Big G – 1977 punk rock. CD finally available from Amazon


with Peter Howard (Walter) on bass

Punk Rock exploded onto the London scene in 1976, but as it gained pace throughout the year its ideals were effectively emasculated as the movement’s leading lights succumbed to the allure of filthy lucre, becoming the bitches of mainstream media corporations. By 1977 the ripple effect had reached far from the epicentre to other bleak, recession hit UK cities. Places where no record company A&R staff ever ventured – the frozen wastes north of Hatfield. The heady, petroleum stench of rebellion blew over Newcastle, where Punk Rock was less of a fashion bandwagon, more of an amphetamine fuelled call to arms to discontented youth trying to survive amid the urban decay. It became a platform for alienated, socially excluded kids with no future and no fun to create their own bit of action. In the thick of it was The Big G, whose blistering live performances were a call to arms to punks around the north of England, fanning the flames of youth rebellion with their powerhouse, rocket blasted songs, street level lyrics and confrontational attitude, reminiscent of Iggy & The Stooges or The MC5. ….Kick out The Jams MuthaFuckers!. Harry Hack and The Big G were Countercultural Revolutionary, Anarcho Anti-authoritarian, Groucho Marxist, Absurdist Reactionary Yippie Punks who wanted to FUCK THE SYSTEM!! “I HATE THE WHOLE HUMAN RACE” at last showcases this remarkable band to the world. A blast of spine tingling nostalgia for those “who were there”….or a sonic white knuckle ride for anyone with no previous notion of this riotous assembly! “Just what is it you’re rebelling against Johnny?…….“What Ya Got?” was definitely the attitude. The Big G still want to FUCK THE SYSTEM, although these days are more inclined to sit back and watch while the system fucks itself!


Duplo – band practice 1991


supplied by Stuart Huggett

Lee Hume – vocals, Daniel Gorst – guitar, Michael Huggett – synths, programming and effects, Stuart Huggett – synths and cassette case, Paul Mitchell – yoghurt pot.

Stuart Huggett… Band practice, 1991, featuring what would now be a small fortune in vintage synths, drum machines etc, but – back then – was just a heap of unwanted and unfashionable 2nd-hand electronic junk. No wonder we rarely left the house. We were racing through names at this point (4D Special Agent was the name that week) although we ended up settling on Duplo a bit later on. The long task of making our tape archive re-available has started here…..

Smart 14 coffee meet report

SMART 14 coffee meet report. Another great meet and taking over more of the bar area. Among the new people to join were Tony May and Malcolm Hutchison. Eric brought along The Weeping Crocodiles cassette and a book called Future Days Krautrock the definitve book on German Rock . Yvonne Cleveland has found some more The Pullbacks photos when they had Clive Vick on drums. Mick O’Dowd brought along the complete soul singles series on cd’s as well as an update on his pier cuttings. Still looking for more pier cuttings, posters, photos etc. Andy Gunton and The Stinger magazine is working on a very interesting project ‘Music Heritage Tourism’. Hastings is rich in music history and the talent keeps on coming. More information here and in Issue 5 of the Stinger soon, as he would like others involved, with comments, ideas etc. Phil John had a great bundle of sheet music, including the rare Rolling Stones Good Times, Bad Times. Also I think I saw a Led Zeppelin book being passed around? Lol Cooksey never lets us down and has some some photos of his band ‘Fokker Triplane’ and some early ‘6T’s’ photos. Other chat.. bottle alley, cobweb, witchdoctor, try a different venue(re: Kevin Townsend suggestions), beach concert, record players, Pink Floyd new album, Essence, Cilla, Dave Lee Travis, greatest guitar riffs, David Bowie & Queen on BBC4, Robert Tressell gig and when’s the next meeting. This is just a small part of what was talked about and what I can remember. What did I miss and can anyone add anything?

Sarah Harvey…. A simply wonderful afternoon with a wonderful bunch of people! xx

Tony May… It was a cracking meet this afternoon. Thanks to Alan (Johnny Mason) for introducing me to so many nice and interesting people and making sure I felt welcome on my first meeting.”

Yvonne Cleland… It was a great SMART meeting yesterday! xxxxxxxxx

Mick O’Dowd… Another high octane meeting beautifully put together by The Master himself, Alan. Well done Alan.

Alan Esdaile…   I thought that’s a nice comment Mick but then again does he mean by high octane, I’m full of a lot of wind and hot air!

Jim Breeds… I think someone should take along one of them new fangled cassette recorders to future meets, and then blogged, so that some of us exiled Hastingers can get an education. A kind of distance learning. On the other hand, I really should tray to get along to one – do you create Facebook events for these Alan? I do see your announcements in advance but I always forget until I see your reports. Yvonne’s good at FB events – I know exactly how many Titus gigs I’ve missed. 🙂 Sounds like an interesting and diverse meet. I did have a double take though when I read it the first time and mistakenly thought it said “Dave Lee Travis greatest guitar riffs”!

Matt Thomas… Was going to pop in but couldnt get parked close enough

Philip John… don’t forget that tall grey haired woman name of Val, first timer. Gather she was a music journalist .Amongst many other things she was in a band that went to Vietnam in 1967 to play for the troops. Got to be a great story there !

Alan Esdaile… Thanks Phil. Didn’t get much time to chat to her but hopefully she will be at the next one, as sounds very interesting.

Pink Floyd new album The Endless River

pink floyd new

Thanks to Jim Breeds for finding this

Gary Kinch… Back in the day there were very few albums that I would buy without listening to first. I’d have to listen several times, perhaps round a mates house or at parties. Money was tight and I couldn’t waste it (perhaps I’m just a tight arse)…..Good stuff rarely has instant appeal to me anyway……I might just take a punt on this album though.

John Storer…Mmm … old stuff rehashed normally sounds like …. old stuff rehashed. The Beatles “Real Love” and “Free as a Bird”, anyone? I am sceptical. Still, the proof of the pudding will be in the listening and i am perhaps rather biased, as I remain of the opinion their last decent album was “wishh You Were Here” 🙂

Eric Cawthraw… There was a lot on this in the Indy the other day. I see it is also going to be released as a double LP with gate-fold sleeve. I believe Phil Manzanera is on it as well. Mr. M has made some good solo stuff over time as well. The Mrs. has thrown the paper out, but it included a bit about the young 16 year old lad that produced the cover. Now that Storm Thorgerson [think I’ve spelt it right] has passed on, it’s interesting to see that no Hipgnosis cover this time. Got to go, I can hear the division bell!

Phil Thornton… looking forward to this !


Sheet music – supplied by Philip John


supplied by Philip John

Philip John… Do do do do dum dum dum do- do great opening riff, you know exactly what’s comeing next — with Cream: Jack Bruce, Ginger Baker, Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker and Eric Clapton at In my office, I’ve been hoarding this lot for years & thought it’s about time to share it. .

Mick Mepham…. About time too Philip! Great stuff….

Carol Ann Bolton… Jack Bruce has such a distinctive voice. I’ve always liked Cream from the first time I heard them.

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supplied by Philip John