Black Horse Music Festival 1998


supplied by Phil Little Music Files

Jim Breeds… Wilko! Oysterband! Let’s hope Wilko is now on the road to recovery too, following his operation.

Trish N Kevin Sherwood… A very good Friday night as i remember.

Geoff Peckham… I was there on the Sunday, playing with my Cajun band, the MudBugs. A great crowd as I remember, and a fine, well organised festival. Here’s a sideways look at some of our old publicity.


supplied by Geoff Peckham

Paul Dengate… A particularly good line up. I was on the monitor desk all weekend.

Neil Cartwright… I can’t remember who I played with that weekend, but the thing I remember most is that Wilko Johnson needed a curly lead. Paul Dengate knew that I sometimes used one, so he asked me if Wilko could borrow mine. Thus, I got it from my bag and lent it to him. With great pride, then, I am able to say that the Great Man machine-gunned his way through the Black Horse 98 gig using my curly lead.


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