Harry R & The Jump Jets rehearsal Catsfield – 1983


supplied by Hastings groups from 1958 to present

Dave Easton vocals, Stuart Moir, drums and Phil Gill on Bass.

Andy Qunta….”Phil Gill again! How does he do it?

Phil Gill….”I thought this was a Harry R rehearsal or me doing a dep for Centre Page. If it’s neither of those then I have no recollection of this musical situation.”

Joe Knight….GREAT VOCALIST!!!!

Janine Anne Hemsley…..Worked down Rennie’s with these guys  I was doing the jazz before they came on lol

Pier Band Ads – 1973/74




all cuttings supplied by Sarah Harvey

Sarah Harvey….Some of my favourite bands seen on The Pier…..in order Oct 1973, Sept 1974 and December 1974. Be Bop Deluxe opened their set with ‘Fair Exchange’. Wonderful bands, all of them.

John Wilde….Be Bop Deluxe turned me around. Been a huge fan of Bill Nelson ever since.

Andy Qunta….Wow! We were so spoiled!

Mark Sims…..That poster for Be Bop De Luxe with support Clemen Pull. Clemen Pull was my old band. I was the drummer. www.clemenpull.com

Ken Dengate…..Still got a ‘flyer’ for the Tempest gig.

Mick O’Dowd….Nice work Sarah. Keep the ads coming as i’m trying to compile a pictorial list of Pier music. As I said before those of us that have been around since the 60’s have been really spoilt with the choice of bands both local produced and big names! Time for another Sanatogen!

Dave Nattress….Sarah, When I was in Samisen, we did “Ships in the Night” by Be Bop Deluxe at Ore Centre a couple of times, and rehearsed a couple of other tracks – Made in Heaven I loved/love still, but didn’t do them live.  I’ve got everything Be Bop did vinyl and CD and most of the stuff Bill Nelson did.  Also got a fabulous hardback book biography – Bill Nelson and Be Bop Deluxe.  Sunburst Finish album – just wonderful!!

Bobby Walker…..Remember jumping into the back of a transit to go see Be-Bop Deluxe at Folkestone. Shockingly uncomfortable journey, and we arrived to find we’d got the wrong night!

Bare-Faced Blues Fest – Sunday 7th & 14th Sept 2014


A blues festival is planned for Sunday 7th and 14th September 2014 to raise funds for St Michael’s Hospice. ‘Bare-Faced Blues’ will be held at Gecko Bar in St Leonards and will feature the cream of the local blues artistes. Discussions are taking place with acts including T.Chest Blues, Roger Hubbard, King Size Slim and Nelson King Goo Goos.

Promoter Barry Taylor would like to hear from any local musicians who could contribute to an event which will show the wide variety of styles within the ‘Blues Genre’  and he has ambitions for it to become an annual event. Barry can be contacted on: barry.taylor145@googlemail.com or I’m happy to pass on any messages.


The Who – In Hastings – Looking for information

Andy Gunton is working on the next edition of The Stinger magazine and looking for information on The Who, especially the gig on Hastings Pier on the 20th July 1969. This was the day that Apollo 11 landed on the Moon and was a warm up gig for The Who’s performance at Woodstock. On the night they played a lot of Tommy, before playing some other hits. Or perhaps you went to the gig when they played The Witchdoctor Club? If anyone was at either of those gigs, or any others that The Who played in Hastings, or has any memorabilia, he would like to hear from you. Contact Andy at  andygunton@hotmail.com or happy to pass on any messages.


Alan Esdaile….. I saw The Who 3 times and every gig was excellent. One of the main things I remember is Roger Daltrey swinging his microphone virtually into the centre of the ballroom and then catching it. Later on I did try copying it and managed to ruin a few microphones!

Kurt Helge Andersen…..The Who played The Witch Doctor Club on 4 th of August 65 – BBC made a film from that concert and is can be seen on a DVD nowadays – I was there so see if you can spot me.

Andy Qunta….I  wish I had seen any, or preferably all, of those gigs!

Mick O’Dowd…..I was at The Pier concert where they played Tommy for the first half that didn’t go down too well as no-one knew it. Soon as they played their hits the place errupted!

Gary Kinch….Got to agree with that Andy Q and Alan. Saw them a few time myself in the 70’s. Also saw them at Brighton a few years ago. Loads of 60 something year old Mods there,  keen to recapture the spirit I suppose. Bet they didn’t sleep on the beach though.

Jim Breeds…..I last saw them at Glastonbury on 24th June 2007. It lashed down and blew hard. Know what I mean about very cold rain being driven horizontally into your face? Yeah, that. Apart from the rain and my Allyson getting lost in the crowd for ½ hour after going to the loo it was great. In fact, they were bloody awesome. And they did My Generation.

Kurt Helge Andersen…..in Denmark we say: “If you remember it, you weren’t there” – it was on my second or third day coming in from Denmark, where the only pop and beatmusic had the nickname”barbed wire music” and the local groups only played cover versions of UK and US hits.
I had heard almost nothing about The Who – only that “Can’t Explain” sounded like The Kinks. An older student said we should go for it – both for the music and hopefully to get to know somebody from Hastings, which we didn’t that night 🙂 it was so crowded – the band didn’t play as loud as later and the was no real dancing, just moving around and people jumping into each other. Everybody was friendly, but the whole thing was much to overwhelming for a 17 year old danish guy, who had never experienced neither UK or a real pop concert : I got the hang of it later that autumn, and I think I liked The Yardbirds-show better than The Who – but we played “My Generation” ten times a night on the Juke Box at The Nest Club that had been recommanded to me by someone. A very sweet married couple had that place as a small coffee bar upstairs and a very small and complete dark square room downstairs, where the only lights came from the Juke Box.
Luckily I got myself a girlfriend there and we spent almost every evening at The Nest dancing and holding hands. Only when we played soccer, I had to cancel the date, and I was always afraid to be alone the next day – but that never happened.
I had a great time in Hastings and St. Leonards-on-Sea attending The Continental College at Cumberland Gardens – a time, I shall never forget – and excuse me for my English – it was so long ago that most of you weren’t born yet 🙂 but maybe planned 😉

Samisen – final line up around 1976



supplied by Sarah Harvey

Sarah Harvey….One of the later line-ups of Samisen (and I think the final line-up). Probably around 1976…The percussionist I still cannot identify, or indeed the vocalist in the earlier photos I posted. Dave Kent is the man on keyboards and also played acoustic guitar. I believe that the bass player at this time was Steve Turner (Not the Steve Turner who wrote the Observer column)… still trying to find more photos of the band.

Ken Dengate…..hat looks very much like my old school friend, Dave Kent. His mum and dad ran ‘Eileens Treasure Trove’ in Kings Road, and much later a shop in Tower Road. A Graham Barrat was also an old schoolfriend (don’t know if it’s the same one). His dad had the pub in St. Georges Road that was where the Jehovas Witnesses place was built. Later on his parents had The Inn At Crowhurst. There were also two Steve Turners in my class, again not sure if it was either of them. Don’t suppose any of that’s any help to you. I did a bit of ‘rehearsing’ with Dave in the basement of the shop in Kings Road in the late 70’s. Cheers

Sarah Harvey….You have got it spot on I believe …. this version of Samisen also rehearsed in the basement of the Treasure Trove in Kings Road…. Graham Barratt also, I knew his dad had a pub although I knew him when he lived in flats in Bohemia Road. Steve Turner lived in Baldslow Road and had an older brother who I have seen about town relatively recently. The drummer is still a mystery.

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Kingbathmat – Looking for Keyboard player 2014 tour

Bernard Jeffery writes…..-Kingbathmat are looking for a Keyboard player. We are a Psychedelic Progressive Heavy Rock band based in the Hastings area. We are booked at Festivals in Europe and Britain in 2014. A good opportunity for someone to join a critically acclaimed band. Must have professional quality equipment. Contact him direct or happy to pass on any messages.