Bare-Faced Blues Festival – September 7th & 14th 2014


Barry Taylor is looking for more people to help with the collection buckets and can be contacted at or 01424 712842

Janine Anne Hemsley…..”Looks good”

Times for this event are:

Sunday 7th September Goo Goos – 2.30 Pete Prescott & Highway – 4.30 Buick 6 – 6.00 Turpin & Walker – 8.00

Sunday 14th September Mick Bolton – 2.30 Joe Rytlewski Band – 3.30 King Size Slim – 5.00 Pete O’Donnell – 6.00 Tea Chest Blues – 8.00

Don’t forget the CD which will be on sale for only £5.00, with all proceeds going to St Michael’s Hospice.


Buick-6_sm KSS_sm tea_chest_blues_sm

peter_odonnell_sm pete_prescott joe_rytlewski_band

jem_turpin jez_walker goo_goos_2

mick_bolton mick_mepham  guitar



Rolling Stones – Hastings Pier 1964 – Memories wanted

stones 1st

Richard Houghton… 50 years ago this month the Rolling Stones played a show at the Pier Ballroom in Hastings. I’m compiling a people’s history of the Stones and if any of your readers would like to share their memories of the concert I’d love to hear from them. I can be contacted via email at or by writing to me at 32 Manor Avenue, Preston, PR2 8DN.

The Pullbacks – more photos


img623 img625 img621img673

supplied by Yvonne Cleland

Redstar Richter……ernie on the tubs?  a great pick – what are my fingers doing? I think I was looking at the book and trying to find “C”. Bernie Edwards made several million with this bass technique – he did it a bit better than my “ker-chunk-ker-chunk”

Karen Sweatman Was Blackman (last photo)… The guy on the right used to jive with his wife at all the gigs they went to. Loved watching them

Kev Towner… I remember them. She Was Jackie I think. Graham…?

Redstar Richter (last photo)… sussex arms?

2/3rds of Hat Trick 2014


Roger Carey & Sarah Harvey

Sarah Harvey…  I can honestly say that 34 years on we haven’t changed a bit ! 🙂

Andy Qunta… Looking good!

Tony Qunta… Nice pic!

Dave Nattress… Sarah my old friend, I must disagree slightly, you look just the same, Roger has filled out just a touch. I’m still looking for the “Rock-a-Nore” tapes!!


Black Horse Music Festival 1998


supplied by Phil Little Music Files

Jim Breeds… Wilko! Oysterband! Let’s hope Wilko is now on the road to recovery too, following his operation.

Trish N Kevin Sherwood… A very good Friday night as i remember.

Geoff Peckham… I was there on the Sunday, playing with my Cajun band, the MudBugs. A great crowd as I remember, and a fine, well organised festival. Here’s a sideways look at some of our old publicity.


supplied by Geoff Peckham

Paul Dengate… A particularly good line up. I was on the monitor desk all weekend.

Neil Cartwright… I can’t remember who I played with that weekend, but the thing I remember most is that Wilko Johnson needed a curly lead. Paul Dengate knew that I sometimes used one, so he asked me if Wilko could borrow mine. Thus, I got it from my bag and lent it to him. With great pride, then, I am able to say that the Great Man machine-gunned his way through the Black Horse 98 gig using my curly lead.


Greatest Guitar Riffs – Radio 2 

Alan Esdaile….another impossible task. Looking through this list I keep changing my mind but if I was to choose 3 at the moment it would be Layla, Sunshine Of Your Love and You Really Got Me.

Mark Edir…..Alright now , no electronic trickery just what was played

Steve Thorpe…..If it wasn’t for guys like Chuck Berry then…….

Matt Thomas……Dont know if you can call it a riff(not being a true muso) but heard Prince ‘Lets Go Crazy’ on the radio today – what a tune

Chris Meachen…..All right now, Oh well, & can’t decide between One vision & Layla…

John Laidlaw…..Hocus Pocus, Money, and One Vision. Or Back in Black, Layla, and Life in the Fast Lane.

Andy Qunta…..Isn’t anyone going to mention Smoke on the Water? OK. I’ll do it!

Andy Baldock……was there anything there by Budgie,or did I miss it?

Steve Thorpe……We will rock you – short, sharp, classic!

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The Crypt – March 1989’s Stuff


supplied by The Crypt Archive Facebook page

Redstar Richter… I drew that poster – btw – I failed o-level art (inspired by the zap clubs posters of the same time). parallel – Jez Gillett? bewildered – paul Thomas (tom e flamingo) and dave blackman) , roadhouse – nigel millichamp, gambeau and dave Bartlett….? bookings by jozef rytlewski -this is when graham jones was manager.

Karen Sweatman Was Blackman… I Like Danny’s Hair were fantastic. I can remember their classic ‘Fatso Fatso, Let’s Break For Lunch’

Redstar Richter… were they the Eastbourne band Karen?

Kev Towner… Anyone remember Rockbitch?

Karen Sweatman Was Blackman… I had forgotten just how bonkers they were! Rick, the singer used to have a trick of smashing a beer glass on his forehead. It went horribly wrong one night and he did a whole set with blood pouring down his face. Also remember the audience playing a game of football during one of their gigs. Do you remember Rik Goodman?

Kev Towner… I used to work on Turn It Up Redstar. I’ve still got a newspaper cutting from one of the broadsheets when they did a big piece on the show. I think there’s me, Duncan and some others in it – including some pics of a studio interview with (I think) The Long Tall Texans.

Redstar Richter… I`m a long tall Texan – I drive a big white car ! Lovely geezers – their hastings experiences didn`t do them credit.

Paul Dengate… Re The Battle Of The Bands (8th March), that was probably the year that Better Days won it.