SMART 8 Reminder

SMART 8 Reminder – The next coffee meet is this Friday 10th January 2014 at the White Rock Hotel 3.30pm.  An informal get together where we chat about music memories. Everyone’s welcome to join us and if possible please bring along any photos, cuttings etc.

Mick Mepham….Will be there if poss and a happy new year to y’all.

Sarah Harvey….Hopefully be there.

Mick Mepham….Al, do you want me to bring the posters again?

Alan Esdaile….Great if you can Mick and especially anything we have not seen. Thanks.

Mick O’Dowd….Come on down! Be there or be square for a fabaroonie time! Sorry. Too much Lucozade!

Jim Breeds….Have fun this afternoon.

Alan Esdaile….Hi Jim, pity you could not make it. Another great afternoon with lots of new people. Thanks to everyone who turned up and I will post a report over the weekend.

Jim Breeds….One day …


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