Hastings Old Town Week – Early 90’s by Glenn Veness

Any idea what year?

Matt Thomas…..Recognise any of the bands playing? Early 90’s i think

Jim Breeds…..We’ve decided it is multiple years now. 91 and 93 and poss others. Over on HAPP, Sue Read spotted 1993 on the front of a train carnival float at 13:41  but think  multiple years because Rod Smith said that John Martyn clips are from ’91?

Alan Esdaile…..some good shots of John Martyn,  Min and the Expedient Band and notice a split second of Eric Harmer!  Excellent video by Glenn Veness who goes that extra mile to line up various pieces of music ‘Teach The Children’ CSNY and Paul Weller to work with the images on the scene. Must have taken him ages but much appreciated.

Jim Breeds……And yes, I loved the matching u of music. That included J.M. saxophonist being shown during sax breaks on whatever song was used for the soundtrack at that point