Jez Gillett Band – songs plus…



all supplied by Pete Prescott

John Laidlaw…..I see Pete’s glaring at me… I’d probably trodden all over his vocals again

Phil Gill…..It’s compulsory.

Pete Prescott….now now young philip ! loved johns playing.was just watching him !

John Laidlaw….Ah, young Pete, you’re too kind :). I’m sure you were just watching to see when the “John F-up™” was going to happen… there was always at least one, usually when I tried just a bit too hard :D.

Phil Gill…..And that’s when the magic happens.

Pete Prescott…..definitely ! john (and you phil) play a strange note then turn it into a you say thats when the magic happens.i still have j.g.b. tapes.the guitar playing is wonderful.when the lotto win happens im putting a band together with you those jackets phil !

John Laidlaw….I’ll be there – that would be fabulous! Dare I say, “no jacket required”?

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