Factory – more classic photos & PN Club


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all photos supplied by Lol Cooksey

Phil Thornton…..ahhh ! the WEM 12 string and the tiny kick drums ! brings back memories !!!

Andy Qunta…..Wow! These are classic photos alright! Somehow thought it was a Baldwin 12-string I had, but no! A WEM Sapphire! Of course! Just showed my 22-year-old daughter that pic of me! Her comment? “That’s horrifying!” Kids! They know nothing!

Steve Kinch…..Wonderful shots! As has been said many times… considering the size of Hastings, there was an amazing music scene and a huge amount of talent.

Andy Qunta…..Maybe I had the Baldwin Double Six later on? Anyway, both fabulous!

Steve Kinch….Indeed you did, Andy!


photos supplied by Steve Kinch

Phil Thornton…..brilliant pics ! – and that T shirt brings back a few memories !! The PN club !!!!! I remember chatting to someone in the dressing room after a gig at the PN club, next thing I knew everyone had gone home and we were locked in ! Went to the front door on to the street and attracted the attention of a passer by who went and phoned the Police (doh !) ….. next it was all machine guns and leather trench coats etc. ….. messy.

Andy Qunta…..PN Club always produced interesting tales!

Phil Thornton…..yes ! and some of them were not so bad ! – We had Supertramp in the audience one night, they used our gear to play a set and invited us to see them play at the stadium !

Andy Qunta….Awesome! We were told there were some Led Zep crew there for a couple of our gigs, but can’t confirm. They were recording “Presence” there in Munich at that time.




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