Sonja Kristina – Curved Air – backstage Hastings Pier 1975

Curved Air2

 photo by Mick O’Dowd

Curved Air 2

  photo by Mick O’Dowd

Tony Qunta….”One of my favourite singers/frontperson ladies from one of my favourite bands! Great photos!”

Dave Arnold….Was a roadie for them at Maidstone Art College gig:) great band & beautiful singer…

Andy Qunta….Great to see these pics! BIg fan of the band & Sonja!

John Alexander Wilde….”Daryl Way on violin”

Mick O’Dowd….She seemed very pleasant and friendly. Great meeting her.

Martyn Baker….”Great photo. I remember those weird fire-buckets too, and wasn’t she a Babe!”

Sarah Harvey…..She was such a beautiful lady.

Ralph Town….Still alive and still performing

The Record Shop – Advert 1967


advert from The Priory Magazine(Priory Road School) 1967.

Alan Esdaile….Interestingly the Record Shop advertised in all the copies I have but nothing from The Disc Jockey. This maybe due to the fact that when I worked in the cake & tuck shop at school, the reward apart from broken jammy dodgers and split bags of crisps, they always gave you a Record Shop record token at the end of the year.

Mick Hymans…..I believe that Jack and Sonia London also had a passion for railways and took much cine film. As they have sadly now passed on, does anybody know if they had any offspring that would have inherited their films. Thank you

Searching for Bruce Furber -Can you help?


Pam Dor to Astral to Toffs Club

Does anyone know a dj who was working there sometimes with the name Bruce Furber? He must be about 54 years old now and he used to live on the Sedlescombe Road in St. Leonards. I’m a researcher for a Dutch television program who reunites friends all over the world, so please contact me if you have information about Bruce. mail: