Geoff Peckham(Jaffa) & Andy Qunta 2014


photo by Yvonne Cleland

Geoff & Andy meet up again at the SMART meeting after nearly 40 years!

Mick O’Dowd….This is what these meetings are about. Renewing and making friendships.

Andy Qunta….Great to see the guys hanging out again!

Mick Mepham……’Twas a most convivial meeting Andy.

Alan Esdaile…..Clive Richardson reminded us of when Jaffa played the whole set with ‘Factory’ sitting in a deckchair!

Andy  Qunta….Jaffa was always a relaxed kind of guy, but playing the set from a deckchair was unusual even for him! The tall drink with the cocktail umbrella by his side was a nice touch too!

Geoff Peckham….I don’t recall sitting in the deckchair for the entire set – I’m sure I got to my feet when the music took off. I had plans to bring a large armchair, coffee table, standard lamp and teasmaid on stage but the boys thought it clashed with our macho image!

Andy Qunta…..Oh yes, we were very macho!


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  1. One for Jaffa, (Geoff Peckham). Jaffa, do you remember your gig at Bexhill Down School with (I think) Pete Higham on guitar and Tony Ford on drums – you on Bass obviously. The band was called “Syrinx” – was it not. Can’t remember any tracks but quite probably a couple of Cream tracks as Cream was a fave of yours and mine. Would have been 1969? Our 5th and final year!!


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