Bell Records – 45 Discography

Thanks to Tony May for finding this.

Tony May…..Here is a link to something I know will create some interest from Johnny Mason at least! Would love it if somebody released a boxed set of tracks from this label..

Will Cornell….Before they do a box set on this label, one on the Box Tops along with Big Star (plus Chris Bell) and Alex Chilton solo stuff would be most welcome.

Jane Hartley…..Got a few of those somewhere!

Andre Martin…..What a great play list – Bell records had one of the best promotions teams in the UK they were very generous with the material, and such a friendly office to visit.

Alan Esdaile…..A whole section of these I probably still got . I was on the mailing list and frequently round their offices listening to new releases. Also happy memories when they wined and dined us at the Playboy Club.

John Storer….Confession Time! Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes) by Edison Lighthouse is my biggest guilty pleasure … probably my favourite all-time pop song.

Alan Esdaile….Used to get a lot of telegrams from Bell Records. Here’s one from the band ‘Hello’ they went on to hit big with the Exciters cover ‘Tell Him’ and ‘New York Groove’. Also remember interviewing the lead singer for Melody Maker. Can’t find the write up but found the payment slip!




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