Phil Thornton gear nicked – 1978


supplied by Sarah Harvey

Sarah Harvey……Came across this cutting as I was sorting through some stuff in the loft….from the Observer July 8th, 1978 (My Birthday! 🙂 )

Andy Qunta…..Hope Phil got all his gear back!

Phil Thornton……no ! never saw the Elka or my HH amp again ! – I was lucky that the guy tried to sell the rest to our roadie though ! he had to lay down £100 deposit to get the guy to come back and of course we had the law waiting for him when he did ! ( Quick thinking Steve !)

Andy Qunta……Sorry about the Elka & HH amp, Phil! Had my Mini-Moog stolen in 1982, & still haven’t got over it! I’m sure you feel the same way!

Phil Thornton…..that would have made me cry ! – I seem to recall it was a very nice one ! (the oscillators made that great phasing sound when tuned together that only some mini’s can do !) The band all clubbed together to replace the Elka, amp and double neck guitar ! we carried on with out the glockenspiel !

David Miller….Ah yes, I remember that night…walking around somewhat inebriated after the show trying to remember where we’d parked the van until we came to understand that someone had very kindly decided to take it and park it somewhere else for us, just as a favour, you see. One good thing that came of this plunderous event was that my ‘customised’ white doubleneck ( a piece of junk) was, happily, stolen and never seen again, thank the stars…! I don’t remember us ever having a glockenspiel but I do remember a bell-tree, however…

Hastings Pier Reopening – Help with more archive images.


Roy Brigden.….Hi, I’m part of the volunteer archive team working for Hastings Pier Charity which is building a digital collection of material about the Pier and its history. This will be used in the public programmes and interpretation when the Pier reopens in summer 2015. One of the themes will obviously cover all forms of music presented on the Pier. Contributors to this site have some marvellous images and stories so I wondered whether we could put out a call for help? We would love to have digital copies of reasonably high resolution of posters, adverts, tickets, photos etc relating to gigs on the Pier. These can be emailed to me or they could be brought in to the Hub (the old swimming baths by the Pier) where the archive team meets every Wednesday morning 10am-1pm. We can scan material on the spot there. We would also like to talk to anyone with memories and connections to music on the Pier. We are in touch with Andre but obviously there are others. We would much appreciate your assistance, Regards, Roy Brigden