The album you wished you had but lost it or never bought it.

Thanks to Mick O’Dowd for suggesting this thread.

Phil Thornton….Technodelic by YMO !

Steve Thorpe…..Hergest Ridge by Mike Oldfield – listened to it at various mates houses but never owned a copy.

Gary Kinch…..I bought Fog on the Tyne on cassette in 72 but lost it later that decade: Sittin’ in a sleazy snack-bar, Suckin’, sickly sausage rolls, Slippin’ down slowly, slippin’ down sideways
Think I’ll sign off the dole.

Jim Breeds…..Thin Lizzy – Roisin Dubh (Black Rose). Their live album. Lost or stolen (in my 1980s London flat sharing days), don’t know which. Just know it wasn’t there when I looked for it one day.

Andre Martin….The Apollo Theatre – NYC – 1962 Live Concert – all those great acts from this iconic Harlem Theatre. All I can remember it was on Atlantic Records.

Will Cornell….A 3 LP best of Sam Cooke that was only avail on TV. I had it and lost it when I left my LPs in care of a couple who lived in the town my college was in during summer break. I came back for Fall semester, didn’t notice it gone until they had moved away. They left their copy of Rubber Soul in my collection, netting me 2 . You can always buy Rubber Soul. That Cooke set was limited and gone forever. The decent CD comp I have is close but not the same………

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The Creation

Will Cornell from America posted the question….. the more I hear them on the Nuggets II box set, I can’t figure out how The Creation was not as huge an import over here as Small Faces, Yardbirds, The Who, any number of other Brit bands of that time. Wonder what went wrong? They were awesome what little I’ve heard.

Alan Esdaile……They only had one big hit here was ‘Painter Man’. Later recorded by Boney M. Never were that massive here but featured on loads of compilation albums.

Will Cornell….Apparently the youtube posts say they should’ve been bigger over there too….I’ve not heard Painter Man, maybe I need to find a whole Creation CD.  Maybe the Shel Tamy connection was an impediment–he was too busy with the Kinks and Who. People forget other stuff Andrew Loog Oldham and George Martin did too, ya know. Ah well, found me a collection of their stuff (maybe the “compleat”) that has both mixes of “How Does it Feel…” and the aforementioned “hits” and it’s on my wish list.

John Storer…..What a coincidence …. shortly after this single was released, Kim Gardner from The Birds (see post ante) joined The Creation on 1967 and his best mate, Ronnie Wood, joined in 1968 after he, too, left The Birds

Will Cornell…..Cue up the Theremin music –that IS weird. I didn’t know Wood joined them so late. Here’s another weird thing–there is a fellow licensed products sales rep over here like myself named Kimm Gardener who was/is bassist for S.Calif punk band Channel 3. (theremin: Oooooh ooh ooh ooooooh! ) They were on the great late Enigma/Restless records. Gee wonder why no one has bought up that roster and reissued some of it. They truly had some great bands. One of the cutout lines I sold bought their remaining stock in the early 90s and I had a field day going thru their Little Rock Arkansas warehouse pulling stuff they sold to me for cost–Game Theory, Mentors, Tex & Horseheads, Mojo Nixon, Dead Milkmen, 45 Grave, Plasticland many more….they were up there with 4AD in the 80s, I tell ya..

Grundy – 2001

947235_471753229566418_533155974_n-2supplied by Hastings Groups from 1958 to the present

playing on Carnival night 2001 in the garden of the Royal Standard Pub in Hastings Old Town. RIP Nigel – very much missed. (Clockwise top left to bottom left) Bob Posner, Nigel Davies, Kirk Ronchetti, Clive Davies

Mick O’Dowd….Bob Posner only seems to speak Spanish on Facebook. Is he located in Spain now?

Yvonne Cleland…..He speaks Italian

Stevie Beale…..yes he has moved to Italy permanently now, and doing well in his old band ( dont know the name) but touring etc.

Yvonne Cleland….It’s The Rokes.

Mick O’Dowd…..f you are on FB you can’t miss The Rokes & Rokes Fan Club but most of it is in Italian!

Antonio Piras Scanu….Sei troppo forte…appena posso verrò a vederti cantare!! which translates as….You’re too strong … I will come to see you as soon as I can sing!

Eric Cawthraw… must have been about 6 years back that Bob Posner told me he was hoping to go back to Italy and would like to get the old band back. As many of you know, he had a big hit out there in 60s/70s.

Mysteries – Hastings Carnival 1988


supplied by Chris Sambrook

Featuring John Wilde & Chris Sambrook.

Jon McCallion….I remember c sambrook.

John Wilde…..This was the Royal East Sussex Hospital float. With Chris Sambrook, Myself and the late Chris Turner. I cant remember the name of the guy playing rhythm guitar. It was a fun day.

Mike Curtis…..Chris. You have not changed a bit

Northern Soul Living For The Weekend – 25th July 2014 BBC4 – what do you like?

Leigh Wieland-Boys ….Thanks for reminder – can’t wait for 9.30! Keep the Faith :o)

Redstar Ritchter……I`m out on the floor as we speak 🙂 ktf 🙂

Alan Esdaile…..The trouble is if I get down on the floor, you have to somehow get back up again! Likewise looking forward to watching this and feel free to post any of your favourite Northern Soul tracks here.

Leigh Wieland-Boys……Do I Love you, Indeed I do by Frank Wilson (Steve Ellis did it justice when I saw him live, he dedicated it to Paul Weller who was sitting in front of me!) and For the Love of Mike by Brenda or Patrice Holloway, so many great NS tracks out there.

Alan Esdaile….Here’s some great tracks….

John Storer…..In the early 80s, Mrs S and I became friends with a couple who were northern soul afficianados … he had been a professional northern soul DJ for many years and had a massive collection of 45s. Frequent visits to their home led to me becoming a huge fan. My two favourites, without a doubt, are the following – Patti Jo Make me believe in you and Gene Chandler There was a time.

Alan Pepper….Enjoyed the documentary , although had seen a lot of it before
Was a Motown man in my youth but do love a few of the classics,
I’m on my way by Dean Parrish, Love love love by Bobby Hebb and my favorite being Moody Woman by Jerry Butler. Can’t dance like that anymore but nice to see
the young generation keeping the faith going !

Alan Esdaile….Gene Chandler There was a time, used to play the James Brown version at Bonitas a lot. Still love the Dean Parrish track, Alan.

Angus Webster….Halcyon days, enjoyed the documentary, Northern Soul was massive in Scotland KTF

Andre Martin…..Had the opportunity to catch up with the Living for the Weekend – Northern Soul, excellent programme with some of the key players from the days of the Wheel, Torch and Blackpool etc. If you have not seen this it is still on iplayer for the next few days.



Factory – more classic photos & PN Club


img646                        img657


all photos supplied by Lol Cooksey

Phil Thornton…..ahhh ! the WEM 12 string and the tiny kick drums ! brings back memories !!!

Andy Qunta…..Wow! These are classic photos alright! Somehow thought it was a Baldwin 12-string I had, but no! A WEM Sapphire! Of course! Just showed my 22-year-old daughter that pic of me! Her comment? “That’s horrifying!” Kids! They know nothing!

Steve Kinch…..Wonderful shots! As has been said many times… considering the size of Hastings, there was an amazing music scene and a huge amount of talent.

Andy Qunta…..Maybe I had the Baldwin Double Six later on? Anyway, both fabulous!

Steve Kinch….Indeed you did, Andy!


photos supplied by Steve Kinch

Phil Thornton…..brilliant pics ! – and that T shirt brings back a few memories !! The PN club !!!!! I remember chatting to someone in the dressing room after a gig at the PN club, next thing I knew everyone had gone home and we were locked in ! Went to the front door on to the street and attracted the attention of a passer by who went and phoned the Police (doh !) ….. next it was all machine guns and leather trench coats etc. ….. messy.

Andy Qunta…..PN Club always produced interesting tales!

Phil Thornton…..yes ! and some of them were not so bad ! – We had Supertramp in the audience one night, they used our gear to play a set and invited us to see them play at the stadium !

Andy Qunta….Awesome! We were told there were some Led Zep crew there for a couple of our gigs, but can’t confirm. They were recording “Presence” there in Munich at that time.




Marvin Gaye – Isolated vocals – Amazing

Thanks to Wesley Magoogan for finding this. 

Wesley Magoogan….The Boss

Jim Breeds…..That’s good.

Alan Esdaile….Brilliant.

Chris Meachen…..Brilliant… but my brain can’t help filling in the accompaniment & backing vox…

John Wilde…..Wonderful.

Mick O’Dowd…..Shows what a TRUE talent he was. How many of todays young pretenders could pull it off!

John Storer….Breathtaking …. what a brilliant find. Would recommend to fans of Marvin the album “Yasiin Gaye – The Departure (Side One)” … produced by Amerigo Gazaway, its a mash up of Marvin (both songs and interview snips) and Mos Def, with snippets of songs by Tammi Terrell, James Brown, Talib Kweli et al added into the mix. The best mash-up since “The Grey Album”.

Anne Wells…..superb – great find

Factory – Steve Kinch 1975


supplied by Gary Kinch     photo by Les Kinch

Gary Kinch….Taken from the family album. On the Pier I think, not sure of the year.

Alan Esdaile….Love it, keep them coming! What does Steve say about this one or doesn’t he know? Looks like he hasn’t any shoes on?

Andy Qunta….Yes, Steve was the Sandie Shaw of Factory (no shoes!) As you can tell, Steve was plugged directly into the electricity socket that night!

Glenn Piper….As the saying goes “those were the days”

Pete Prescott….Andy. . . what year and where did you fall off the stage and climb back on ? you had me in hysterics telling me the story !

Steve Kinch…..Andy, that was certainly some hair (sighs)… looks like I’ve got 240volts going through that bass. Alan, you’re correct – no shoes! Bit of an image thing, dontcha know! Truth is, I couldn’t afford ’em Leigh, I don’t remember the trousers episode either, but I do remember Andy falling off a stage during one show and getting caught up in some scaffolding – Manchester I think. I’m fairly sure it was Manchester’s De-la-Salle college, don’t remember the year though. It could’ve been very nasty… didn’t stop the rest of the band laughing their socks off for the rest of the gig though Gary, I didn’t start with Factory till ’74, so probably 74 or 75, maybe 76.

Andy Qunta….Well, Gary, Steve & Pete, as for the year of the photo, Steve is wearing a T-shirt from the PN Club in Munich. We did a residency there twice – March & November 1975, so it wasn’t before ’75. Thanks for reminding me about the venue where I fell off the stage! I don’t remember exactly when, but it would have been ’75 or ’76. As I remember it, we were about to play the first song. I was saying hi to the audience, but the lights were so bright I couldn’t see them very well, so I said “wait, let me get a good look at you!”, and walked to the front of the stage with my hand over my eyes as a shade. Next thing I know it was whoops, I seem to be falling! Fortunately I didn’t fall far! I was, as Steve says, dangling with my fingers in the stage scaffolding! I scrambled back up, with as much dignity as I could muster, listening to the guffaws of my band-mates, Steve, Tone, & Lol, and the applause of the audience, who apparently thought it was part of the act! To add insult to injury, when we went back to play there again a few months later, people in the audience were shouting “go on, fall off the stage again like you did last time!” I decided once was enough! Of course, you should always leave the audience wanting more!

Alan Esdaile….Great story Andy. I remember the first time I meet Steve Kinch. Went round his house to sort out for him to audition for Muller. We went into the front room and what I thought was a cuddly toy on top of the sofa, suddenly moved! I think it was an Iguana which was very rock n roll for those days!

Andy Qunta….That’s right, the Kinch family had two iguanas. when I used to go there! One was big & one was less so. I think they called them Big Ig & Little Ig, but maybe that wasn’t their real names?


John Lydon in conversation with Alexis Petridis. De La Warr Pavilion Bexhill – Sun 12th Oct 2014


Tickets (£24) include a free copy of ‘Anger is Energy’

John Lydon has secured prime position as one of the most recognizable icons in the annals of music history. As Johnny Rotten, he was the lead singer of the Sex Pistols – the world’s most notorious band, who shot to fame in the mid-1970s with singles such as ‘Anarchy in the UK’ and ‘God Save the Queen’. So revolutionary was his influence, he was even discussed in the Houses of Parliament, under the Traitors and Treasons Act, which still carries the death penalty. Via his music and invective he spearheaded a generation of young people across the world who were clamouring for change – and found it in the style and attitude of this most unlikely figurehead. With his next band, Public Image Ltd (PiL) Lydon expressed an equally urgent impulse in his make-up – the constant need to reinvent himself, to keep moving. From their beginnings in 1978 he set the groundbreaking template for a band that continues to challenge and thrive in the 2010s. He also found time for making innovative new dance records with the likes of Afrika Baambaata and Leftfield. Following the release of a solo record in 1997, John took a sabbatical from his music career into other media, most memorably his own Rotten TV show for VH1 and as the most outrageous contestant ever on I’m a Celebrity …Get Me Out of Here! He then fronted the Megabugs series and one-off nature documentaries and even turned his hand to a series of much loved TV advertisements for Country Life butter. Lydon has remained a compelling and dynamic figure – both as a musician, and, thanks to his outspoken, controversial, yet always heartfelt and honest statements, as a cultural commentator. The book is a fresh and mature look back on a life full of incident from his beginnings as a sickly child of immigrant Irish parents who grew up in post-war London, to his present status as a vibrant, alternative national hero.