Factory – more classic photos & PN Club


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all photos supplied by Lol Cooksey

Phil Thornton…..ahhh ! the WEM 12 string and the tiny kick drums ! brings back memories !!!

Andy Qunta…..Wow! These are classic photos alright! Somehow thought it was a Baldwin 12-string I had, but no! A WEM Sapphire! Of course! Just showed my 22-year-old daughter that pic of me! Her comment? “That’s horrifying!” Kids! They know nothing!

Steve Kinch…..Wonderful shots! As has been said many times… considering the size of Hastings, there was an amazing music scene and a huge amount of talent.

Andy Qunta…..Maybe I had the Baldwin Double Six later on? Anyway, both fabulous!

Steve Kinch….Indeed you did, Andy!


photos supplied by Steve Kinch

Phil Thornton…..brilliant pics ! – and that T shirt brings back a few memories !! The PN club !!!!! I remember chatting to someone in the dressing room after a gig at the PN club, next thing I knew everyone had gone home and we were locked in ! Went to the front door on to the street and attracted the attention of a passer by who went and phoned the Police (doh !) ….. next it was all machine guns and leather trench coats etc. ….. messy.

Andy Qunta…..PN Club always produced interesting tales!

Phil Thornton…..yes ! and some of them were not so bad ! – We had Supertramp in the audience one night, they used our gear to play a set and invited us to see them play at the stadium !

Andy Qunta….Awesome! We were told there were some Led Zep crew there for a couple of our gigs, but can’t confirm. They were recording “Presence” there in Munich at that time.




Marvin Gaye – Isolated vocals – Amazing

Thanks to Wesley Magoogan for finding this. 

Wesley Magoogan….The Boss

Jim Breeds…..That’s good.

Alan Esdaile….Brilliant.

Chris Meachen…..Brilliant… but my brain can’t help filling in the accompaniment & backing vox…

John Wilde…..Wonderful.

Mick O’Dowd…..Shows what a TRUE talent he was. How many of todays young pretenders could pull it off!

John Storer….Breathtaking …. what a brilliant find. Would recommend to fans of Marvin the album “Yasiin Gaye – The Departure (Side One)” … produced by Amerigo Gazaway, its a mash up of Marvin (both songs and interview snips) and Mos Def, with snippets of songs by Tammi Terrell, James Brown, Talib Kweli et al added into the mix. The best mash-up since “The Grey Album”.

Anne Wells…..superb – great find

Factory – Steve Kinch 1975


supplied by Gary Kinch     photo by Les Kinch

Gary Kinch….Taken from the family album. On the Pier I think, not sure of the year.

Alan Esdaile….Love it, keep them coming! What does Steve say about this one or doesn’t he know? Looks like he hasn’t any shoes on?

Andy Qunta….Yes, Steve was the Sandie Shaw of Factory (no shoes!) As you can tell, Steve was plugged directly into the electricity socket that night!

Glenn Piper….As the saying goes “those were the days”

Pete Prescott….Andy. . . what year and where did you fall off the stage and climb back on ? you had me in hysterics telling me the story !

Steve Kinch…..Andy, that was certainly some hair (sighs)… looks like I’ve got 240volts going through that bass. Alan, you’re correct – no shoes! Bit of an image thing, dontcha know! Truth is, I couldn’t afford ’em Leigh, I don’t remember the trousers episode either, but I do remember Andy falling off a stage during one show and getting caught up in some scaffolding – Manchester I think. I’m fairly sure it was Manchester’s De-la-Salle college, don’t remember the year though. It could’ve been very nasty… didn’t stop the rest of the band laughing their socks off for the rest of the gig though Gary, I didn’t start with Factory till ’74, so probably 74 or 75, maybe 76.

Andy Qunta….Well, Gary, Steve & Pete, as for the year of the photo, Steve is wearing a T-shirt from the PN Club in Munich. We did a residency there twice – March & November 1975, so it wasn’t before ’75. Thanks for reminding me about the venue where I fell off the stage! I don’t remember exactly when, but it would have been ’75 or ’76. As I remember it, we were about to play the first song. I was saying hi to the audience, but the lights were so bright I couldn’t see them very well, so I said “wait, let me get a good look at you!”, and walked to the front of the stage with my hand over my eyes as a shade. Next thing I know it was whoops, I seem to be falling! Fortunately I didn’t fall far! I was, as Steve says, dangling with my fingers in the stage scaffolding! I scrambled back up, with as much dignity as I could muster, listening to the guffaws of my band-mates, Steve, Tone, & Lol, and the applause of the audience, who apparently thought it was part of the act! To add insult to injury, when we went back to play there again a few months later, people in the audience were shouting “go on, fall off the stage again like you did last time!” I decided once was enough! Of course, you should always leave the audience wanting more!

Alan Esdaile….Great story Andy. I remember the first time I meet Steve Kinch. Went round his house to sort out for him to audition for Muller. We went into the front room and what I thought was a cuddly toy on top of the sofa, suddenly moved! I think it was an Iguana which was very rock n roll for those days!

Andy Qunta….That’s right, the Kinch family had two iguanas. when I used to go there! One was big & one was less so. I think they called them Big Ig & Little Ig, but maybe that wasn’t their real names?