Rough Trip – Paul Durrant Book – story on 1970’s Hastings

rough trip

Paul Durrant – Rough Trip book on Kindle. …In early 70’s Hastings, The Speedboat is a bikers café on the seafront. An adjacent, illegal drinking and gambling club is run by the same owners. Clarkie is a happy-go-lucky wannabe biker, who works at the Speedboat and has already acquired a complicated love life that he wants to simplify. He also needs to get a proper job. Clarkie becomes tangled with gangster twins Eddie and Freddy who frequent the club, as they set up an LSD supply chain to fuel demand from London’s growing hippy culture. Clarkie has unwittingly put café owner Harry in the spotlight as an informer, and unbeknown to Clarkie there is truth behind his made-up story. Clarkie is drawn in deeper when the two women he has relationships with are used to coerce his deeper involvement. Maureen, the biker-girl he longs for and Harry’s wife Stella with whom he’s having an unsolicited fling. Clarkie is catapulted into a terrifying and violent world and gets drawn in deeper and deeper until he’s literally out of his depth.

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