, too xx

Nastassja Kaschevsky… Happy Christmas Alan !

Karen Sweatman Was Blackman… Have a fab Christmas Alan x

Graham Burfield… merry Christmas and happy new year to everyone

Caz Simpson… Happy Christmas Alan, I hope you have a wonderful time x

Yvonne Cleland… Happy end of year festival and have an even better 2015! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tony Qunta… Happy Christmas and a Very Happy New Year Alan!

Pete Prescott… A very happy Christmas to you. Keep up the good work. Its been an amazing year.

Geoff Peckham… Have a great Christmas, Alan, and a rockin’ New Year.

Mike Curtis… You are doing a great job! Have a great Christmas.

Andre Martin… You take it easy Alan, and don’t do too much – have a break and we will all be looking forward to getting together in January sometime. – I wonder do the do Christmas Pudding filled donuts – Mick over to you !

Mick O’Dowd… Have a rest Alan as we need you to lead us in 2015! Thanx for all the hard work you’ve put in in 2014. Happy Christmas to You & your Family.

Pete Fairless… Keep rockin’, Alan! Oh, and see you all on the pier in 2015!



Looking for Ray Wood.

Lucy Pappas… I’ve become particularly nostalgic reading SMART posts. I moved back a couple of years ago after being away for many years and have caught up with a number of old friends, particularly in the music scene. One friend who I never sung or played music with or even went to pier gigs with, even though he was there, is Ray Wood. From Sandown, he went to Priory Rd while I went to the High School. Does anyone know him/remember him/ know where he is? It would be such fun to catch up. Thanks for your help x

Anyone help, I will pass on any messages received.

Mick O’Dowd… I’m not sure but I think if he went to Sandown in 50′s/60′s and went to Priory Road it might be the boss of the tarmac/drive firm opposite the Cemetry on The Ridge.