Harry R & The Jump Jets and the dancers




all photos supplied by Colin Fox

Peter Shaw getting sustenance between sets at Herstmonceux castle with Harry R & The Jump Jets

Andy Qunta….I see a full glass of wine in his hand, and an empty one on the floor! Way to go, Pete!

Pete Prescott….we played there to a very quiet crowd.i remember ray saying something about them being miserable only to be told they had all been informed that morning they were losing their jobs ! good gig.almost got the dance routine right.

Terry Pack……Brings back some happy memories . Wasn’t Cathy beautiful!

Dave Easton……Wonderful times.

Colin Fox…..Didn´t Cathy dance with Legs & Co on top of the pops? and isn´t that her sister top right?

Terry Pack……She was in The Young Generation, which was ITV’s version and danced on shows like Lift Off. Yes, that’s Linda, top right.

Pete Prescott…..she was also in the “feet” a three piece that danced on magpie.i have seen a couple of the girls over the years.lovely times.


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