What CD or album are you currently listening to….

What CD/Albums are you currently listening to? Was listening to The Stallion album, then some Nina Simone and currently listening to Matt Monroe.

Jim Breeds…..Seth Lakeman, Word Of Mouth and the recently released “lost” Johnny Cash album.

Philip Meston…..Santana – Abraxas, The Clash – Sandanista and an Eek a Mouse anthology. All on good old fashioned LP records!

Gary Kinch…..Err….I’ve gone modern. I compile playlists from a hard drive to suit my mood (or sometimes challenge my mood). I’ve still got the vinyl but no record deck. Some tracks are better in context though, so I play the whole album, Quadrophenia for example……Blows against the Empire has tracks that are difficult to separate also.

Leigh Wieland-Boys….Not sure if I should admit to this but was listening to Dr Hook yesterday – day before Tracey Chapman & Alanis Morissette – all CDs

Tony May…..I have recently discovered a few folkie types that I’m really into. Try out Goldie Reed (‘I Will Build You A House’) Jonathan Day (‘Carved In Bone) and Megson (‘Smoke Of Home’) for starters. Love finding new artists but just wish I had an ipod large enough to take all my mp3s!

Will Cornell…..Committing two Phil Spector vinyls to digital: Memories of Cow Palace–a 1963 Live package-show gig with everyone from Jan & Dean to Dee Dee Sharp and the Ronettes all backed by the Wall of Sound Orchestra conducted by “Phil Babes” (read “Tycoon of Teen” by Tom Wolfe). Then, the “River Deep Mountain High” Ike & Tina LP. “Phil Babes” was spot-on when he placed the Billboard ad “Benedict Arnold was Right”. US DJs snuffed “River Deep” while yours embraced it. 50 years later that song still packs a wallop and is still the greatest thing Tina ever did.  That record is genius.

Chris Meachen……Last couple of days I’ve been playing Marillion’s ‘Marbles’ & Black country communion ‘Afterglow’.. I’m almost exclusively CD’s these days, until I get the record deck functional once more…

Mick O’Dowd….Just played Vanilla Fudge album “The Return” in the car. Appeards to be rerecordings of old tracks or re-enhanced versions but they actually are better than the originals

Phil Thornton…..I do most of my listening in the car – this week so far – Thick as a brick: Jethro Tull, Leftism: Leftfield, Medina: Rachid Taha, and Technodelic : YMO !!

Peter Fairless…..Echo & The Bunnymen – Lovers On The Run, Dwight Yoakam – The Big Time – Wilko Johnson & Roger Daltrey – Going Back Home

Chris Pelling…..Trampled Under Foot – Wrong Side Of The Blues and Yes – Close To The Edge. Then a cd-free zone for the next 4 weeks listening to 87.7FM (Hastings Rock – it’s what May is for…)

Lauren Gower…..Daltry – johnson and the lost Cash album for me too,excellent!and of course Bowie,any Bowie,any time x

Graham Burfield…..Polar Bear,in each and everyone.

Sarah Harvey…..Sassafras … I first heard this band in the 70s on the Radio 1 Live Concert ……… they were great

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  1. Trampled Under Foot – Wrong Side Of The Blues and Yes – Close To The Edge. Then a cd-free zone for the next 4 weeks listening to 87.7FM (Hastings Rock – it’s what May is for…)


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