Shirley Collins – The Ballad Of – Kickstarter project

Thanks to Hastings and Area, Past & Present for finding this.

Shirley Collins is a famous daughter of  Hastings. Shirley and her late sister Dolly were a huge influence on the folk revival of the 1960s and 1970s. This short video launches a kickstarter campaign to raise funds to make a movie about her. It contains scenes of Hastings Jack in the Green, and scenes of Shirley herself on the West Hill. Now aged 78, there has been a recent increase in interest in Shirley. How appropriare it would be if the people of Hastings are among those helping to fund the making of this movie.

Will Cornell…..Everytime I try to talk to about this legendary lady Shirley Collins, my conversation partner usually says “you mean Judy Collins?” No. Shirley…and she has had SOME story! A documentary is a great idea…but a theatrical film bio would be neat too…Dom Flemons surprised me with the news that my dream is coming true of a QueenLatifahasBessieSmith movie…how about this one? Who’d be perfect in the starring role? If she were 40 years younger, Julie Christie would be my pick (see: “Far From the Madding Crowd”–she could sing!). If you want to explore Shirley’s recordings, my pic to start is “The Harvest Years” with her sister Dolly and the late David Munrow’s Early Music Consort of London. Includes the classic “Anthems in Eden” which sends chills up my back each time I hear it. And by the way, Alan Lomax’s best field recordings absolutely WERE the ones Shirley helped with. ”

Jim Breeds….Glad you shared this off of my HAPP page, I should have thought to send it this way too. A great lady – so interesting to see her in this clip sitting on the West Hill with some green daubed on her nose 🙂 I hope the movie gets funded. She was on stage in Dalston last night. Linda Thompson was there and has been talking about it on her Facebook page.


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