Disaster story gig section – suggested by Pete Prescott

Pete Prescott…..I think we should have a disaster story section ! everyone remembers those more anyway (we just hope we are the only ones !) my problem would be “which one do i choose ?” there are SO MANY

Alan Esdaile….Has Steve Kinch told the story about Wesley Magoogan new shoes, on the Hazel O’Connor tour bus, yet?

Wesley Magoogan….You mean when one of the road crew lobbed one of my new shoes out of the tour bus window on the motorway ?

Pete Prescott…. love that shoe story! trying to decide what disaster story i can tell.the getting drunk and stealing a dress one gives wrong impression.losing my mike lead and falling on my knees to find it (while my roadie looks at a topless girl in the front row)in front of 20,000 at st gallen isn’t dramatic enough.falling over at a lost boys gig while doing jump just hurt.ill find one.

Mick Mepham……Got as far as Croydon (I think) on the way to Wales only to find I hadn’t got my guitar. Not popular with the others….

Phil Gill…..I remember trying to prevent someone climbing onto the front of the stage at a Stallion gig once by shoving them with my feet, only to discover it was John Wilde, who’d just fallen off it a moment before. It was probably on the pier

Pete Prescott…..I was singing at a festival near oxford with a band that was a tribute to free and bad company.i was trying to work out what was wrong with the guitar intro to feel like making love.what was wrong with the guy ?!!! then i realised i was singing that song while the band was playing shooting star ! i was told everyone backstage was singng it out and praying i would get my head out of my arse and realise it ! massive cheer when i did. I still have nightmares ha ha ! baby when i think about you. . . no that’s wrong ! baby when i . . . no still wrong !!! baby . . . aaargh ! i remember walking backstage and getting the kind of looks reserved for football players who miss THE penalty ! i could have walked under a closed door with a top hat on !

Mick Mepham……Talk about memory getting bad, I had to give up singing Whisky in the Jar a while back, just could NOT remember the second verse. How many times have I sung that? 100s, 1000s……


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