Samisen – final line up around 1976



supplied by Sarah Harvey

Sarah Harvey….One of the later line-ups of Samisen (and I think the final line-up). Probably around 1976…The percussionist I still cannot identify, or indeed the vocalist in the earlier photos I posted. Dave Kent is the man on keyboards and also played acoustic guitar. I believe that the bass player at this time was Steve Turner (Not the Steve Turner who wrote the Observer column)… still trying to find more photos of the band.

Ken Dengate…..hat looks very much like my old school friend, Dave Kent. His mum and dad ran ‘Eileens Treasure Trove’ in Kings Road, and much later a shop in Tower Road. A Graham Barrat was also an old schoolfriend (don’t know if it’s the same one). His dad had the pub in St. Georges Road that was where the Jehovas Witnesses place was built. Later on his parents had The Inn At Crowhurst. There were also two Steve Turners in my class, again not sure if it was either of them. Don’t suppose any of that’s any help to you. I did a bit of ‘rehearsing’ with Dave in the basement of the shop in Kings Road in the late 70’s. Cheers

Sarah Harvey….You have got it spot on I believe …. this version of Samisen also rehearsed in the basement of the Treasure Trove in Kings Road…. Graham Barratt also, I knew his dad had a pub although I knew him when he lived in flats in Bohemia Road. Steve Turner lived in Baldslow Road and had an older brother who I have seen about town relatively recently. The drummer is still a mystery.

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Kingbathmat – Looking for Keyboard player 2014 tour

Bernard Jeffery writes…..-Kingbathmat are looking for a Keyboard player. We are a Psychedelic Progressive Heavy Rock band based in the Hastings area. We are booked at Festivals in Europe and Britain in 2014. A good opportunity for someone to join a critically acclaimed band. Must have professional quality equipment. Contact him direct or happy to pass on any messages.


Zig Zag Cover with Ian Hunter


supplied by Philip John

Philip John….Another Zig Zag cover this time number 22 and thanks to everyone for making me so welcome at the meeting yesterday. Ian playing the original cross guitar. Ex Buddy Guy I believe, correct me if I’m wrong.

Pete Prescott….he had that guitar when i saw mott at the oval cricket ground festival in sep 71.amazing day ! the who faces atomic rooster ameria. .

Mick O’Dowd….Nice to see you Phillip. Spread the word!