St Helens Youth Club trip to see Cliff Richard – 1971

John Storer….Does Sarah Harvey remember going to the Royal Albert Hall with St Helen’s Youth Club to see Cliff Richard? It must have been 1971, because I remember us listening to “Under My Wheels” and “Desperado” by Alice Cooper on a cassette player we had on the back of the coach

Sarah Harvey….hey John….I do indeed remember going to see Cliff Richard at The Albert Hall…we spent the day in London doing some shopping and then went to the Albert Hall in the evening….it was a Christian thingy and it was a bit un-rocky for my liking…lots of alleluiahs and praise the lords… the funny thing is that I had no idea that Cliff Richard was going to be there and performing. I can’t say he was the most exciting atrist I have ever seen. Thank goodness for Alice Cooper and ‘The Killer’ album… playing that on a cassette in the coach was a bit of a saviour that day (pun not intended)

Chris Meachen…….I  too remember that coach trip;- it was in the days when you could tell you’d got to London because the smell changed… Don’t remember an awful lot about what went on in the Albert Hall, though, apart from the ‘flying saucers’ up in the ceiling…

John Storer….I don’t think any of us would have gone had we known we were going to see Cliff LOL Arranged by Sister Raggett if memory serves – and now the memories of Sunday night church discussion groups coming back when we used to commandeer her record player and Kev Potter putting on Atomic Rooster’s “Death Walks Behind You” before we started discussing the meaning of life and other things. And Chris … yep! … I remember now the “flying saucers” as well 🙂