You Rocked We Rolled – Mott The Hoople Road Crew Life by Phil John


Here’s a great new book from Phil John about life on the road with Mott The Hoople.

Alan Esdaile…..this is still the best one

Kurt Helge….Bowie rules

Will Cornell…..I’m partial to “All the Way From Memphis”–or was that a hit only over here? or maybe Alan meant the best glam act and personally I’d agree. Not a Bowie fan and I’ll concede he’s genius ( was he really glam or just passing thru?), yet of all that movement, I think Mott and TRex came out best. Over here CBS issued a 2 LP set in the late 70s called “Shades of Ian Hunter” w. Mott and Ian solo stuff,and to date it’s the best compilation ever. It NEVER came out on CD which is a shame. Included the somewhat rare “England Rocks” which was redone as “Cleveland Rocks”.

Mick Mepham….I prefer Thunderbuck Ram from Mad Shadows. Just saying.

Ralph Town…..Honalushi Boogie tends to get passed ove

Pete Fairless….Not in this house!

Phil Gill….Effigy used to play a great version of Thunderbuck Ram.


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Also still looking for more photos and cuttings from the 60’s onwards with a musical connection to Hastings. Especially groups we have not featured so far.

Mick O’Dowd….On doing research for my pictoral history of The Pier through posters/tickets/flyers etc (keep posting any pleeeze!) I came across the group The Orange Seaweed who supported Hendrix in 67 and also The Four Aces who supported The Stones(sounds like a doo-wop group). Anybody got any info on them?

Andre Martin….The Orange Seaweed, were a Hastings psychedelic band formed out of The Freakbacks and Kingpins. The line up Ray Neale Guitar & Vocal, Keith Neil Bass and Les Warren Drums. In 1968 they had 2 releases thro PYE records Stay Awhile and Pictures in the Sky.  The Four Aces – only one I have ever come across were a US doo-wop group that started working in the early 1950s- the only common link between the Stones and them would be they both released thro DECCA records.

Tony Bird in the studio – 1981 & history


supplied by Pete Prescott

Tony Bird.….just For the record after gone pro for 5 years I retuned to Bexhill and formed a band in 1973 will Len Benton & Ian Mcgilvray called “PARDON” and a year later was joined by Joe Milligon on sax and sometimes his brother Ronnie . this line up was called “QUESTION”……giging at The Yorkshire Grey pub St.Leonards.,Safari Club George St….58 Club Winchelsea….The York Pub Bexhill ,,,,,,,,,,,,,The Inn at Crowhurst and Various RAF camps in the south……..all in a big yellow van bought from Stewart Moir…….now there’s some facts and my first band

in 1964 was “The Likes of Us”…….With Peter Horton, Lawrie ….?,Philip Earl,….and Yogi on Bass…………..cheers Tony Bird

Robert Searle….Great one Tony. Let’s have more.You,of all people,have plenty of history. When I first came to Bexhill,years ago,you was one of the first people to come and talk to me. I’ll never forget

Joe Knight….PIANO MAN!!!

Mick O’Dowd….Welcome to the pleasure dome Tony. Pete Horton sends his regards