Buick 6 – Light From Darkness Studio Hastings 1992


supplied by Phil Little.   littledrum.co.uk

Colin Gibson – bass,  Liam Genockey – drums  & Roger Hubbard – guitar.

Alamo Leal….Buick 6, one of the most amazing bands I’ve seen. They could go into any area and cover it with a incredible groove. Great players.

Jez Gillett Band – songs plus…



all supplied by Pete Prescott

John Laidlaw…..I see Pete’s glaring at me… I’d probably trodden all over his vocals again

Phil Gill…..It’s compulsory.

Pete Prescott….now now young philip ! loved johns playing.was just watching him !

John Laidlaw….Ah, young Pete, you’re too kind :). I’m sure you were just watching to see when the “John F-up™” was going to happen… there was always at least one, usually when I tried just a bit too hard :D.

Phil Gill…..And that’s when the magic happens.

Pete Prescott…..definitely ! john (and you phil) play a strange note then turn it into a melody.as you say thats when the magic happens.i still have j.g.b. tapes.the guitar playing is wonderful.when the lotto win happens im putting a band together with you two.plus those jackets phil !

John Laidlaw….I’ll be there – that would be fabulous! Dare I say, “no jacket required”?

Dolly Parton Jolene played at 33rpm has an unexpected sound.

Thanks to Ian McGilvray for finding this….

Gary Kinch…..Sounds better.

Phil Gill….Like this better than at 45, her voice is still great.

Redstar Richter…..wow!! a totally different song

Helen Connor….Love it

David Miller….Excellent

Ashley Davies…..Like an r&b feel

John Wilde…..Release it now somebody!

Mick O’Dowd….Much better version!


Swinging Blue Jeans & The Confederates – Hastings Pier Sat 25th April 1964.

Andre Martin…..This week’s History of The Happy Ballroom, is going to be much improved. Lets go to Saturday 25 April 1964, the top of the bill a band that had been doing great things in recent months were booked to appear – THE SWINGING BLUE JEANS .
Formed in Liverpool in 1961 as The Bluegenes, The Swinging Blue Jeans followed virtually the same path to success as many of their Merseybeat contemporaries during the early 1960s. After playing a succession of local dance halls and club engagements, including the Cavern Club, they travelled to Germany and appeared at the Star Club, Hamburg. The Jeans had their own ‘Tuesday Guest Night’ while they were resident band at the Cavern. One of the first bands they invited as their guests were The Beatles.
Their popularity was assured as by the time they appeared in Hastings in April, they had to their credit several singles, including these over a very short period of time, that had charted, “ Hippy Hippy Shake” / “Now I Must Go”, December 1963) – UK no. 2; “Good Golly Miss Molly” / “Shaking Feeling” March 1964) – UK no.11, and about to be released within days of this appearance, “You’re No Good” / “Don’t You Worry About Me” May 1964) – UK no. 3.
The Support act, booked for that night, should have been The Ramblers, who were from North London and who had appeared before in The Happy Ballroom, they were well known and had made several records under the direction of Joe Meek – what happened on that night is now picked up by the Hastings Observer – A local group The Confederates were asked at the last moment to stand in for the Ramblers and as you can see from the press cutting from the following Saturday, did a splendid job. Peter Millington, remembers the night well, as it was the first time they had played the venue, and it was somewhat larger than usual, as was the size of audience that the boys were used to working before.
The show went well, and as we will see very shortly, the Confederates were to headline The Happy Ballroom in their own right.

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all cuttings…..Andre Palfrey-martin collection

Peter Shaw…..The unfortunately late, but great sticks man Dave Saunders…fast hands and an excellent artist too! I have one of his signed crayon art works at home…and it’s of a beautiful woman…typically Dave!!  The band were a local big time outfit with a powerful presence…great memories!

Peter Millington….Thanks Pete, Praise from the master, All the product of Grove School (1961-1963) and a Regimental Sergeant Major with a Blue Van.

Mott The Hoople Crew & gear for Hunter Ronson tour 75


supplied by Philip John

Philip John….It seems it wasn’t just the Mott crew crammed into an old VW van . Even Sir Mick & the Stones toured in one. Cutting from The Independent newspaper las week.

mick jagger


Philip John…..Just found some add ons for the Hunter-Ronson USA tour. Back in ’75 you could have bought the back line for £9,108 !


supplied by Philip John

Scalliwags & Saturdays


10153703_614905371938873_8557666333802689911_nall cuttings supplied by John Austin

Phillip Meston…..I was a regular at Scalliwags!  Not forgetting the sticky carpets. I also remember the Christmas/New year parties with all the food!

Perri Ann Haste…..Oh my goodness! – I can remember dancing round my bag a few times in this place!

Gary Kinch……….had my stag night there in 78.

Nick Prince…..And not forgetting the Sober Judge.

Andy Qunta….Ah yes, Scalliwags! & Saturdays! Excellent fun times!

Johnny Mason Wye Collage 1974, Gloucester 1976


img520 img395

Matt Thomas….you still going to the gym? LOL

Yvonne Cleland….Bring back the hair!

Mick O’Dowd….Thank goodness you’ve ditched the haircut(like most of us from that period)!

Tony May…..Great pics and I expect great memories for you. The Brian Jenner mentioned above – was he the one who went on to record with ‘Talisman’? If so I often see him on the bus – we have spoken loads of times about their ‘Sounds In Our Minds’ single and LP. Both of those would be rarities now…