Expandis – David Miller Rocket Records promo photo & others




all photos supplied by David Miller

Backstage at The Crypt, David Miller Rocket Records promo photo & The Carlisle 1981.

John Wilde….(Dave Miller photo) A favorite image.

Dave Miller…..I like that one a lot too – I had fun decorating that white shirt by blowing differnt dyes at it using a straw. Good times…

John Wilde……You impressed me with that whole graphic psychedelic look. The transparent watch and the multilense shades. It was though the black plastic crocodile skin pants that got me.

Dave Miller…..It was quite the look, wunnit? It was a fun time for just putting things together and enjoying the sum of them. I thought the digi-watch with the inner gubbins reversed so you saw the circuitry came through you…. Lennon specs and clip-on shades were quite the look too….

Angela Frances Gardner…..”So young!!”

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