Muller – abbey road cover recreation

muller 8

muller 9

muller 4

all photos supplied by Bertie Wiseman

Steve Demetri drums. Jon McCallion, Steve Demtri, Paul Wiseman & Paul Dove struggle to recreate Abbey Road cover and Alan Esdaile with Paul Wiseman and his famous bubble car.

Jon McCallion….Fantastic.

Paul Dove….how steve managed to drum & smoke at the same time,!! and yes paul”s infamous bubble car.Its funny i didnt like the name muller also, happy days.

Ore Group Festival 1976




all cuttings supplied by Sarah Harvey

Sarah Harvey…..Late June 1976. The second Ore Group Festival which was part of Ore Week which took place over two nights. Stephen Turner’s preview, the advert with the groups appearing on Friday an Saturday. And finally Stephen Turner’s review. Six local bands with Trunk, Hippo and Damaris on the first night. Samisen, Mosaic and Felix on the second night.