Pete Prescott – Pose & Stage




all photos supplied by Pete Prescott

Neil Cartwright… The 3rd photo Pete and my ear – ‘Six Bells’, Chiddingly. The other photo with John Laidlaw’s guitar stock – a bar in Eastbourne, I think. (Archery Tavern?)

John Laidlaw… I believe you’re right, Neil. 1988 or 89… I very stupidly sold that guitar.

Pete Prescott…..It was a gig we did for Keith Emerson’s sons 18th birthday. Keith Emerson ended up playing fanfare for the common man with us. Neil and I ended the night with him in the back room, he played flight of the bumble bee while I tap danced in the fireplace (&banged my head !) he was so funny and a great guy ! I sat next to him and sang summertime. Ill never forget it !

Andy Qunta… Great story, Pete! Good to hear what a nice guy Emerson is! Thanks for sharing!


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