Zig Zag Cover with Ian Hunter


supplied by Philip John

Philip John….Another Zig Zag cover this time number 22 and thanks to everyone for making me so welcome at the meeting yesterday. Ian playing the original cross guitar. Ex Buddy Guy I believe, correct me if I’m wrong.

Pete Prescott….he had that guitar when i saw mott at the oval cricket ground festival in sep 71.amazing day ! the who faces atomic rooster ameria. .

Mick O’Dowd….Nice to see you Phillip. Spread the word!

SMART 9 report

Another great afternoon and good to see workmen on the pier. Among the new people this time were Conan Howard who used to play in Samisen, Allen Watts who was roadie for Tich, Wesley and loads of others bands,  Chris Stovold who had some brilliant old magazine to show, including the first issue of Zig Zag magazine with Sandy Denny on the cover. Philip John had some amazing tales to tell about life on the road with Mott The Hoople and others and his books is definately a must called  ‘You Rocked, We Rolled’. With talk about the Folk Festival taking place in May, Mick Mepham unearthed the programme from the original Hastings Folk Festival with Tom Paxton headliing. Anyone remember that?  Andre Martin was talking about the success of the  BBC tv programme  The End Of The Pier Show which everyone enjoyed. Andy Gunton arrived with the new music magazine The Stinger which everyone was positive about. Phil Gill confirmed Stallion are playing The Carlisle on April 11th.  Pete Prescott with his amazing scrapbooks and leaflets for The Beatles Day 2014 which looks set to be the biggest and best. Other talk was about The Teenbeats playing The Carlisle, Peter Millington was talking about memories of Ore Youth Club. Other people in attendance were Mick O’Dowd, Geoff Peckham, Tony Qunta, Ray & Anita Medhurst, Chris Sambrook, Sarah Harvey, Ann Gill, Jon McCallion & Yvonne Cleland. Apolgise to anyone I missed as they were still arriving when I left! Barry Taylor was unable to attend but wanted me to mention he is organising a Blues Festival later in the year and anyone interested please contact him.

Sarah Harvey…..Fantastic afternoon at the SMART get-together on Friday and thank you Alan for organising it. The diversity of musical memories that I heard was fascinating. Wonderful people with such interesting backgrounds.

Tony Qunta….Sounds like fun! Sorry I couldn’t be there. Hope to make it to one of these meetings one of these days!

Mick O’Dowd….I can only echo previous comments. Full marks to Alan’s organising abilities. Nice to see yet more new faces and if it carries on like this we might be hiring the New Pier Ballroom for our meets! Fantastic atmosphere and a chance to put faces to the names seen on the web page and Facebook. Roll on the next!

What happens at a SMART meet by Mick O’Dowd

Constantly getting asked what happens at the SMART meet with odd questions like.. will I have to stand up and talk, I only talk about the 60’s so will I fit in, I’m not from Hastings so am I allowed to come, I got thrown out of a band they were in 40 years ago so not sure they will still talk to me etc, etc. IF YOU LOVE MUSIC YOUR WELCOME.

Here’s Mick O’Dowd report on SMART 9 to explain more….

With the broadcasting by the BBC of “The End Of The Pier Show” about  Hastings Pier there appears to be a resurgent interest in all things musical in Hastings. This is highlighted by a surge of interest in our group and website and was very evident in the new faces turning up at the  “meet” at The White Rock Hotel on Friday. For those not in the know this is a  monthly meeting of anybody interested in music and musical memories broadly associated with the local area from the 1960’s to the present time. Completely informal and no forward topics to be discussed, we meet over a coffee/beer and talk to each and anyone we like at about anything Some people bring posters/handbills/tickets of past gigs that they have been to and some just  bring themselves to share memories of past happenings and report on new enterprises as did Andy Gunton with his new magazine called “The Stinger” which appears to have hit the right blend of gigs and interviews. It’s also FREE which makes it all the more appealing! Look out for it. Anyone new to the group is always welcomed by Alan Esdaile and introduced to all present and then it’s find the chat that takes your fancy No one is left sitting in the corner!  One of the strange items that did the rounds this week was a weird sheet  apparently circulated some years back by a band called Alberto Y Los Trios Paranoias. Very strange! Tony Qunta turned up with 2 guitars over his shoulder this month on his way to a gig.  This is also time to put faces to names and here, among others, was Mick Mepham, Sarah Harvey, Pete Prescott, Phil & Ann Gill,Andre Palfrey-Martin, Conan Howard, Allen Watts, Chris Stovold, Geoff Peckham, Ray & Anita Medhurst, Chris Sambrook, Philip John, Peter Millington, Jon McCallion & Yvonne Cleland.  All very amiable and interesting people to chat to. There was a nice relaxed feel to the afternoon and pleasantly accompanied by the delicious coffee served up by The White Rock Hotel in the Terrace Bar. We look forward to seeing any new faces next time but for a taster check out the website or facebook page(SMART). by Mick O’Dowd


Stallion – biography

Stallion first appeared in 1972, aiming from the outset to put original compositions at the top of their agenda, performed with a professional and theatrical stage show that was very much in keeping with the progressive musical times. Band founder Steve Demetri had been influenced by early Genesis, King Crimson, Billy Cobham and Frank Zappa, whilst Tony Bridger had developed a guitar style influenced by his love of contemporary rock guitarists, including Rory Gallagher and Jimi Hendrix. Vocalist Tich Turner, meanwhile, had come from a background of American R&B, listening to everything from Marvin Gaye to Little Feat. This first line-up was completed by Steve Kinch on bass, who went on to tour with Hazel O’Connor before joining Manfred Mann’s Earth Band. Steve was later replaced on bass by Roger Carey in 1974.

From day one they produced a cohesive and original sound. The set showcasedTich’s compositions with powerful dynamic arrangements, leading audiences on extended musical journeys. Steve Demetri’s penchant for Peter Gabriel-like theatrics inspired Tich to develop a stage persona whereby instrumental sections could be acted out visually. Tich would sometimes wear a full skeleton suit and face paint (surprisingly effective under UV light) and these manic performances were in a similar spirit to Arthur Brown’s Fire. Audiences were immediately sucked in to the band’s world of light hearted musical horror.

The idea of bringing keyboards into the line up, particularly a Mellotron, had already been mooted when, in 1974, Stallion entered the Melody Maker rock contest. Phil Thornton was in the audience; he joined the band the same day, by the simple expedient of marching into their dressing room after the gig and announcing himself as their new “whatever you need” and declaring “by the way I’ve got some ideas.” Despite having no experience with organ or piano, Phil did possess a Korg 700 synth, soon to be augmented by a customised Elka Rhapsody string synth, which when played through a guitar amp, made an incredibly thick wall of sound. This seminal Elka sound was to become influential in shaping the future direction of Stallion’s music.

The timing couldn’t have been better. The band had already booked their first studio session and, within days, the new five piece Stallion set about recording their first single Skinny Kid, together with the B-side In the Wake of the Cobra. Released by the Flyright label early in 1975, the single was supported by a period of constant gigging up and down the country.

Shortly after the single was released Roger Carey was replaced on bass by Phil Gill, a guitarist friend of Steve Demetri. Phil had never played bass before, but the opportunity to play with the band was one that he didn’t want to miss. The band gave him a copy of Skinny Kid/Cobra and he borrowed a bass from Roger Carey, learning the bass parts on the two songs ready for the band’s next rehearsal. On the strength of this, they’d found their new and final bass player.

The line up worked well, but as the band began to write songs more collaboratively, cracks began to appear. It became apparent that the desire to move further towards trading in their preferred currency of prog rock was increasingly at odds with Tich’s preference for shorter, snappier material.

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Beatles Day 15 – White Rock Theatre Sunday 6th April 2014.

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Line up so far, subject to change…Agenda Abbey Rodeo Band AutistiX Blue Devils Chandeliers  Hanna Christina and Rick Nesbitt D.S.E Dirty Harry Duo Electric Beatles Eclipse E.G. Riley Flying Teapots Hastings Stage Studio Goo Goos Ghostbusters Mike Hatchard Jiggery Pokery Kevin Jones Kytes Loose Ends Mick Mepham No Exit 90% Proof  Rockitmen  Rumbleports Top Three Taylor Woottoon Hastings Ukele Orchestra Variations Wax Pestalozzi Village Band   Starrlite Beatles Poppy Prescott Annie and Nick Pope Strangefruits   Centre Page Blair Witch Project Hornet. Check http://www.hastingsbeatlesday.org.uk for further details.