Panoramic Festival with Tindersticks – De La Warr Pavilion 2002



This was a brilliant gig, Tindersticks played outside at the back of the De la Warr and with the sound of the sea, it was perfect.

Joe Knight….brilliant voice enjoy song & tape !!!

Stuart Huggett…..We reviewed this whole weekend of De La Warr gigs in my fanzine at the time (one of Tindersticks’ supports was an excellent early-ish gig by James Yorkston And (one of) The Athletes. Apparently one of my friends has a good bootleg of Tindersticks’ set too.

Yvonne Cleland…..We stood outside the barrier – there were loads of people along the seafront there – to hear Courtney Pine’s set. He played a blinder, and the half hour encore was all reggae-influenced. It was glorious to hear, and a warm balmy evening. The sound must have carried all over Bexhill.

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