1066 Compilation 2000 CD


Steadman Life Of Leisure
Joe’s Blooze Band True Angel
Jez Fielder All About The Girl
Tabs, The Tom’s Hat/The Dancing Chef
Mookie Size
Donna Terenzi Know It All
Stevie Zee Band Burned
Finnegans Wake Chuisle (Koosh-la)
Liane Carroll 3 Sheets To The Wind
Bassment 31, The M’Lenny Yum
Pass The Cat You Breathe Me In
White Visitation Necrophilia
Madeline Milla Box
Tom Palmer U-Turn
High Wire Walkers Sleepy Street
Mama Josie & The Alleykatz Night Before Blues
Claire Hamill The Lost And The Lovers

The Frank Barber Band & Ted Crouch Band – Hastings Pier


Frank Barber Band with Ted Crouch on drums



all photos supplied by Janine Anne Hemsley  – The Ted Crouch Band

Terry Pack….I played a few gigs with The Ted Crouch Band in the early 1970s. On a plywood bass with no amp! Used to strap the bass to my mum’s shopping trolley and get the train to gigs. I often had to walk home, wheeling the bass along.

Geoff Peckham….Well there’s a thing, Terry. My dad played for him regularly in the 60s!

Terry Pack….Could the World get any smaller? I had actually forgotten Ted’s name until I saw this.

Geoff Peckham….I may possibly have played with him too as a 14 or 15year old. My dad was a depping bass player and when he was double-booked and thought I was ready he’d offer my services. I remember my first ever gig was at the Horseshoe Inn, Boreham Street in 1967. A dinner dance, I wore my dad’s spare dj and bowtie. When we played a slow modern waltz, Fred Wilkinson, the drummer (and my chaperone), leant forward to me and muttered “Steady, Geoff, steady”! My first lesson in strict tempo!

Bernard Jeffery….wow this takes me back my dad taught Ted to Play the Drums.