Hastings Beach Concert

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all photos Eddie Hazell Estate

(photo 3 vocals) Joe Knight…..JOHNNY PANIC

Phil Gill…..”Thank you. music lovers”

Kev Towner….I wonder if Delilah’s still kicking around somewhere?

Mick O’Dowd….What a character. Saw him at Crown House doing his Delilah routine.

(photo 5 drums) Joe Knight…..SACHA

Yvonne Cleland…..Sacha, what are you like?! I’ve never known a drummer before that needed a blow up doll on stage…

Mick Mepham…..He does a very convincing impression of a first-class drummer/percussionist/vocalist. (£5 in a plain envelope please Sacha….). I think he was actually being attacked by this one …..

Yvonne Cleland….He doesn’t seem to mind..

(photo 6 guitar) Joe Knight….KEVIN FRANCIS

(photo 7 guitar) Joe Knight…..SIMON SHAW


Grundy – 1997


supplied by Hastings Groups 1958 to the present

playing in 1997 at the Tudor Rose. L-R – Clive Davies, Bob Posner, Kirk Ronchetti, Nigel Davies, RIP. A great group.

Joe Knight….i was there lol i was in the RAOB when Pauline & family owned it . thats upstairs is now a house were talking to owners in MIKKI BAR