Hazel O Connor – D Days 1981

Gary Kinch…..Nice shot of all the ‘astins lads @1.19……….Took our Mum to see them at the Dome in 198?. Mum looked nice with her knitted cardi and Handbag, dead punk she was. Asked Mum what she thought half way through, she couldn’t hear me because she had cotton wool stuffed in her ears.

Chris Baker….I only knew of Del from Hastings. Which others were from there then?

Alan Esdaile….Chris, as well as Wesley, you should know Steve Kinch & Andy Qunta

Chris Baker….Blimey! I never knew the were in the band too. One of those things that passed me by. Nice to know

Andy Qunta….Those were the D Days!

Steve Kinch….Yeah… not even slightly overdoing it LOL! Looking at that vid again makes me think, that’s probably when I first did my back… it’s never been the same since

Tony Qunta….You certainly were giving it some, Steve! I look very laid back in comparison!

Pete Fisher…..saw you guys at Norwich University, must have been around this time, with Duran Duran supporting (they were awful)….got to say hi to Andy, had no idea Steve was on bass…..great clip!

Mick O’Dowd….Hazel was an very underated singer/performer. I think she was overshadowed by Toyah.


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